It baffles me to no end!

You know that it really baffles me to no end to see what I see going on around me every day. I try to separate Politics and Prepping and focus on the latter, but some of it is so tied together that you can’t really separate them sometimes. In today’s post, I will try to explain what I mean and look at some of the more perplexing ones I have come across.

First off, I do realize that what is going on in politics does affect the dangers we prepare for. There is no getting away from the fact that the idiots in Washington are doing everything they can to destroy this great country of ours. There very actions and inactions present a very real challenge to our way of life on a daily basis. When we prepare for manmade disasters, we are basically preparing to deal with the results of our government. Gun control and war are two very real examples of this. When you consider that the Revolutionary war was fought over a 4% tax on tea and the government wanting to take our guns, then you have to wonder why the second revolutionary war hasn’t already began? Now of course back then everyone were Preppers and needed to be, in order to survive the day-to-day life, in the Colonies. Today however, most people are dependent on the Government for their very survival and that is very disturbing. Even most of the working class can’t imagine not being able to go to Wal-Mart to get their groceries each week. As a result,  our government has created a culture of “Don’t rock the boat” citizens. They are so heavily dependent on the world of convenience that they are afraid to do anything that might make it all go away and force them to actually find a way to survive on their own without it. What they don’t see is that their very inaction is rushing them headlong towards exactly what they fear the most.   Change is what they fear and refuse to even acknowledge that it is even a possibility. let alone that they are contributing to the process that will bring it about. Change is inevitable and happens every day all over the world, some of it is good change and some of it is bad change. Who would have thought 30 years ago that today, Russia would be the country that is encouraging us not give up our guns and to fight for our freedom? Things change and always will. People forget that our country is only a little over 200 years old and as countries and government go, we are still just an infant yet in those few years our Government has become one of the most corrupt in the world. I love and miss the America that I knew growing up as a young boy. The nation that put the first man on the moon and was a shining example as the land of freedom, the one that the whole world looked up to as a super power and one every country wanted to be like. We were a nation of people who led the charge to help others in need and sat as the most powerful country on earth. Our enemies feared us and thought twice before pointing their swords at us. But that is all gone now. We all sat by and let our country be turned into the land of the “Freeloaders” and have lost the respect of the whole world, our enemies no longer fear us and our President has made us the laughing-stock of the world with his stupidity and arrogance. Yet so many still fear “rocking the boat” and refuse to see the need to prepare for what is coming down the road and Is in plain sight. It saddens me to know that so many will suffer because of the arrogance and stupidity of our corrupt government. There are none as blind as those that will not see, as the saying goes.

Fortunately however there are the 3%ers and I know without a doubt that the Second American Revolution is about to start and it will be us that will once again have to step up to the plate and risk everything to save our nation just as in the first American Revolution. There comes a time when a person has to decide if he or she wants to live as a free person or in the chains of bondage. I have chosen to live as a free man and will defend the United States Constitution with my very life if it is required. While there may be many who will claim to support America and be a 3%er, few will follow through and actually do it, content to allow others to fight in their place, so they may reap the benefits without the risk or effort. I used to think that all Preppers were Patriots, but sadly I have learned that’s not the case and that some are only looking out for their own butts. Their attitude baffles me to no end! To those I say “If you are not willing to fight for American Freedoms, then you don’t deserve them.”

Another thing that baffles me is the Preppers that are only stocking up on guns and ammo or just food and not water. Yes, there are really folks like that out there and I have actually sat and talked to a few. I was trying to understand their line of thinking and sad to say, I finally did and not only do I not agree with it, but I think they will be a danger to real Preppers when it all falls apart. They are convinced that if they have enough guns and ammo, then they can survive in the wild. Or if they only have food, then they can naturally filter water in some magic way that would keep them from getting sick and make the storing of it needless. When I pressed them about what they would do if it turned out that they were wrong I received the same answer from both groups and that was “We will just find some Prepper group and join them!” To these people I say: “Please wake up and smell the coffee, because what you are planning is suicide and you will not survive!” One person actually insisted that people will not just let another person die and someone would help them. WOW!!!!   Like I said, these people baffle me to no end and I just do not understand their willingness to follow such a crazy notion and refuse to prepare like they should.

To all of you who are preparing as you should with food water medical supplies and all of the other things that will actually be needed to make it I say thank you!

To all of those that are willing to fight to defend our nation and our constitution, I call you my Brothers and Sisters and will proudly stand and fight beside you when the time comes. It’s people like you that make this nation great and it was people like you that created it so long ago. We are the 3% that will restore our Constitution and Government to what it once was, “The home of the free and the brave”!

So maybe you can’t separate Prepping and politics and you sometimes need to look at them both. to fully understand the threats we are facing and what we must prepare for tomorrow. I am afraid that if President Obama uses his executive order to try to ban our guns or ammo then it will finely mark the beginning of the Second American Revolution and the lives that will be lost will not be small, but necessary for America to survive as a free nation once again. Well that is it for today and I hope I have given you something to think about. I know I wandered a little off subject in a few places, but this has been on my mind and I felt like it really needed to be said. Until next time, keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-


3 thoughts on “It baffles me to no end!”

  1. You said it just like I would have. except anybody that doesn`t ( fight )with us, are our enemy, and shell be killed also. I keep telling the VA this when i go for check-ups and some agree with with and others think I,m nuts. I didn`t fight in Vietnam, my friends didn`t die over there for nothing. I believe in God and the constitution, that my forefathers founded this country on. Give me Liberity or give me death, but I will always be free.

  2. My brother I have said the exact same words and feelings. George Washington and his army fought the greatest army of the time in their underwear in the winter with little food. Who are we to think we are better? The difference is the people. Back then people were proud and wouldn’t want to beg. Today people think they are owed a living , welfare is begging. Its one thing if you are old or handicapped but people that can work should. When we retake our country, laws need to be changed about this. I have worked 2 jobs to support my family and these people with their hand stuck out make me sick. That’s why there is only 3%. My brother.


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