Guest Post: 5 Ways The Bow Is An Acceptable SHTF Weapon.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post we have an article on Using Bows in an SHTF Environment.  It was submitted by Jennifer at BuckWithBow who is a very talented writer!  I am very pleased to present it here today and I hope you find it as interesting and enjoyable as I have.  Until next time, please stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!


5 Ways The Bow Is An Acceptable SHTF Weapon

Is the bow an ideal weapon for home/self-defense, hunting for survival, concealed carry, or any other sort of SHTF situations that might face you?

There have been misconceptions surrounding the use of bow and arrow for survival. Many survivalists look at this weapon as obsolete and useless. And that’s because there are better, more powerful weapons than archery today – firearms to be precise.

But think of the life of a man thousands of years back. He didn’t know about firearms. The folks in those ages relied on a simple bow and arrow to wage war and even hunt for food for their families. For all those years, man defended his family and land with a bow only.

In the modern world of gunpowder, the bow still has its place. As a matter of fact, it’s a must-have weapon that you need if you want to survive. You might not believe this, but after you’re done reading this post, you will reconsider the use of the bow for SHTF scenario…

Reasons Why a Bow Is An Ideal SHTF Weapons:

  1. Noiseless Operation

We had to start with the main benefit of a bow; it’s quieter than any silenced rifle out there. Using your arrow might not be entirely silent, but it’s quiet, mute. While your target can hear the arrow approaching, they won’t hear it in time to escape it.

This is advantageous for survivalists living operating in suburbs where they’ll need to run quietly.

Hunting with a quiet weapon – a bow – will also be a good idea given the high competition, or you’ll have to share your catch. A bow ensures you take down your target game quietly and return to your base camp without encountering any hostilities.

  1. Affordability

A good bow for SHTF will cost you a few hundred dollars only, and with great care and maintenance, you can use it for a lifetime. Aside from the bow, the arrows are also cost effective. What’s more, you can always retrieve it after shooting, check for cracks, and reuse them. When necessary some simple skills and basic tools will enable you to make your own arrows that will shoot perfectly well.

Surprisingly, arrows have a high penetrating power – they dig deeper into your target than any bullet fired from a pistol.

  1. Survival Archery As backup Weapon

As an experienced survivalist will tell you, emergency preparedness requires you to have a plan B. You need to have a backup plan with you. Some of the Preppers even go ahead and have a backup plan for their initial backup!

When you think about the best backup weapon for you, survival archery (a good bow and a variety of arrows) should play in your mind. It will just be as good as your firearm when it comes to defense and hunting!


  1.  The Versatility of Archery

The bow and arrow field is still evolving, and today there are varieties of bows to choose from at the market. The models have different features, shooting capabilities, prices, etc., which means you should be careful when making a selection.

Some of the most popular models include longbow, recurve bow, compound bow, sling bow, and compound bow.

Don’t forget about the many varieties of arrowheads available on the market. And the flexibility of using different ammo (arrowheads) with your bow is another great reason you should consider the bow for SHTF.

Some of the bows available on the market include the bullet, field, blunt, fish, broadhead, and snare arrowheads.


  1. Portability

An excellent takedown bow is all you need to confront any SHTF situation. And the term takedown simply means that your bow comes in three pieces namely the two limbs and the mid grip section. This makes it easy to take down – you just need to twist a few lug screws, and you’re done.

The fact the bow is portable means you can easily stash it in your bug out bag or pack for easy carry. It’s also perfect for bug out vehicle. Add the lightweight design of bows to this, and you get a highly portable SHTF weapon!

Using The Bow For SHTF

Now that you’ve learned the hidden benefits in a bow that you’ll not enjoy with your firearm, you’ll definitely want to consider using this weapon for survival. So, what will you need to take with you to get the most out of your archery tools?

Let’s look at this next…

– First, you’ll need to invest a good bow for SHTF. The tow leading options are compound and recurve models. The recurve model is simpler to maintain, mostly because its limbs are made from fiberglass and the only part you need to maintain is its string. They’re perfect for beginner archers.

– The compound bow is incredibly accurate. However, they require lots of maintenance. These bows are suitable for experienced archers. Again, a compound bow has a greater shooting power than the recurve bow and will hit the target really hard. A 60lbs compound bow equipped with a good bow site is capable of hitting a man-sized target over a hundred yards away perfectly well.

– You’ll also need arrows. Acquire as many arrows as possible as well as a convenient way to carry them.

– Next, bring an adequate of spare arrowheads with you. We’d recommend you to consider the two-blade broadhead arrowheads – though simple, these heads are strong and brutally effective.

– And obviously, you’ll need to practice, practice and practice archery skills. Survival archery demands commitment for you to learn the techniques of shooting like a pro. Archery practice is advantageous over the firearm in that you can practice it anywhere – in urban environments, in your backyard, etc. – without attracting any attention.

Final verdict

With multiple guns available today, using the bow for survival might seem like an odd decision. If you rely on your guns only, your ammunition might run out sooner or later, and you’ll be left defenseless. But if you’re wise enough to carry a bow with you, you’ll just draw it out and put it to the task.

The main benefit if using your bow is that it doesn’t consume its ammunition. Not to forget that it operates quietly, it’s highly portable, versatile, and is also quite affordable.

The compound bow, in particular, delivers the lethality of a rifle when used within a couple of 100 yards. SO, you can always trust your bow to defend you in any SHTF situation.

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Author Bio:

Jennifer is the founder of BuckWithBow, a great blog that focuses on helping you learn how to hunt deer with a bow. As an experienced bow hunter, she will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts of the bowhunting world and transform you into a better hunter. Whether you are an experienced bow hunter or an absolute beginner, you will find BuckWithBow a gem!


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