Martial law 2016 : The Summer of Chaos.

Hello my friend and welcome back to Video Monday!  With next week being the start of the Republican National Convention I felt that this video by RichiefromBoston is important as it aligns perfectly with what we are seeing happening right now in the news.  Take a look and then take all of the precautions you need to be as ready as possible for what is sure to be months of chaos here in America!  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared! God Save America!

-The Sargent-


4 thoughts on “Martial law 2016 : The Summer of Chaos.”

  1. Hi Sarge
    I am a long haul trucker and the current situation in America is not healthy. Truckers are the most exposed workers in the nation in a national emergency-proud to serve our vulnerable infrastructure and the
    public safety when necessary. However, there comes a time when its time to head for the redoubt. Lets pray for the civil safety during this dangerous election 2016. Many truckers will quit soon potentially-
    prepare people; without us you buy nothing!

      • 10/4 Sarge
        A few years ago, I was near NYC when a major power brown-out occurred regionally. Getting stuck in that cement Sargasso would have been very dangerous for a trucker muchless an innocent citizen on the highway. Chicago is
        extremely dangerous in the south-side. No diesel, no gasoline, gangs that hate
        everyone including their own. Listen people-your goods rightfully come by hard
        working railroad and truckers. We fuel by credit or corporate card, not cash. If
        an EMP or total bank failure occurs, then I walk home maybe 3000 miles. I get along with legitimate police, who regulate us, and keep all of us safe otr. Again,
        thanks Sarge-folks just take care of the simple things so you and loved one’s
        get past a potentially bad scenario.


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