Where to go when it all falls apart and staying home is not an option.

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  It goes without saying that when it all hit’s the fan, there will be plenty of people who will have no place to go.  Let’s say, for someone reason, you cannot stay home or you cannot get to your bug out location. What do you do then?  In today’s post, were going to take a good look at this question so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

OK, for this scenario, let’s assume that you have lost everything except what you have on you and your bug out bag.  If you have prepared properly then you should have food and water for 72 hours.  This means that you will need to start looking for a good safe water source before you start.

If you live in a city, then there are many sources available.  Bottled water can usually be found easily or at least empty water bottles which can be washed out and reused.  If you don’t have water for 72 hours, then this is your best hope.  You should at least have a good quality water filter that you can use for filling the bottles you have found.

Now that you have found water, you need to inventory your bug out bag. Take out your fixed blade knife and put it on your belt so you can easily reach it.  If you have a firearm in your bag, then you will want to put it where you can access it quickly, but is not visible to others.  There will be some people who will try to kill you, just for your gun.  As you walk, avoid eye contact and keep you head down but be constantly aware of your surroundings.   Avoid crowds if at all possible, if not, try to blend in and get through them as quick as possible.

If you don’t already have one, try to locate a paper map or atlas.  Preferably one which shows rivers and railroad tracks as well.  These will be important as you travel. Now sit down and plan out your trip and the safest way to get there.

So here is the question, where do you go?  While a lot of this will depend on just what caused the SHTF, there are some things to keep in mind.  Avoid low-lying areas.  If the power is out or anything which might make the ground shake, it could cause Dams to break.  The result would be whole communities wiped out and thousands killed in one single swoop.

You always want to head for high ground, whatever direction that may be.  High ground offers many advantages to you, such as better visibility of the surrounding area to help access your situation further.  It will also give you the advantage if you are attacked and in a fight, you will need all of the advantages you can get.

DO NOT HEAD FOR LOCAL LAKES!  This is where everyone else will be going as well as bandits and those who simply want to prey on unsuspecting and unarmed people.  You will want to locate quickly moving rivers or streams for your water source while you walk.  When you do need water, move quickly to the water, take what you need and quickly move away to safe cover.  Remember that all water attracts animals both 2 legged and four.

Basically, you will want to go where others are not going.  Everybody and their brother will be heading for the National Forest and will be shooting at anything that moves.  Your best hope is to locate a large ranch of some kind and try to get hired on as security, if nothing else.

If that doesn’t work, then keep going till you find someone who will take you on and feed you in exchange for labor.  The new world will be a hard time to live and everyone will be fighting for resources.  As a last result, just remember that zoos have lots of animals and many of them are edible.  Without anyone to care for them, most will starve to death anyway.

Without a doubt, you will learn to eat and enjoy food that you would never have even considered before.  Food, Water, Shelter, those are your priorities and if you’re going to survive, you’re going to need to go where they are.  On the upside, most people don’t know how to catch a rabbit or that a raccoon is edible, as well as an armadillo. These people will not last long, and you just need to outlast them.

After the first year, most people will have died off and there will be a lot more land available for the taking. As wild animals begin to return to the forest you can safely move to the mountains and start to homestead a place you can call yours.  If you can make it to that point, then you have a good chance of living a long life.

Well, that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!


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