When Martial Law is declared and they come for your guns!

Hello my friend and welcome back.  In today’s post, we are going to look at what might happen when they come for your guns after Martial Law is declared.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

Martial Law, the two words that both infuriate and strike fear in the hearts of all American Patriots.  The big question is just what can we expect when they come?  While I guess it may depend whether it’s DHS, American Troops or U.N. Soldiers, I really don’t believe that there will be much difference. There will however be some I believe so let’s get right to it shall we?

In this scenario, we are going to assume ‘that Martial Law has been declared by the President of the United States.  He has also ordered DHS Personnel and National Guard troops to begin collecting all firearms held by private Citizens.  Because he fears the U.S. Military may betray him, he has also called in UN Troops to assist.  All Constitutional rights have been suspended and America is on Lock down.  While you own several firearms, you have carefully buried them in caches around the area to keep them from being taken. You plan to simply tell them that you sold them all and no longer have any.    You are setting at your home watching the News on TV when you get a knock at your door.

You open your door and there are the National Guard demanding that you surrender all of your guns to them.  You tell them you sold them all just like you rehearsed and that is when things start getting interesting.  Being Americans themselves but feeling obligated to follow their orders, they read off a list of guns you owned and begin to question you.  Who did you sell your guns to?  Do you have a receipt or bill of sale for them?  Why did you sell them?  They demand to search your property and use metal detectors in their search.  Because they know that what they are doing is wrong, the search is half hatred and after an hour of searching, they move on with the warning that if you are caught with any, you will be imprisoned.  Granted this is a bit optimistic, but it’s probably pretty close.

Same scenario, you here a knock at your door and go to answer it.  By the time you get there, the person on the other side of the door is screaming and demanding you open it immediately.   You open it and there stands several DHS Agents demanding your firearms.  You tell them that you have sold them and no longer have any.  They ask the same questions as above.  The difference is that these people have been training for this for years and are overly eager to do their jobs at any cost.  Not satisfied with the answers that you have just given them, they bust in through the door and start ransacking your home.  You are immediately placed in hand cuffs and stood against the wall.  Once again they demand all of the firearms their list shows that you own.   Again you try to tell them that you no longer have them and that you have sold them and do not have a receipt for them because the law doesn’t require it. This reply ends with you getting your nose broken and them laughing.  Again they demand the weapons and again you say you don’t have any.  The wind suddenly leaves your lungs as you buckle to the floor.  They say that if you don’t produce the weapons, you are going to be taken to prison and it would be a shame if something bad happened to your wife or family while you are in there.  What do you do?  You know that if you produce the weapons, you will probably got to prison anyway and that would leave your family with no protection.  It’s a no win situation but if you get out of prison later, you could still dig up your weapons and at least have a fighting chance then to get your family to safety somewhere else.   They eventually leave dragging you off to prison as you wonder how it ever came to this.

Same scenario, but this time there is no knock at the door but rather it explodes inward without warning.  U.N. Troops with blue helmets burst into your home and immediately throw you and your family to the floor and point guns at you.  The others began trashing your home and destroying everything you have.  After the troops are sure there is no one else in the house, they begin demanding all of your firearms in broken English that is so bad you can barely understand what they are saying.  You tell them that you no longer have the weapons and are rewarded with a hit to the front of your head with the butt of a rifle.  Now you have blood running down your face and the pain is terrible and still you insist that you have no weapons.   This time you get a boot in the side and that results in a couple of broken ribs.  Then you hear your wife scream as one of the solders pulls your oldest daughter to her feet.  The soldiers talk for a minute in a language that you can’t understand and then start laughing as one of them drags her off to the back bedroom.  You begin to plead for them not to hurt her but does no good.  You hear her screaming from the back room and try to bargain with them.  You will do anything to protect your daughter so you offer to tell them where you hid the weapons.  They pull you to your feet and you show them where you buried them.  Once the weapons have all been accounted for, the one leading you around turns to you and place a gun to your head then pulls the trigger.  You are dead and your family is dragged off to prison where they will remain for many years.  U.N. Troops have no accountability for their actions for the most part and most do not like Americans.  They do what they want in the name of peace.

I’m not telling you this to scare you, but to hopefully wake you up.  The hardship that we will face when Martial Law is declared will be the worst thing that most Americans will face in their lives.  So what can you do to try to prevent this from happening to you and your family?  The best way is to just not be there when they arrive.  You will probably not have a home to come home to when they are done, but at least they can’t hurt and threaten you.  Hide, get out of the cities and find a place where you can protect yourself.  This is why I keep talking about the importance of a bug out bag and a safe bug out location.   Prepare now and be ready, because it could come at any time.  If you wait until they get to your door, it will be too late.

Well I guess that is it for today and I hope I have given you something new to think about.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!  God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

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  1. If some government agency has a force that is violating the constitutional rights of the people. Members of this group can be expected to be atttacked in their homes or ambushed by patriots
    .Look at the Los Pepe’s war on drug lord Pablo Excubar, Look at the work of the israeli haganah. after ww2 in germany

  2. Good discussion all, however, if I were to attack a large group I would start with destroying the infrastructure. Electricity, water distribution, communications, food, etc. let the people do the job of culling the herd. Then I would concentrate on the cities and introduce a pathogen with a short but deadly lifespan. There would not be a reason to go door to door for our weapons.

