Guest Post: Top 5 Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners.

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  The  guest post today  is by Lisa from Fall For Fishing.  She is a big fishing advocate and I really think you’re going to enjoy her article below, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Top 5 Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners.

Have you found yourself in a far off place and away from any semblance of civilization? Were you out on an out-of-town adventure and now you are stranded with no cell reception or network? If you are, do not fret!

Arming yourself with the necessary survival skills will help you get through until help arrives. If you happen to find yourself stranded near a water body that is home to some fish, then you must never go hungry. You should be delighted as that is a sign of food to keep you going for days.

To help you survive, here are the Top 5 survival fishing techniques for beginners, to assist you to get through the day.

  1. Make an Improvised Fishing Hook, Line and Lure

You probably do not have the full fishing gear, or you have none at all. So how do you catch the fish while not having any gear with you?


You can use a needle, tin can tab, paper clip, etc. and use them to form a hook. It is also possible to carve a bit of wood and use it as a hook. The precise description of how to can be found in many Survival Books.

Always have one with you at any time, as it may come in handy. To make a fishing line, you can pull the thread from your fishing shirt or convert your dental floss into one. You can always buy another when you get back to civilization. Use a small piece of your clothing,  as a lure and attach it to the hook.

If you have a chatterbait, use it on your hook as it works well in muddy water and in clear waters too. It can also be retrieved in many different ways.

  1. Fishing using Nets

You can make a fishing net from stretching a piece of cloth between two sticks in shallow waters. Place your makeshift net at some distance from the bank or a small cove, work your way towards it by pushing the piece of clothing.

Lift your improvised net quickly, when you get to the most shallow part of the water, and remove your catch. This method is often more efficient than using hook and line, as you catch more fish using it.

  1. Using Natural Poisons

The technique of using natural poison to catch fish should only be used in shallow pools of water, and only to find a small amount of little fish. It should not be encouraged for use on a large scale. These natural poisons include husks from black walnuts, burned seashells( you will have to crush them before throwing the crushed pieces into the water).

Leaves, flowers, and stem from some plants are broken, squashed and thrown into shallow pools. You can use a flat piece of stone as the surface for crushing and another piece of stone to do the crushing.Those that are known to stupefy fish include nuts from Buckeye.

  1. Spearing Fish

You can practice spearfishing at night. How do you make a spear? Whittle the end of a long piece of wood with a penknife of any sharp cutting object, to make a spear.

Try catching some fish from the bank using your improvised spear and a spotlight, to draw the fish to the shallow banks, in your direction.To act as a sharp tip, you can use any sharp, wood, bone or metal and fasten it to a long piece of wood.

You can also fashion the tip of your improvised spear into a jaw. It will be more efficient than the former method. It will also help if you don’t have a fishing rod and can’t catch fish using rod and line.

  1. Noodling

You can practice and fishing or otherwise known as noodling, to catch catfish or suckers from shallow water. As the name suggests, you will have to use your hands as the fishing gear. Look out for hollow logs, any holes below rocks or uncut banks.

Most catfish or suckers could be hiding there. Block the opening to these places and stop the fish from shooting out. Then, reach inwards and catch the fish by grasping it at the gills or its mouth. You can also opt to spear instead of noodling the fish.


The above Top 5 survival fishing techniques are straightforward even to a novice. When you get stranded, and there is a water body nearby, with fish, you should never go without eating. These techniques will assist you to catch fish.

You can improvise almost anything that you will probably have with you. Use your cloth as a fishing net and grab the fish in shallow bodies. You can make a hook from cutting the tab of a tin can and shaping it into one.

Use the wood around you to make a fishing rod and use chatterbait in muddy waters, otherwise cut a piece of your clothing and use it as a lure. You can convert little shiny object, e.g. earrings, to draw the fish to your bait and strike fish.


Author Bio:

I’m Lisa. I have a strong understanding and passion for all things related to fishing. When  I am not out wetting a line, I am sharing a range of tips and tricks on Fall For Fishing  – to help others to snag their big catch!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s guest post and until next time, stay safe, stay strong, stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Nice article Lisa. I have done some research myself on survival fishing. I would highly suggest to anyone that a few hooks, sinkers and some fishing line be a big part of any survival kit. They take up very little space and don’t weigh much either. One other way you can do survival fishing without any gear that is a little easier than noodling, is by building a fish trap. A handmade net and a fish trap can get you some good meals without a lot of effort. I would like to get your thoughts on fish traps too.


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