Guest Post: What to do when SHTF

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What To Do When “SHTF”

When it comes to safety and preparation, you can never be too careful. There’s a good chance that, at some point, your doomsday preparation will come in handy. Even if a doomsday scenario does not occur, the tools and goods that you acquire for such an emergency could come in handy if there was a disaster like a hurricane or medical pandemic.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, we have grown very accustomed to technology and electricity. When “SHTF” and the world breaks loose, will you know what you need to do to survive? Below, we’ve listed some of the things you’ll want first to do when SHTF and some of the items you’ll want to have at your disposal to help you do so.

Gather Intel

When SHTF, the first thing you’ll want to do is gather intel to assess the current situation. If possible, get in touch with your neighbors to find what out what they know about the situation. Phone and cable lines will likely be down, so you probably won’t be able to turn on the news to learn more about the events unfolding. Be sure to remain calm and try not to overreact. For instance, a power outage could be because of a down power line, not a doomsday event.

Stockpile Water And Prepare To Move

If possible, you’ll want to stockpile water while it’s still possible to do so. If you’re at home, fill everything you can with water while it is still accessible. Eventually, you may lose pressure to your water system. Consider filling:

•          Sinks

•          Rubs

•          Pots

•          Tupperware

•          Other containers

You’ll also want to likely begin preparing for mobilization. Begin sorting through your supplies to determine what is relevant to this situation. Ideally, you’ll have already created a “bug out bag” that makes it easy for you to leave in a matter of minutes if necessary.


Before the doomsday event occurring, you should have secured a location where you and other members of your team will meet. This could be an underground bunker or a place entirely off-site. If the intelligence that you’ve gathered indicates that you’ll need to leave, now would be the time to do so.

Before the event, make sure that you’ve mapped out how you’ll get to your destination. Consider alternative routes in case primary access points are blocked. We also recommend that you take a map and compass with you. You should not rely on your phone, GPS, or satellites when SHTF, as these systems will likely be down.

After you’ve arrived, you’ll want to take roll to see who’s succeeded in making it to your camp and who hasn’t. Then, work immediately to establish security. You’ll want to keep a few people on the perimeter of your premises. As time goes on, you can build stronger security features.

Repeat The Process

Once you’ve reached your secure site, you’ll need to repeat the above steps. You’ll need to gather intelligence, as the situation may have changed since you left your home. You’ll also want to establish communications with missing team members, if possible, to determine if and when they will arrive. If the situation in your area grows dire, you may need to remobilize and move to another safe location.

The most critical thing to remember is that you can never get too comfortable. When SHTF, you must be wary of who you can trust and the people around you. You should also be taking in information and be willing to improvise. Preparation is critical, as it will likely help you survive the initial situation. But adaptation is vital if you wish to survive in the long run.

What Items Will You Want To Have Stockpiled?

When SHTF, you won’t have time to prepare. If you want to survive, you’re only going to have time to react. Because of that, you need to make sure that your doomsday preparation kit is well-stocked and in order before an emergency. We recommend that you begin stockpiling goods now in anticipating of a SHTF event.

One of the most versatile tools available is a paracord belt. These belts allow you to carry a large amount of rope easily. Rope is essential in any survival situation, as it can help you with everything from making a shelter to securing your location. You should also consider carrying a cord that glows in the dark. When SHTF we will likely lose electricity. The glow-in-the-dark cord could help you see and alert others to your presence.

You should also make sure that you include a first aid kit in your doomsday preparation kit. You’ll want to make sure that there are ample bandages, instant ice packs, and anti-bacterial solution in the package. However, one of the things often overlooked is medicine. You should try to stock up on antibiotics and prescriptions. When SHTF and we lose access to modern medicine, disease will run rampant. Antibiotics can keep you healthy and alive.

Another household item worth adding to your kit for when SHTF is salt. Salt is incredibly versatile, as you could use it to dry meat and pickle vegetables. You could also use it as an antiseptic to help clean wounds. It makes for an excellent mouthwash as well. Salt is affordable and practically never expires, which makes it worth adding to your survival kit.

About Orion Tactical

At Orion Tactical, we have years of experience surviving in the wild. We are a team of ex-soldiers and survival experts who have found ourselves in potentially life-threatening situations. Although we have not faced a doomsday scenario just yet, we have found ourselves in the wild or a military battle when SHTF. The lessons and tips that we listed above remained the same. Our training and preparation are what helped us survive these situations. 

Our goal is to provide our readers with the knowledge, expertise, and tools necessary to help keep them safe while in tactical and survival situations. We invite you to check out the News Section of our website to learn more about the latest tactical products and tips.

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