Are you hiding the fact that you are a Prepper?

Hello my friend and welcome back! While talking to a friend of mine the other day, we began discussing if a Prepper should keep the fact that he or she is a Prepper a secret or not. While having the conversation we listed the pros and cons of each in an effort to determine the best answer to this question.  In today’s post we are going to go over some of what we discussed and get your feedback on what you think is the best.  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s visit a while.

OK, here is the question: “Should you openly let others know that you are a Prepper, or should you keep it a strict secret?”  It is a simple question but one deserving of much thought and consideration.  Let us begin by considering some of the Pros and Cons of the question:

Cons: (A) This is the biggest one – Those who are not prepared when SHTF hits will seek you out and try to take what you have because they know that you were prepared. (B) If the Government were to crack down and outlaw Prepping, then they could turn you in and possibly get you arrested with all of your preps.  (C) You could be shunned by your friends and neighbors because they think you are crazy.  Did I miss anything?

Pros: (A) You could discover that there are many more Preppers in your local area than you had thought.  (B) You could help raise awareness on the need to prepare and help others learn how to do it.  (C)  After SHTF hits, you could function as a teacher helping others learn how to plant and grow food as well as what wild plants are edible and possibly saving a few lives in the process.  (D) You could play an instrumental part in putting together Prepper groups and forming mutual support packs to function after SHTF hits.

I guess it comes down to this question: “Do we hide from the world in the hope of simply riding out the storm, or do we do something to help others prepare to survive the storm as well?” I have many friends in both camps and each believes that theirs is the only way to survive.  I personally believe that no man is an island and that it will take many of us if we are to survive the coming darkness.  If not……evil wins!  The argument still remains, that if many people who are not Preppers or do not want to prepare know that you are a Prepper, they will seek you out and try to take what is yours so they can survive and the heck with you.  This is not acceptable in any form and must be addressed if you have any hope of surviving.  Does it however mean that you should not let some people know that you are a Prepper and you can help them get started prepping now if they would like?  I don’t think so.  I know I hear people say all the time that I should not let others know that I am a Prepper and that I’m crazy for doing it.  I disagree with this because I believe that what I am doing is not only trying to insure that I survive, but I help as many others as possible to survive, which is the right thing to do.

Will I endanger myself or my group by trying to help others right now? I don’t believe so, as they will have no idea where I will be when SHTF hits and I bug out. Anyone who really knows you probably already knows that you’re a Prepper anyway.  Now in all honesty, I’m an old man; mean as a rattlesnake, but old just the same!  When I look around at how bad things are getting and how much worse they are going to get, I realize that the best thing I can do at this point is to help others learn how to prepare so that those that do survive will understand why things fell apart and why it is important that we all defend freedom with our lives if necessary. We need to see to it that they also understand the importance of the U.S. Constitution and that following it is the only way to truly protect the freedom that we all cherish so much.  Whether or not you choose to hide the fact that you are a Prepper or you choose to share it with others is strictly up to you.  It is a personal choice and I’m not really sure that there is a right or wrong answer, but I do believe that it is an important question to ask.  I want to be part of the rebuilding of America and teaching future generations about freedom and the importance of protecting it. I want to do more than just survive the coming darkness, I want to defeat it and help others in the process.  This is the direction I have chosen, what will yours be?

Well that is it for today’s post and I hope I have at least given you food for thought. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

5 thoughts on “Are you hiding the fact that you are a Prepper?”

  1. I never outwardly tell people “I’m a Prepper”. But I do find out how my neighbors feel about prepping by asking questions and making innocent sounding comments. Then I judge their responses as if they are friendly to prepping or think that we’re nuts. When I’m asked, I give a non-committal response.

  2. I’m a 71 yr old woman, retired cop.I have told our daughter and 3 friends. None of which are ‘preppers’, but daughter said she was glad to hear it and may follow in footsteps, to some degree. I won’t ‘broadcast that I’m prepping, but if someone wants to talk or brings it up, then I’ll discuss it. I live in a semi rural area am in a good place to ‘bug in”.

  3. I certainly don’t put any part of my life out there for others to see. However, my neighbors know I garden & can (most of them do too). I tell people it’s cheaper & tastes better, which is true. If they want to learn how, I teach them. I’m an herbalist & teach classes in growing, finding & using medicinal herbs. I don’t mention prepping but people are tired of dealing with big pharmaceuticals & like the idea of providing for themselves. There’s ways to help without coming off like a Doomsdayer.


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