If you see something, say something! (Operation Jade Helm)


Operation Jade Helm officially started July 15, 2015.  I you are not up to date on it, then I will give you the quick highlights of what we do know, what we suspect and what you can  do about it.  Jade Helm 15, will run through Sept. 15 and will involve unconventional warfare involving Army Special Operators, as well as members from the other Special Forces Services. According to the military, it will be conducted across 9 states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana).  In the plan, they list Texas, Utah, and parts of Southern California as hostile areas for the purpose of the operation.  I even read an article today on Consciously Enlightened.com about a 16 year Marine Veteran that resigned when he received his orders for Jade Helm.  The Marine reportedly called his Uncle and said” Uncle, I ain’t going to do this Shi* to American People!” As a result it has raised all kinds of alarms with Americans all across the country. There are a million theories out there surrounding what people believe to be the real objective of the operation and without doubt, some of them are Government plants to try to make anyone that is concerned about it look like a nut case. Don’t be fooled, there is much more to this than we are being told.

Along with this, information about the operation from the government is the cryptic name “Jade Helm” and the tag line of “Mastering the Human Domain”. (See my article on that here). The name would seem to refer to the wearing down of the American Public through direct domination. Now add to that the fact that the military and the government have refused all request from the media to cover the operation. Cloaked in secrecy and taking place in the public is a recipe for disaster caused by well-meaning people who could accidentally get in the way. Apparently the Military knows this and has stated that will have Emergency medical centers set up in the areas of the operations to handle any and all medical emergencies with civilians that may result from the operation. Then in the same breath they turn around and say that Civilians will not notice anything unusual during the operation, other than a little extra noise. That being said, why would they need Emergency centers for civilians if they will not be interacting with them? There are just a lot of unanswered questions regarding this operation for anyone of reasonable intelligence to not be concerned about it.

You may ask, what can be done about it, if anything?  Well as it turns out there is something that you can do.  Former Marine Pete Lanteri has formed ‘Counter Jade Helm‘, a volunteer group that will monitor the soldiers as they operate in Texas, with similar organizations springing up in other states involved in the war games.  The object of this is not to stop or impede the Military in any way, but to practice our own counter terrorism skills as well by watching and observing what the military actually does and reporting it back to a central command for correlation and analysis.  You can help by visiting their website and filling out a SALUTE Report.  SALUTE is an acronym for Size, Activity, Location, Unit Identification, Time and Equipment.   It was developed and is used by the U.S. Military even today.  It is a quick and efficient way to report on troop movements that you see.  If you see anything that you believe may be connected to this operation then I ask you to please visit their website and submit the information you have.  Just in case you are wondering, NO, you can’t get in trouble for it.

If you weren’t concerned about what is going on in America right now, then you would probably not be a prepper.  For that reason, I am passing this along to you so that you can get involved and maybe even make a difference. If it turns out that Operation Jade Helm is ruse for something more sinister.  If you see something then step up and say something.  The web address for counter Jade Helm is http://counterjadehelm.info/.    Until next time, stay frosty and keep on prepping!

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