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JUST GOT THIS FROM A FAMILY FRIEND IN CAZoom call with General Paul Valley, General McKenney, and Carla Dean, 01/07/21Please excuse the typo’s spelling, and grammar in advance. I’m not a secretary, but want to get this typed up, and out to my contacts. If all of us will pass it onto our direct contacts, we can help people prepare.Our prayer team had a last minute invite to a skype call with General Paul Valley, General McKenney, and Carla Dean. Both Generals are retired, but in direct contact with General Flynn. Flynn couldn’t make it, he’s with the President.For starters What we’re all seeing played out before our eyes, is straight out of Alinsky’s Communist playbook. This has been China’s long game, since the late 60’s, early 70’s. A good book to read, for details, is “Unrestricted Warfare,” by the Chinese. (Not sure the author).1) It tells how first they will use Bio Weapons to collapse our economy.2) Take over our ports, then use biological/nuclear warfare brought in on cargo ships.3) Then invade.There are other video links, they will be sending out, which I can forward.You can also look up “The Perfect Storm”, an article on the “Center For Security Policy” web sight. I have not looked it up yet. This is what Obama and Biden put into place in this country. The Panama Canal now is all Chinese, we are no longer in control of it.We did confirm the rumors of Chinese armies on our Canadian border. There are 75,000 Chinese military in Vancouver Canada, and thousands on our southern border. We’re not sure how many. They also spoke about “Club K”, which I will have to look up.Just a heads up. I was writing as fast as I could, and didn’t understand all of it. The following are possible options President Trump may take. They have overwhelming proof of not only major voter fraud, but details on who and how our country has been sold out. This will affect many nations.When Trump came out to speak after they “stormed the capital” in DC, he told everyone to “go home.” Apparently that can be considered as the first step of implementing the “Insurrection Act.” There are three steps President Trump possibly will need to take:1) Habeas Corpus2) Martial Law3) Insurrection ActThere will be mass arrests, who will be tried for Treason by a military Tribunal. The arrests will be domestic, Congress and Senate. International, China, Italy, and seven other countries are involved. Whatever he does, has to be done in the next 12 days. The President has purposely waited as long as possible, for more people to show their hand, i.e. Lindsy Graham, McConnel, and VP Pence. It was Palosi, McConnel, and Pence who set up the riots yesterday. A lot more went on, than the media reported. It was Antifa that “stormed the capital.” “Made for television, so they could blame it on Trump supporters, who were all peaceful, and a lot doing prayer walks.Trump has had a lot of internal turn coats. He has General Flynn, and a very tight internal circle of proven people he is now trusting, and planning with. When he gave his speech today he said “there will be a new administration,” he never used the word Biden. More than likely that will be President Trump and a new VP. The Supreme Court, DOJ, and FBI will be set aside, and the military tribunals will try the people, under the Secretary of Defence. Because McConnel and Pence are aware of all the forign interference, they are guilty of treason.We are in a Civil War, and are in a hostile takeover. Apparently, for a lot of good reason’s Trump doesn’t want to call it a Civil War, but we are in a Civil War. The plan, from a military point of view will be to look at the threat, then neutralize it. One possibility for how they may get this information out to all the American people, could be a satellite dump of the massive evidence they do have. That’s just one possibility discussed. If you saw Trump’s last speech, it’s the first time he has spoken from behind bulletproof glass.President Trump would be able to use the emergency broadcasting system, to get information out to all the people. Some will have to be leaked, to try and prepare the public a little. Right now, the military is the only intelligence Trump can trust. The element of surprise will also be important in this. Most Americans, when they really see what Biden has done, would not want him as our president.Apparently food suppliers are largely controlled by forign/Chinese nationalists. China has been buying up a lot of our farm land.They recommend at the very least we should have:1) Six months of food and water.2) A way to protect yourself.Whatever happens is expected to happen in the next 12 days.Georgia, and Pennsylvania both may have their proof through the courts by then, but not a sure thing. If they both had their cases heard, that would give Trump the 270 needed electoral votes. President Trump won in a landslide. I believe I sent all of you the video about the affidavit in Italy, from the person who changed the votes from Trump, to Biden.Of our Cargo containers coming in from all over the world, only !% are searched. The Co. who does that is “Hutchison”, which is a Chinese Co.It is important that each of us share this information with as many people as possible. Even if each of us only share with five people and ask those people to do the same, it will help to get this information out to the public. We may have one more of these calls. I will try to let you know if I hear about it soon enough.Prayer, wisdom, and being prepared are all important.

This was coppied from a facebook link shared by a friend. I have no way to verify the information, but thought it was worth passing along. It actuall seems vey credible.


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