How To Wear A Boot Knife: Best Methods & 3 Leg Straps For The Job

We live in dangerous times and having easy access to a knife for self defense can mean the difference between life and death. 

Boot knives can be used as crucial survival tools when your personal safety is threatened and you’re forced to defend yourself from an unexpected attacker. With a boot knife, you can have easy access to a knife at all times and so it’s important to learn how to safely use this tool for protection and survival. 

Without a boot knife you could be left unable to defend yourself or unable to cut objects or rope when you need to most. However you always want to avoid risking having your boot knife exposed as this could endanger you and those around you. 

We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you how to wear a boot knife, how to access it safely with care and recommend to you some of the best leg straps for the job. 

How To Wear A Boot Knife

A boot knife is often used as a backup blade so you may be carrying another knife on your person as well as a boot knife. Hiding a knife in your boot gives you the peace of mind that you can still protect yourself if you lose your primary blade. 

When it comes to carrying a boot knife, there is the option to simply slide it into your boot. Yet this should only be done in an emergency when you have no other resources or equipment. 

Always try to avoid doing this if at all possible as it could result in the knife either falling out or injuring you. 

You’ll want to attach the blade’s sheath to your boots so that you have your boot knife with you the moment you step outside. 

Another mistake that people often make is to tie their boot as tight as possible to avoid the knife falling out. This can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous if it starts to affect the blood circulation in your feet. 

So, what are the other options? Let’s look at different ways to carry a boot knife: 

Outside the Boot

If you don’t need to conceal the boot knife, you could attach it to the outside of your boot with a sheath that attaches to your laces. You can also use a simple clip. 

Inside the pocket of a boot 

This is a great option if you can purchase a specialized pair of boots that have a pocket on the inside. If you do go for this option, make sure that your boot knife and the pocket size match up. 

Attached to your ankle inside the boot 

We’ve looked at a number of different leg straps which you can use to attach the boot knife to your leg, then conceal both the strap and the knife with a long pair of boots. You’ll have to ensure that you buy the right length of boot to fully conceal the knife. 

How To Safely Remove A Boot Knife From Its Sheath

Obviously you’ll be reaching down to remove your boot knife from its sheath and so bear in mind the movement will be different from most that you are familiar with. 

Make sure that you are extremely cautious not to pull the knife out quickly and make contact with your face as you lean down. You need to be as careful as possible even if you are in an emergency situation. 

Place your hand around your ankle and ensure that you are grasping the sheath tightly. The hand that is holding the sheath should be kept completely clear of the blade when it is withdrawn. 

Should You Wear A Boot Knife Inside Or Outside Your Leg?

This is a personal preference and it’ll also depend on the level of concealment that you require with your boot knife. Many people will not want to wear it on the outside of their leg for fear that it will be seen by others and may alert an attacker to the presence of a weapon. 

Carrying a boot knife inside your boot is the simplest way to do things as you can sheath the blade and slide it down into or out of your boot. 

You may experience some restriction of movement from wearing a boot knife on the inside of your leg however but wearing a proper leg strap designed specifically for this purpose will help. 

Wearing a boot knife on the outside of your leg will give you quicker access as you simply have to reach down to get hold of your knife. With this positioning however you’ll risk the knife being easily spotted.

The Benefits Of Using A Boot Knife

A boot knife can be a life saving tool in an emergency situation. Whether you use it as your primary blade or as a useful back up blade, it’s a tool that is always ready to use. 

Some of the other key benefits of using a boot knife include: 

  • It’s easy to conceal. You simply need a pair or boots to cover it 
  • It’s portable and stays with you wherever you go 
  • If it’s attached to your boots, you can’t accidentally leave it at home as you can with a pocket knife
  • It’s comfortable and won’t affect the way that you walk
  • It offers you a sense of security and the ability to defend yourself in an emergency situation
  • Boot knives are generally extremely versatile and can be used for tasks as varied as self defense or cutting food when out camping. 

Should You Use a Fixed Blade or A Folding Blade?

Boot knives are available in both a fixed blade and a folding blade style. With a folding blade, the blade will fold and fit tightly in the knife handle. Fixed blade knives stay in the same position at all times. 

When deciding whether to use a fixed blade or a folding blade, you might want to consider some of the differences between these two styles: 

  • Folding blades are thicker and can be heavier to carry than fixed blade knives. If you are walking long distances you may find a folding blade quite bulky to carry as a boot knife. 
  • Fixed blade knives will be ready to use as soon as you have removed them from the sheath. With a folding blade you will have to release the blade by either pushing a button or unleashing a catch. This can take time and may delay you in defending yourself. 
  • Fixed blades are generally more comfortable to carry as they are long and thin rather than bulky. They are also lighter than folding blade knives due to the structure. 

Recommended Leg Straps For Boot Knives

When it comes to securely fastening a boot knife to your leg, you want to make sure you find the right leg strap for you. There are different options available on the market and it’s important that you always find one that fits you and your body comfortably and safely. 

Best Unisex Leg Strap for Boot Knife

Accmor Ankle Holster

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This unisex leg strap is designed for left or right handed users and has a loop hook closure system. 

It is made from soft elastic fabric which is breathable and helps to reduce sweating and chafing when next to your skin. 

This boot knife can fit all types of weapons and knives and keeps them securely in place. 

Best Thigh Height Strap 

IDOGEAR Tactical Leg Strap Thigh Belt 

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This is a simple strap and buckle leg strap which is made from a high end elastic band with a neoprene lining. The neoprene helps to create a non-slip strap that is also adjustable to suit the size of the leg. 

The leg strap is ultra light weight and comes in either black, brown or green. The quick release buckle is designed to make it quick and easy to take on and off. 

Best Ankle Wrap Style

Gerber Gear 30-001006N

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Made by Gerber, this package offers a neoprene ankle wrap with sheath mount to ensure your boot knife is always stored away safely. 

The ankle strap is extremely comfortable with many users being surprised at how they can barely tell they are wearing it. 

Made to fit on the side of either foot, the neoprene strap will help you keep your boot knife concealed from view wherever you are. 

Legalities & Laws Of Boot Knives

You need to check in with local laws when it comes to carrying a boot knife as there are some states in the US that do not allow them. 

Boot knives tend to be fairly small so you should be able to carry them in most places. There are some types of knives such as multi tool devices, Swiss Army knives and knives with blades that are shorter than 2.5 inches which are generally legal almost anywhere. 

Be aware of specific places where it is not legal to carry a knife. Certain states will have restrictions on this as well as some public places such as schools and government buildings. You should not try to wear a boot knife on an airplane either. 


Carried correctly and securely, boot knives can be a brilliant way to help you feel confident and secure when you’re out and about. 

Getting the right leg strap in order to fasten them safely to your body will enable you to carry your boot knife in a concealed way yet offer you the peace of mind that you have immediate access whenever you need it.

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