How to avoid the walking dead!

Hello my friend and welcome back. In today’s post, we are going to talk about how to avoid all of those poor souls that will be fleeing from the cities looking for food and water.  Many of us refer to them as the walking dead because they will walk until they drop dead of starvation or thirst.  Planning for them now, will possibly save your life and your preps when the time comes.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

This is a very large and important subject and as such, I hesitate to even approach it here. My thought is that if I could at least give you a few pointers then you might at least have a head start until we can discuss it more in detail in the months ahead.

When SHTF hits and the food trucks stop running, there will be hell in the cities and many towns across the country. With no food available and no clean water or even functioning toilets, people will begin to pour out of the cities and into the surrounding country side to try to find some.  Because people are creatures of habit, they will tend to stick to the roads; most of them will even try to stay in the correct lane because that is what has been drilled into them.  This will make living anywhere near a busy road or intersection very dangerous for at least a year or more after SHTF hits.

These groups will have a mob mentality and will do whatever they have to do to survive, including killing you and your family if necessary. Food and water deprivation has a way of making a person do things they never would have considered before.  Like the Zombies in the movies, they will have one driving thought and that is to eat.  Some will spread out from the roads and go into the country, but it will only be a few, as most have no understanding of the country or how to survive in it.  The ones that do, will be weak from starvation and should not present much of a challenge to a prepared group of people.

So what do you do if you live near a busy street or highway and the walking dead show up on your street? The first thing you will need to so is to make your home look like it has already been looted and that there is no food left inside of it.  One way of doing this is to remove one of the hinges on your front doors so they look like they were torn open.  Strategically break out a few of your windows facing the road to make it look abandoned and scatter trash from your kitchen in the front yard.  This will help create the illusion that there is nothing left to be had here and work to encourage them to move on down the road.

Other things to remember is that you will want to bury or hide you food and supplies as well as possible. Hide what you can inside the walls of your house and walls  between the rooms.   Do not leave anything in your pantry to be found unless it is an empty box.  Hide as much as possible away from your house by burying it in containers or other places where it cannot be seen.  Leave nothing to chance!

An important thing to remember is not to do any cooking for at least several months after SHTF hits if at all. The smell of smoke will travel on the air a very long way and lead hungry people right to your door step.  If you must make a fire, then use very dry wood so as to minimize the smoke it produces.  Another thing you could do is to make what is called a “Dakota Fire pit”.  This consist of two holes dug into the ground with one going straight down and the other coming from the side to meet it at the bottom of the first one.  This reduces any light that comes from it and make it very hard to see, especially during the day.

Like I said, this subject is just way too big to cover completely in a single post and I hope I have not only given you a few ideas, but also food for thought as well. I will try to touch more on this subject in the coming months and I hope you have enjoyed it.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

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  1. If you build the Dakota fire pit by a tree it will also help to breakup the smoke. The little rocket stoves are pretty good due to small amount of fuel and you can always do a Dutch oven lol.😂


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