Justice in a Teotwawki world.

Justice in a TEOTWAWKI world will be quite different from what it is in today’s society. It will be based on several factors and will be ugly and quick.  In today’s world, you receive a trial even if there is no doubt that you are guilty.  After TEOTWAWKI, that will most likely not be the case.  There will be no 911 to call, no Police and no Sheriffs Dept. either.  You will be on your own and the decisions you make can and will determine whether you live or die. This may seem harsh, but in the harshness of the world when TEOTWAWKI hits, it will seem completely fair.

OK, to truly explore this, we need to set the scene and give some context to the supposed facts.  It is early 2016 and TEOTWAWKI has become reality.  You have prepped and have a limited amount of supplies left to make it till you can get your garden harvested.  You have been forced to turn away both friends and neighbors because you simply do not have enough supply’s to feed them and your family of 4.  You pass your days toiling in your garden.  It is dirty, back breaking work but it has to be done if you want to survive.  You have safely hidden many of your supplies and have only a few on hand to prevent them from being stolen.  It is 9PM and you are tired and exhausted, when you hear a noise outside so you look out the window.  There you see the neighbors you had to turn down earlier, rummaging through you garden picking the vegetables that you have worked so hard to grow for your family.  If they escape with them then your family could starve during the coming winter.

At this point you grab your gun and run out the back door to try to stop them and all but one drops what they have and run away.  The one that remains informs you that he is taking what he has and will return for more because his family deserves to live more than you and yours does.  …What do you do?  You can’t call for help and there is no one else around to help you.  You have a gun in your hand and are faced with the new world justice.  What this person has done is effectively sentence you and your family to death.  If you let him go, who is to say he won’t keep his promise and return next time with more friends that will not run off?  You can’t capture and tie him up because then you would have to feed him and you simply do not have enough supplies to do this.  As hard as it may be, you have only one choice and that is to kill him.  Not because you want to, but because have to.  You have to protect your family and this is the only way.  Can you do it? Can you pull the trigger, or do you simply admit defeat and walk away?

TEOTWAWKI will be a time that will test all men’s souls and will leave none of us unchanged.  These are things you need to think about and resolve now. What you will do in this situation?  Waiting till TEOTWAWKI to decide will only make it worse.  It is you or them, there is no in between.  Now let’s try another scenario.  You have been out hunting all day and when you return home, you discover that your cabin was attacked by a new Gang in the area.  Your supplies are gone and your wife has been raped and left for dead.  Your 2 children are missing.  What do you do?  Do you fight or do you run?  I know like most people, I would fight and if it meant that I had to take another person’s life then so be it!  There will be no one to help you and if you are going to survive in this new TEOTWAWKI world. You will have to rise to the challenge and fight for it.  It will truly be survival of the fittest and you will no longer have the luxury of turning the other cheek.

OK, one more scenario.  You are working in the yard and your chickens start making noise, so you go to investigate.  There you find a man stealing your chickens, so you make him put them back.  Now what do you do with him?  do you let him go and take a chance that  he will sneak back and try to steal them again when you are not looking, or do you give him a chicken and send him on his way?  Of course you could always shoot him to, but in any case the decision is up to you.  How do you protect your family and still live with yourself?  Just remember that if you let him go, then he can always come back when you are not around and steal from you again…or worse.  It is TEOTWAWKI  and you are the Law and justice is in your hands.

Now, the purpose of this post is not to tell you what you should, or should not do in these situations, but rather to get you started thinking about the decisions that you may be forced to make in a TEOTWAWKI world.   You need to bare in mind that any decision that you make will be one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life and you need to know beforehand what you will do in a given situation.  While there are many possible solutions to each of these scenarios, you must choose the one you can live with.  Someone once asked me “What is the point of surviving if we loose our humanity and compassion?”.  As I told them, we do not have to loose our humanity and compassion, we simply have to put it on hold long enough to ensure our own survival.  You need to get your priority’s straight and make the hard decisions now while you have the luxury of thinking them through.  Only then will you be truly prepared for justice in the TEOTWAWKI world.

Well, I hope I have given you something to think about and hopefully make making those decisions farther on down the road a little easier.  Until next time, keep on prepping!

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  1. When people with guns go out in the yard to protect what is rightfully theirs and start asking questions then they have committed suicide. Death by Stupidity. It is the height of insanity to buy a gun and hesitate to use it in a teotwawki environ. And make no mistake about it that is exactly what 99 out of 100 will do, ask questions or make threats like, “What are you doing witn my chickens, or, You’d better put them back in the cages.” Actually chickens will eat human flesh, hogs definitely will, and so will most fish. A corpse does have value! The bones will make excellent treats for your pets. So if you don’t have the stomach for defending yourself, or have been brainwashed by the Church Bangers then “Happy Embalming Fluid Day.” PS: I am a Christian and I will defend as best possible all my preps and my family without asking questions. There is absolutely nothing unGodly in defending yourself. Good article for what we need to be conditioning ourselves to do. thanks

    • I agree. In scenario one: He is a dead man. In scenario two: I would do my best to find and bring “justice” to them. In scenario three: He, again, is a dead man.
      Without the “rule of law” it will be what each individual decides “justice” is…at least until a “community”, that is large enough, can be established to decide what the law and justice will be. Any threat, until then, will have to be dealt with severely. Word will spread…and yes you will probably have made yourself a target, but…no less of a target…than if you do nothing. Looking out for your fellow man will be a thing of the past…at least for awhile. Trust will be almost non-existent…and probably for good reason. In many respects…we will, for all purposes, have become a feudal society.


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