Guest Post: Hunting Small Game Animals with Your Airsoft Gun for Survival by Vicki Clain

 Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Today we have a guest post from Vicki Clain who has written articles on Prepping for the Huffington Post recently.  she is a great writer and an avid hunter. In her post for today on “Hunting Small Game Animals with Your Airsoft Gun for Survival,” she takes a unique look at one way to kill small animals.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we listen to what she has to say.

Hunting Small Game Animals with Your Airsoft Gun for Survival

Have you ever wondered how you would live in a post-apocalyptic world after you will run out of supplies? I know the thought can be scary, but it is something you must consider. After all, food is a limited resource and when all hell breaks loose you won’t have access to supermarkets, there won’t be any crops (at least for a while) and no one will have access to farms.

How will you manage to survive in this scenario? Well, the only food resource that will still be available is game. Starting with the big game (deer, moose, elk, bears, and so on) and ending with small game (rabbits, squirrels) and birds, there should be plenty animals left to help the human race survive.

However, if you want to be one of the survivors, you also need to know how to hunt. For this, you’ll need a rifle or a weapon of some sort. Of course, this is not mandatory but it is highly recommended if you don’t want to wait by your snare for days.

Still, in a survival scenario, live ammo is just as important as food supplies – you need it for defense and for hunting. This is one of those situations when thinking smart will get you out of the ditch, and the smart way out of this is an airsoft gun. According to Goog Gun specialists and several trained military men I asked, an airsoft gun is perfect for hunting small game. And this is the main topic of today’s article.

Choosing the Right Airsoft Gun

First, you should know that not every airsoft gun works for hunting. You need a powerful rifle that is capable of shooting BBs at about 350 – 450 FPS (or more). At this speed, the BB will pierce the skin and tissue in a small animal or even a bird.


A gun like the UTG Sports Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle or the COLT M4 CQB AEG should do the job perfectly. Even more, they are equipped with Picatinny rails so you can attach a scope or a laser to help you out with accuracy.

You also need a gun that is reliable. This means it will shoot under any condition regardless of whether or temperature. This is important because some airsoft guns are picky when it comes to external conditions and some will just jam when you need them the most.

So, before you put your trust in this type of gun, make sure to test it.

Working on your Accuracy

Speaking of accuracy, when you’re hunting for small game with an airsoft rifle, it is very important. Now, in order to make sure you will take the shot correctly when the time comes, you must work on your accuracy as often as possible – after all, preparedness is a continuous struggle.

All airsoft guns are equipped with sights (just like real weapons) and they try to mimic the aspect and weight of a real gun. I am only mentioning this because there are people who believe they will lose their shooting skills if they train with such a weapon. No, you will sharpen your reflexes and keep the muscle memory active.

Also, if you do play airsoft and you’re part of a team, you’ll learn some pretty cool gunfighting skills.

How to take the Shot

Because small game is small, you may have a bit of trouble with taking the shot just right. Still, I urge you to train until you know you can kill the animal with the first shot. If you just wound it, you won’t just be losing dinner, you would’ve inflicted pain and suffering on a cute, furry thing and this is just wrong!

Now, in order to take the humane shot, you must hit the kill zone. This is either the heart or the lungs. And, with small animals, it’s difficult to do so, especially for a beginner. This is why it’s extremely important to be accurate with your shooting. It’s also why a scope and/or a laser would be great with your airsoft rifle.

The Ammo

Airsoft guns shoot BBs which are small, round plastic pellets. They come in a wide range of weights, but the most recommended ones for small game hunting are the .20g and.25g. These work with most rifles and keep a good trajectory for long distances.

Still, if you want more power, you can choose other types of BBs as they come in a wide range of materials as well.

Overall, with proper training and a bit of patience, your airsoft gun can help you feed yourself and the family and will save live ammo for when it’s absolutely necessary. Even more, once you don’t need it anymore, you can get creative and use the parts for other purposes.


Author Bio

Vicki Clain loves the outdoors as much as she enjoys writing. She often finds herself testing new gun gear and shooting at her local range.

Well, that is it for today and I hope you have found it as fascinating as I have.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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