  3. PART 2:

    Don’t count on it. Some idiot, somewhere along the way may just think there is a possibility that martial law or some other form of takeover could be successful. That person would be hunted down like a dog and would suffer a fate worse than death, as they say, along with his/her minions. It would be a major inconvenience for a couple of weeks to defeat these invading forces but it wouldn’t last very long. And if it was the leadership of the US government, the country could start over with the basic concepts of the Constitution, which many millions think we should do anyhow.

  4. This is a comment from: Samuel Hay

    This is a comment from: Samuel Hay

    Having read at least 53 books on military strategy, there are quite a few things to consider here. First, there are now 135 Million Armed American Patriots. This force is insurmountable by any military or groups of military combined. As example, the US Military has only about two million active troops. Russia, about 2.2 million. China only about 2.2 million. I suppose you could say the following is the big picture. Any reservists would be balanced off by a whole lot of already pissed off vets who know how to use the high tech equipment. And much of that would fall into their hands within a matter of days. As far as controlling the airspace, you can ask the Russians, who did that in Afghanistan, if that seemed to make any difference at all. They got their butts whipped by a bunch of guys riding around on camels. In the US, there are millions of armed people withing sight of any major airport that could be used for military aircraft. You cant hide an attack helicopter or fighter/bomber. One bullet, costing less than one dollar can destroy a multi million dollar aircraft, landing, taking off or on the ground. You also cannot hide a fuel truck! It is hopeless for any power to attempt to take over here. Like the famous Japanese General stated, “It would be impossible to invade the US mainland because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Logistics for any force, especially a foreign one would be difficult if not impossible. The American people would house, care for, feed and assist the American Patriots, allowing their focus on combat and strategic maneuvers. And the biggest factor of all, anyone with any degree of military training would absolutely refuse to take charge of any troops who would be fighting the Armed American Patriots. It is total suicide. If this did happen, the leadership, the people who brought it on, thinking they would be protected in the well stocked underground cities which have bee built, would be the first to go. You have to consider the people that built them and are not allowed to use them. They would step right up and let the opposing forces know all the secrets, air shafts, entries and other particulars. If you think hiding in a bunker is a good idea, just ask Hitler. Most likely all these people have been promised safe haven for themselves and their families.

  5. Any guess on what happens to the gun grabbers when they storm South Central and South Chicago and Harlem??? ZULU,ZULU, ZULU

    The day comes when they demand your guns, that is the day you fight… It will be Alamo time for many, but defending the cause is worth the effort.

  6. Look up what happened after Hurricane Katrina. YouTube has some very interesting videos. They confiscated guns and without leaving a receipt. It has happened.

  7. If only 10% of American gun owners resisted, dozens of SWAT teams would be wiped out the first week. SWAT recruiting would go ‘way down, and police officers in other fields would resist or outright refuse to be transferred to SWAT – especially after the word starts going around about civilian armed resistance.

    Ditto “UN Troops”. Especially blue-helmet UN troops! Americans’ deep hatred for the UN would see these carpet bagger interlopers quickly wiped out – and the nations who sent them loudly mourning the demise of their handsome young soldiers.

    The number of guns in the hands of American civilians today is absolutely staggering. For instance, on the day after Thanksgiving 2015 (so-called retail “Black Friday”) 185,000 guns were sold on that single day. Please note – the entire US Marine Corps numbers 185,000 active duty Marines! For the government to confiscate only one day’s worth of American gun sales, it would require the deployment of the entire USMC!

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    A few American gun owners might be surprised and overpowered in their homes by the government’s initial raids, but the word would quickly spread across the Nation, and following raids would be met with force, force and more force. Please note that a SWAT member is NOT your ordinary hard working, street-patrolling police officer. Instead, a SWAT member is an extraordinary person who likes the excitement and danger of raiding civilian houses in the middle of the night, shooting the family dog in the client’s living room, and dragging the family’s terrified half-naked women out onto the lawn so as to be properly restrained and then carefully “searched” for whatever. SWAT teams are rarely – very rarely – resisted by their clients – and SWAT teams are almost NEVER SHOT AT by those Clients!

    Up to this point, anyway. That will NOT be the case with gun confiscation from American gun owners who – unlike your typical drug dealer – have the force of constitutional law on their side.

    Be warned – We WILL RESIST!

    • I agree with you 100%! Any attempts to confiscate American Civilian’s guns will be short lived. However when it first starts, it will be brutal and the best way to resist, is to fight them at a place and time of your choosing, not theirs. Thanks for the feed back!

  8. I will have to determine a line in the sand around my home. I will have a bull horn to warn off any would be gun grabbers. I realize they will come back with more people IF I deter them at first. I hope we can gather neighbors and mount a defense. Bottom line is I plan to resist until I run out of ammo and that won’t be for awhile.

  9. 300 million guns ,billions of rounds of ammo ,the 3% say bring the blue helmet faggots here there is enough green tip for them all

    • Not really, anyone now willing or not able to work will be executed. The same will be true for anyone that the Government considers a threat to them in any way. It is a hard truth and one that is not pleasant to face but history shows it to be true.


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