So just what are the new challenges Preppers are now facing?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Something I have been asked a lot lately is what are the new challenges that we, as Preppers, need to consider?  In today’s post, we are going to look at just that question and some of the possible answers, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

So just what are the new challenges preppers are now facing? Well, once Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States, there will be a couple of possible threats that will be pretty much eliminated so let’s start with looking at them as well.

For openers, we will not have to worry about our own President attacking us with an EMP.  That was a grave worry of mine. That does not however, eliminate the threat from other countries like Iran and China.  Those threats are still alive and well.   Declaration of Martial Law, followed by gun confiscation is another fear that will disappear for a while at least.

I just felt that in all fairness that I should point those two out as President Trump prepares to take office.  So, what are any new threats that might exist are there?  In my opinion, the big one is Civil War, brought on by the left’s inability to accept the election outcome.

The Liberals have fed so many people a load of crap and for one reason or the other; they have accepted it as the Gospel.  They have no ideas that they are laboring under false information.  What‘s more, they don’t want to know because it makes them feel like they are fighting for a Moral Imperative.  In their eyes, they are soldiers fighting an injustice and they like the way it makes them feel.

It keeps them from feeling like they are a nobody and it makes them feel like the hero that we all long to be.  It’s just a part of human nature and the trouble is if they don’t wake up and realize what is actually going on in the world; they could lose their lives and possibly take more in the process.

You can see it on full display in the news and the mainstream media are fanning it because a way to get more listeners or readers.  Pick a channel, CNN, CBS, Headline news, and the list goes on and on and on each of them it’s all about fanning the flames and how the Democrat s and Liberals have somehow been mistreated and need to fight for control of the US.

Yes, I’m afraid that Civil War, brought on by a violent element of the left and the race baiters are probably our biggest threat right now.  As you may recall, I sounded the alarm last year about this when I wrote a post about the coming Civil War no matter who wins.  I still stand by that post though I really wish I was wrong.

So what other challenges might we expect with Trump as President?  I think that it’s pretty much a given that terrorist from the left as well as those from illegal aliens are a threat.  We can look for more of these as President Trump will put a stop to our pourous borders and the taking in of refugees from countries, whose lifestyles are not compatible with the US Constitution.

I seriously expect something to happen someplace within the US on January the 20th when Donald Trump is inaugurated.  Both Liberals and Muslims have made threats to obstruct the ceremony on that day.

I fully expect Donald Trump to put an end to the IRAN agreement where IRAN gets everything and we get nothing.  This will infuriate them and they could launch missiles at some of our foreign bases. This could easily escalate into a war far beyond just them and us.  There is always China who has run out of room for its population and has been doing everything in its power to start a war with the US of Russia.

They need more land to grow food for their people and no one is willing to let them have any.  That could be a real issue in the coming years, as our new President will not back down from a fight.  These are just a couple of the newer challenges we may face.

This is why we prepare and store supplies for any emergency.  We are always are and will always be facing threats from both inside and outside our borders.  Pay attention to what is going on in the world, and you will see what’s on the horizon long before it gets here.

Well until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


6 thoughts on “So just what are the new challenges Preppers are now facing?”

  1. Sarge,the left are nothing but crying babies,wethers so to speak. They are anti-gun hypocrites who could not fight their way out of a brown paper bag to save their mother.
    If California secedes, we should invaded them and hang them and take over the they would be traitors.
    If the Chinese want to play I have stored a lot of ammo and am ready and fear not death. I am their worst nightmare !!!
    I feel much better now. Lol

    • Wow Thor Seriously? Dont lump all of Cali in that comment, after all there are those of us in the northern part that are good people, conservative and have been trying to break off from the rest of the liberal city side idiots.
      So comments like invading and taking over and then hanging are unjustified, unwarranted and really ugly….they dont sit well with some of us that arent liberal minded fools.
      you sound brutal and inhuman when you say crap like that.
      just sayin

      • Techqn, If you didn’t notice it said LEFT, the ones who want to secede from the USA and the ones violating the 2nd amendment. They want to secede because they want to continue the destruction of America. China wants control of California because of food. Heck Obama gave them an old naval base to get it set up and it doesn’t stop there. They are systematically having the farms collapse so the Chinese and Saudi can buy them up. That sir is TREASON !!! Evidently left doesn’t include you.

      • TN, here is something else, foreign companies are only allowed to own a certain % of a company on American soil. This means every farm is a company and I believe the % is either 35 to 45. Now the PTT may have a deal in it to avoid this regulation. Which would mean that they meaning China could take the food and send it all to China while Americans starve. Is this what you would want to be part of ?

        • Yes i understand, hence our push for the State of Jefferson! AND NO it doesnt include me…OR most of the area I live in.
          We are 98% conservative, rancher, hunter, loggers up here. And I KNOW Brown is selling us out,.its called CALEXIT!

  2. From what I understand from posts on Dave Hodges, thecommonsenseshow gov. Jerry Brown has been calluding with the Chinese to take control of California’s farmland to feed China. Jerry Brown who got the legislature to pass something so that he could have ‘another’ 4 years, is trying to exit the US. They have been doing chemtrails off the coast. James Chang has a patent on the chemtrails, it acts like a desiccant and absorbs the rain then lets it out on Texas or Louisiana. They have taken the water from the farmers and put it on down to the San Francisco Bay. But this year has been a good rain year, so we will see what happens.


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