Why is it so important to have good allies and where do I find them?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  While talking to a friend, about this very thing, he reported that he too had run into his    readers wondering the same thing and would I do a post to address it?   I assured him that I would so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Knowing other Preppers is very important, both now and after SHTF.  Why?  Because after SHTF, you are going to be looking for groups that you can trade with and they will need to be someone you can trust.  Now I’m not saying that all Preppers are trustworthy, but at least you will have a chance to get to know them in advance.

The big question then becomes “Where do you meet people from other areas who are Preppers?”  There are a number of ways and today I will address just a few of them and why you can find Preppers  there.  Preppers are like any other group of people in that they tend to gather in places of common interest.  It only makes sense that you will find that you and other Preppers have a lot in common.

Here is one really good place to meet them if you live in the Southern United States.  The National Preppers & Survivalist Expo in Baton Rouge, La. this coming March 4th and 5th.   There will be tons of classes held by people who are Preppers and have an expertise in a subject of interest.  There will be Preppers from all over the United States there, and it will be an opportunity to make and build your alliances.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Annie will be there giving classes in Emergency Medical Treatment for when there is no hospital available.  This alone makes it worth the price of admission and even that is very affordable.  At just $30 for a two-day pass, or if your order online, they are only $20 for a two-day pass.  This is one prep you don’t want to pass up.

Building alliances and meeting other Preppers from all over the US will help ensure your own survival by helping you to know others that you could trade with in a post SHTF world.  If you were to be captured and escaped in a different part of the United states, then knowing where to find other Preppers that you already know in the area could make the difference between life and death.

While it’s no guarantee that they will help you get to where you’re going, they would at least be more likely to, if they know that you are of like mind and have done what you could to prepare.  It’s been my observation that Preppers tend to trust each other far more than they do anyone else.  If they know you and know that you’re a Prepper, then your chances are much greater of getting help.

Now, I do know that there are some Preppers out there that will be quick to say that their preps are just for them and no one else!  That is their right; I just hope those same people never need the help of another group of Preppers because I’m afraid they will be out of luck.  Karma has a tendency to bite us in the butt when we least expect it.  Besides real Preppers know a lot and could earn whatever food and water they need.

Other good places to meet other Preppers are Ham radio Clubs, Gun Shows, and Shooting Ranges.  Also, other places like survival training courses are usually filled with Preppers as well.  We are everywhere and don’t think for a minute you are the only one in your area who is a prepper.  Just don’t expect them to announce themselves and wave flags to let you know who they are.

Now before you ask, yes I will probably be at the Expo in Baton Rouge in March, but I won’t be teaching any courses.  Maybe next time I will, but this time I will just be a part of the crowd.  Who knows if you go, we may just bump into each other.

Well that is it for today and I hope you have found today’s post useful and I hope to see you at the Expo.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


4 thoughts on “Why is it so important to have good allies and where do I find them?”

  1. Sarge,
    I have never been satisfied with articles on this general topic because it is a very difficult subject to come to grips with. It has taken me years to develop trustworthy connections and I’ve had to disassociate myself from several people along the way. I still don’t have a magic formula.

    Every time I disclose my prepper mentality to someone that has a negative or neutral view on the subject, I think that I’ve made myself (and family) vulnerable to an opportunistic individual. Still looking for answers…

    • Ben, you’re right, there is no magic formula, but personally I think it is worth the effort. It’s true that not all preppers you meet will be trustworthy; the good ones you meet however could just save your life one day.

  2. Good Sarge! If it helps folks can contact American Survivor/ Live Free.org on-line for information in their area. Live Free remains America’s oldest and reputable non-profit survivalist organization. They have been active since 1980’s.


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