I miss the Old America!

Hello my friend and welcome to today’s post. Today I am going to indulge myself and reminisce about the good old days and how there very different from the world we live in today. Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we chat.

I miss the old America, back when men were men and women were women and Communist were tried for treason, instead of running for President! What the hell has happened?  How have things gone so horribly wrong?  I read an article the other day that was talking about the boot camp that soldiers now go through.  Their Drill Instructors are not allowed to even raise their voice at the recruits and recruits are given a little card that they can waive and get a free time out if they get too “Stressed”.  WTF ????  When I was in Basic Training for the ARMY, you had better do what you were told or have a bone sticking out of your broken leg!  Even then you were expected to find a stick and hobble along until you were relieved! They are supposed to be training warriors’ not Girl Scouts!  How are we supposed to win any kind of war with troops that stop fighting every time they get their little feelings hurt?  This is insane and if something is not done about it, it will be left up to the true Warriors and Patriots in America to defend it.  What does that say about our future when there will be no next generation of soldiers capable of defending America once we are gone?  Our only hope is to make changes and get our country back to where it should be and once again produce the strongest and bravest soldiers the world has ever seen.

We used to hunt down and execute Communist for treason, and now Bernie Sanders is running for President! How is this even possible? As the Russian leader Vladimir Putin said, “Even a 3 years old child knows that Communism is a failed idea and can never work!” and Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Communist!  He wants to make America a Communist country if he is elected as President.  This cannot be allowed to happen and the only reason it is, is because the Liberal Media has Democratic voters following him blindly to the poles.  If he is elected, then the 2nd Civil war will start on the day he is inaugurated.  Patriots from all over America will rise up and take back our Government without a doubt.

It is a sad day when the leader of Russia is the champion of Freedom and the Christian way of life and America is going in the opposite direction. Yes, I miss the old America where we said the pledge of allegiance at school every day followed by a prayer for God to keep everyone safe.  This was also done at all sporting events as well.  Families went to Church on Sundays and sat around a kitchen table to eat dinner together each night.  Everyone believed in God and Country and the American way of life.  We were proud of who we are as a country and would fight anyone that said a bad word about it.  American Pride was at an all-time high and we were the shining light of Freedom for the rest of the world to see.

Those days are gone now replaced by those that tell us we should be ashamed and deny the American way of life because it offends some foreigner’s feelings. They have taken God out of the schools and wonder why our children have no morals or respect for anyone.  They try to rewrite history and ban the Confederate flag and Statues are being taken down,  because some ignorant uneducated fool thinks it represents Racism.  The sad part is that Politicians allow it to happen for political reasons not because it is true.  They don’t care about what is right or wrong, but only care about votes.  I’m, talking about both parties here, and not just the Democrats.  They have all sold us out and this will only be corrected one way and that is for We the People to take back our country.  I miss the old America, it was a wonderful place to grow up and learn how to be a real Patriot.  Something has to change or America will be lost, and once that happens, the rest of the world will follow.  Please write your Congressman and State Representatives every chance you get. Let them know that what they are doing is not OK and that we the people are still in charge.  It is time to take back America, with your help, we can do it and the standoff in Oregon could very well be the spark that sets it all off.

Well that is it for today and thank you for indulging an old man who misses the America he grew up in. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

5 thoughts on “I miss the Old America!”

  1. Sarge,it is the plan to weaken America, adding women to combat roles and not making men tough. There are some real concerns out there. I just read an article that was posted in the Marine times and the author was calling for Marines to violate their oath so they could push the gun control agenda. Lock and load my friend, our troops may not violate their oath but there are others out there that will.

  2. Amen Sarge…and yeah, don’t get this ol’ southern boy started!

    “So faggot-maggot..Did I hurt your itty bitty little feelings? Drop down and start pumping boy until I get tired or my size 12 boot will punch your tonsils out yer ugly-assed mouth!”

    Now, that was on a good day! I was more scared of my drill sergeant than any possible enemy that might be out in the bush! One thing for sure when he barked we jumped.


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