A great American Hero has been executed by the Federal Government and we will not let it stand!

As many of you know, around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, Rancher LaVoy Finicum was executed by the Government and Ammon Bundy along with others were arrested for standing up for their rights in Oregon. Whether we like it or not, the Second American Civil war has begun. This can not be allowed to stand and the time has come to take back our country from the Tyrants and criminals that are running it. This was the line in the sand and they have crossed it.

“We the people” are the largest armed group in the world bar none.  The US Government would do well to remember that.  They have crossed the line and they will pay a heavy price for it.  My friend, it is time to take up arms and put an end to the reign of tyranny here in the US.  The protest in Oregon was a peaceful one on the part of the protesters and the Government has drawn first blood!  They have ruthlessly murdered an unarmed man in cold blood simply because he had the nerve to stand up for his rights and push back against the tyranny of the law enforcement officials and the federal government.   We have all been saying that something had to give, well it did, and LaVoy Finicum  paid for it with his life and will be forever remembered as a great American Hero!  His sacrifice should not be in vain, however and it is up to all American Patriots to see that it isn’t.  The time is now to demand change and to force the Federal Government to recognize the rights of the Ranchers and all of the American people.

This will not end well for the US Government and they need to realize that.  They need to be made to understand that their rule of tyranny is over and we will no longer stand for it.  The person that executed LaVoy Finicum and all of his superiors needs to be brought to a public place and made an example of.  We are not vigilantes, but are American Patriots and we need to act accordingly.  We need to put together a march on Washington and the Oregon Capital to show our solidarity and to demand that those responsible are held accountable and if not then we will have no choice but to do it ourselves. The time for change is now.

There can be no tolerance on this and the day of reckoning has come.  It is up to us to see to it that justice is done and Liberty is restored to all Americans.  It is time to go to Washington DC and take our government back in whatever way is required.  This can not be allowed to stand. If they want a war, then by God we will give them a war !!!!

God bless America and all of her American Patriots in this, our time of calling.

-The Sargent-

3 thoughts on “A great American Hero has been executed by the Federal Government and we will not let it stand!”

  1. Brings a whole new meaning to hands up don’t shoot!!! He was truly silenced by a government hit on him for being a spokesman for the ranchers. This was a set up like Bonnie and Clyde. They were unarmed, at the most a taser could have been deployed. I feel war is imminent.

  2. Thanks for sharing,American Patriots be prepared it’s ah coming. Our rights are fast disappearing til there will no more. This just makes me sick.


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