Is there an area in the US where Preppers are migrating?

I received this question from one of my readers the other day: “Is there an area in the US where Preppers are migrating?” I’m sure plenty of people have their own ideas about this one, but I decided to share my thoughts on it anyway. The truth is that there are several areas that we Preppers seem to be attracted to either because of the Geographic’s of the area or the concentration of like-minded people. In this post, We will look at some of these areas and what appears to make them special.

The Great North West is where we will start. Many states in the North West, such as Idaho, have very large concentrations of Preppers and Patriots, as does Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming and Western Montana. Let me not Northern Utah, as it also has a large population of Preppers and Survivalist. These have become areas of concentration for Preppers due mainly to the favorable attitude these areas have toward Preppers. It is like the old pioneer spirit still lives there and is once again growing. There are large tracks of undeveloped and uninhabited land in these areas as well. In fact the state of Idaho appears to have more Preppers per capita than any other state in the lower 48. Because of the favorable political environment and low population it is considered to be one of the prime destinations for Preppers. It is also where I intend to retire myself. Among the Prepper communities, there is an old adage “The West is Best!”, and many seem to agree with that. Maybe it is the fact that they are pretty much as far away from Washington D.C. as they can get or maybe it is the comradery that comes from being around so many like-minded individuals. With good farm land that is reasonably priced and gun right’s being protected by the state, Idaho has a lot going for it. Whatever the case, The Great North West is the number one area for Preppers and Patriots to congregate.

Let’s take a look at the South West next. States such as my home state of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona attract a few Preppers around the northern parts of the states. The reason for this is that these areas have low populations of people and plenty of wide open spaces. Water can be an issue in these states, but it doesn’t appear to be discouraging Preppers. With wide 2nd Amendment support and the “Don’t mess with Texas!” attitude, many Preppers are choosing to make these states their homes. Land prices are very low here and you could get a large piece of land for very little. If you choose and area with foot hills then you could probably remain hidden for a while. These areas would be a hard place to scratch out a living post SHTF, but it could be done.

Next we will look at the Eastern part of the United States. Let’s start with Tennessee. I know that it is not one of the states that first come to people’s minds when they think of Preppers, but please remember that the state has a long history of being extremely independent. With the Great Smoky Mountains and many isolated pockets of people, it has become a draw for Preppers that need to stay in the East. The mountains offer seclusion and a great place to hide if need be. With fertile farmland and an “I won’t go down without a fight!” attitude, it can be a great place for Preppers to settle. Another place in the East that seems to be drawing a lot of Preppers is West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains for their low population and large wilderness areas. This area can offer a good place to hide and can be hard for outsiders to traverse. It is beautiful country with a mild climate and plenty of water. If you are stuck in the East and don’t want to move to the North West then these two would probably be your best bets.

Where you chose to have your retreat is completely up to you, but if you are looking for large concentrations of Preppers, then the Great North West should be your first consideration. Try looking into “American Redoubt”, you can find it here. There are even real estate companies that specialize in finding land for Preppers in these areas. Don’t be shy, search the web and find a place you want, and then make it happen! Well, I hope this has helped answer a few questions and maybe even got you started thinking about some things you hadn’t considered before. Until next time, Keep on Prepping!

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