Going Viral! Are you ready?

Going Viral! Are you ready for a plague or nerve gas? You should be, because they are both very real threats in the world we now live in. I today’s post, we are going to take a look at both Viral and gas type threats and what we need to have on hand to combat them when they occur. I was actually talking to someone the other day that honestly believed that if either of these occurred, then there was really nothing that we could do to save ourselves from it. Unfortunately far too many people seem to think that way because they seem to believe that the equipment that they would need is far too expensive for the average person to afford. This simply isn’t true and today we are going to show just how it can be done with very little money.


OK, so just what types of threats fall into this category? Well, first off, there are different strains of disease that fall into the group such as Small Pox, Bubonic plague, Anthrax and the list goes on. I think that you get the idea though. Any deadly disease that can become airborne can pose a serious risk to the public at large if it becomes wide-spread. Once the germs start floating in the air of any major airport in the world, you can rest assured that a pandemic will follow in short order. The death of thousand and even millions could occur over a very short period of time and the resulting effect on society would be disastrous.


The next scenario that would fall within this group would be the use of Nerve gas of Chemical warfare in an attack on our country, Many people insist that this in completely unlikely because the world would never standby and let it happen. I say guess again! It is happening for years in the Middle East and continues right up till today. If you honestly believe that it can’t happen, then you are lying to yourself. The truth is that every major country in the world has a supply of these types of weapons and are just waiting for the right time to use them. Yes, even here in America in what was once a noble country, our Government has a supply of these and you can bet they would not hesitate to use them if it suited their needs. With all of the bolstering and posturing about them being outlawed in the world today, they still exist and if they exist, then they are keeping them for a reason. This type of weapon has the ability to kill millions overnight and are cruel weapons to say the very least.


OK, so what would we need to have to protect ourselves from these types of threats? I guess that would depend on where you are, whether you are away from home or at your house. Of course, in either case, there are a few common things that you will want to have handy such as a good NBC gas mask and filters to fit YOUR particular mask that are rated for NBC threats. No, I am not talking about the TV station, but the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical effectiveness of the mask  These can be purchased on Amazon for very little,  especially when compared to the cost of your life. The one I have linked to is under $30 but there are higher priced ones.   The next thing you will need is a roll of good duct tape, as well as a Chemical Suit with Hood/Boot liner, and some type of waterproof gloves such as latex. Are these items expensive? No, not in the least and if you are away from home, then they will be the minimum that you will need to travel outside. If you are going to be forced to deal with the public in a SHTF situation such as these, then you will be very glad you have these items with you while away from home. Other items that you might want to consider would be a special canteen with a straw for drinking through a gas mask. You will definitely want spare filters as well as they are only good for so many hours. You will need the ability to shower outside your home to remove any contaminants that get on your skin while removing your clothing to enter your house. This can be accomplished by using a small Kiddie pool with a small step of some kind to stand on while rinsing off with a water hose or some type of hose to rinse with.  After showering, do not step back into the water. If you do, you will contaminate the skin on your feet and that would be bad!

As for your house or office, or where ever you are  when it occurs, you will need to seal all doors, windows and vents with plastic sheeting and duct tape, to seal out the outside air.  if nothing else, place rolled up towels at the bottom of each door to seal the bottom of the door.   At this point, about all you can do then is to seal yourself into your home or where ever you are and hope you have what you need to survive while you wait for the agents to dissipate in the air and on the ground.  Being prepared does not have to be expensive and when you consider the alternative, I think you will agree that it is well worth the money that it takes. The bottom line here is that yes, there is something you can do about saving yourself in these situations when the time comes and no, it does not have to cost a lot of money to do it. I hope that today’s post has helped your to be better prepared in some small way and that you take my advice and prepare today for the challenges we face in this uncertain world we live in. Until the next time, just remember that prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination.

-The Sargent-


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