Why is the Government trying to turn the people against the Police?

Well hello my friend and welcome back!  Why is the Government trying to turn the people against the Police?   That’s a question I was asked the other day by a reader and is the subject of today’s post, so set back and grab a cup of coffee while we chat.

It seems that every day, there is something in the news about a police Officer getting killed or some poor soul that was abused by the police while in their custody. Those of you that know me know that I worked for a while as a Deputy Sheriff down in South Louisiana.  That being said, let me also state that it was a very different time and we worked hard to maintain a good relationship with the public.  We were there to serve and protect and we took both very seriously.  Most of us were there because we honestly wanted to help people not hurt them.  The public both cared for and respected us and we them.  Let me also say that I still believe the vast majority of people in the US still feel this way about their local Police and their Police feel the same way about them.

So what changed? Why are we so divided and who is really behind it?  I have spent a long time thinking about and researching this and I think I have both the answer of who and why.  As for who, it is those who want to destroy America and create a one world Government.  Sadly that is the U.N. and our own politicians that make up that group. They want to change America into a place where the people are subservient to their Government without question.  The want a nation of Sheeple that can be easily controlled and used as they please, however to do this they must have total control. They however can’t do this as long as we are armed and have laws that protect the people in place.  Another thing stopping them is that pesky Bill of rights and Constitution thing.  You see, before they can do any of this, they must have a system in place to allow them to enforce their will on the public rather than do what they know is right.

That force is critical to their success. They know that just like in war, they must instill distrust in their forces as well as disassociate them with their enemy.  If they look at their enemy as people like themselves then they will be less likely to harm them.  It would be much harder to get them to mistreat or abuse them if they felt pity for them.  In order to achieve this, they must make the people and law enforcement enemies of each other as well as build a distinct hatred between them.  If the people see the Police as the enemy, then they will not hesitate to attack them and the same is true for the Police seeing the people as the enemy.  In other words, they divide and build hatred between the two groups to achieve their goal.  When you want to hurt the sheep, you must first become friends with the sheep dog that protects them and get him on your side.

How would they accomplish such a difficult task? Through propaganda and misinformation is the only way.  They have the media assist them in achieving their goals and don’t think for a minute that they are not willing participants in this whole thing.  Chaos makes great headlines, and that means more money to them.  They have traded their souls and their dignity for the almighty dollar.  They spread stories that stir things up causing people to do things they normally wouldn’t do if they knew the truth.  You see, it’s not that the Police are evil, or that the people are evil, it’s that they are both being manipulated by those in power and made to believe the other side is their enemy.  We are all being used and the Government and the Politicians are the instigators, not the people or the Police.  Both sides are being conditioned to hate the other and so far they are succeeding.

Well, that is it for today because if I don’t stop here I will wind up writing a book on the subject. Just remember that just because that person has on a badge, he may not be your enemy and that person that you officers are talking to may not be the enemy that either of you have been taught to believe they are.  The only way we can save America is if we all pull together and only time will tell if that will happen.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

2 thoughts on “Why is the Government trying to turn the people against the Police?”

  1. There are bad cops out there. The cops usually take your money via tickets which they have to make their quota via bs laws like seatbelts or speeding so it goes to their retirement. I had one try to punch me once, he wound up against a wall with his arm behind his back. I didn’t try to ever hit him. His partner came running at me and wound up falling down a flight of stairs with a little help from my leg. I respect police that are honest and treat people with the same respect. The difference in this case is he was black and I am white. I am highly trained in martial arts and a master of stick weapons. I put 2, 6’3″bouncers on their butts when the came from behind me and grabbed my arms. I could have snapped both of their knees. Then the same black cop hit me with a night stick across my forehead,bad mistake, he said I am your worst nightmare white boy I am a black man with a badge. Then he tried to hit me again which since I worked out with nuncukus 4 hours a day was really easy to disarm him. Textbook style stopping the the nightstick then striking his wrist. I almost hit him in the temple with a spinning back fist motion but I threw it before it got close. That said they are not just trying to divide the blacks and the cops,they are trying to start a race war so Obama can declare martial law bring in the UN to TRY to disarm the American people and become a dictator. The thing with respect is I did respect him and didn’t ever try to hit him just wasn’t going to let him hurt me. Just because he was wearing a badge and uniform did not mean he was allowed to do so without consequences. Since I had witnesses the judge also saw it my way and all of the charges were dropped except for disorderly conduct and the cop lost his job. Main stream media didn’t put this out because the races were reversed and it didn’t fit their agenda.

    • Thor,
      Please understand that I am not saying that all cops are good, but they are not all bad either. It’s their training and as everyone knows, attitude roles down hill so you are going to have some really bad ones out there as well. The point that I was trying to make is that the Government is instigating it because they want to dehumanize the people towards the cops and the cops toward the people. No one wants to hurt anyone that they see as their friend or as a “Good Guy” and the Government just can’t have that if they want to bend the people to their will using the Police. Thanks for the input brother and I’m sorry to here that you ran into some bad ones.
      -The Sargent-


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