Lighting up SHTF. Will you be safe?

Hello, my friend and welcome back! When it comes to setting up outdoor lights, you can be your own worst enemy. You need to think through many scenarios and test them carefully if you want to keep your home safe. Now, grab a cup of coffee my friend, and have a seat while we visit.

As a child, we loved to play hide and seek at night anytime we could. When we did, one of my favorite places to hide were the shadows. People tend to just ignore shadows in their yard and that can get you killed when SHTF. It’s easy to overlook these shadows when putting up outdoor lighting.

Just look at any news of people being attacked as they get home. 90% of the time, the attacker was simply hiding in the shadows waiting. It’s a no brainer if you’re a criminal. The trouble is that those shadows can almost be completely eliminated by careful placement of your lighting. Solar lights designed for shrubs and trees can easily be placed to eliminate and or reduce shadows.

The easiest way to do this is to wait until it gets dark and count the shadows around your home. Once you’ve done that, go to your local big-box store and pick up a few solar floodlights. Not the sidewalk kind that only illuminates the ground immediately around them. You need the flood lite type designed to light up large areas at a time. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of these solar-powered lights available on the market and have become inexpensive as well.

You need to be able to light up pretty much every inch of your yard. Be careful not to blind yourself by shining them into your own windows. You want to be able to see the bad guys, and when possible, keep them from seeing you. Outward-facing lights are the key. Looking into the lights will destroy the attacker’s night vision and give you the advantage.

I even know one fellow who took one of those big mirrors that are made for looking around corners outside and used it to reflect light onto the side of his home. While there are many ways of lighting up your outdoors, a little inventiveness will go a long way. Just remember, the time to do it is now and not after SHTF.

If you have any further ideas for eliminating shadows and lighting up the outdoors, please add a comment below and share it with the rest of us. Well, that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong, stay prepared, and stay at home. God Bless America!


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