It’s all about your attitude when it comes to survival!

It’s all about your attitude when it comes to survival!  It will determine whether you will live or die, in the end.  You can have all of the preps you want, but if you are not mentally ready to survive then you simply won’t.  In today’s post, we are going to look at just how your attitude can keep you alive and what you can do now to improve your odds.

We all know just how important a good attitude is in our day-to-day lives.   As Preppers, we are determined to survive no matter what lies ahead, otherwise why bother right?  Now, in talking to many different Preppers, I have seen a multitude of Prepper attitudes.  Some are good and others, not so much.  You can tell a lot about a Prepper just by their attitude and how it affects what they prep for.  Let me give you a few examples.

Some Preppers are only looking out for themselves and have no interest in trying to help anyone else, to help put things back together after SHTF.  They are so self-involved that they can see no further than their own need to survive. No man is an Island and no one can survive alone!

Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those that while they see the coming darkness, they still believe that everyone is good inside and that they should try to help them, even if it cost them their lives.  Evil does lurk in the shadows my friend and to ignore it, its suicide!

I think that most of us can agree, that when SHTF hits, neither of these groups will survive very long in the new world because of their beliefs and attitude of “it only matters what I think because I am right!”  Neither group will be persuaded to change their views, until they are in the ground and turning to dust.  Neither of these groups will make up the majority of people, however.

Another group with an attitude that can prove fatal, will be the ones that cling so tightly to loved ones, that they could not imagine going on without them.  While their attitude will give them strength while things are tough, it will also be their weakness if something happens to only one of them.  I have seen it before when an elderly person dies leaving behind a mate and that mate loses their will to live without the other one.  The loss of a loved one, combined with the severity of the times, will make it impossible for the survivor to see anyway to carry on.  In essence, their attitude will destroy them.  It is a terrible thing, but is unfortunately a fact of life all the same.  You need to have a reason to live and carry on and without it, you are lost.  Cling to them, but at the same time find a reason to live beyond them.  Don’t let them be your only reason to survive.

So what is a good attitude to have?  I’m not sure anyone could really answer that question without knowing just what was going on in the world at that time.  I can however, tell you what qualities will help you survive in a world gone mad.

(1) Hope – First and foremost you will need hope!  Without it, nothing else will matter.  Find it anyplace you can, in Church, in a friends eyes, in a child’s smile.  It will be there, you will just need to look for it and hold on to it when you do find it.

(2)  Purpose – Purpose is the next most important trait you will need to have.  Purpose is what helps us see what needs to be done and keeps us moving in the right direction.  Whether you realize it or not, purpose is one of the strongest emotions we have.  It helps us keep going when we are tired and pushes us to be better than we are.  It drives us to succeed where others fail and allows us to see new and better ways of doing things. It is an essential part of any surviving attitude.

(3) Confidence – Confidence in yourself.  Believing that you are doing the best you can and that you have within you, the ability to rise above and overcome any challenge that life throws at you.  It’s believing in yourself and pushing out the doubts, as they creep in, because you realize that they only serve to weaken you.   You can’t expect anyone else to have confidence in you if you don’t have it in yourself.  This trait will help you more than you could ever possibly imagine when times are hard and especially when you are afraid.  Believing in yourself and standing tall, while looking fear in the eyes, is what makes a good person a great person!

(4) Faith is believing in something greater than yourself, that someone up there is watching over you and that they love you and will not let you fail.  Protecting you when you can’t protect yourself.   Faith is knowing that you are only doing what you have to, in order to survive and protect the innocent, and that you are doing your best no matter what.

These are all essential traits of a winning survival attitude and if you incorporate them into your attitude, then you will increase your chances of survival immeasurably.  Remember: Hope, Purpose, Confidence, and Faith are the true keys to a successful surviving attitude when SHTF finds it way to your door!    There are so many other characters of a surviving attitude, but due to space restrictions I’m afraid this it for today, so until next time, have faith, be strong and keep on Prepping!

PS:  Thanks for all of the get well messages!  J

-The Sargent-

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