Nature can be a bitch, so don’t be fooled!

What can we expect from nature when SHTF hit?   Nature can be a bitch, so don’t be fooled and think that it is your friend. We have all thought about how nice it would be to be one with nature, I know I certainly have. Of course now I’m much older and a little wiser and realize that mother nature can be deadly, even if you have the best intentions. Today we will look at just what mother nature could throw at us after SHTF hits.

Most of us tend to think in terms of clean air and fresh water when we think of nature. Unfortunately, there is a much darker side to her as well. To date, she has been held back by the sheer power of man and our machines, but what happens if suddenly there are a lot fewer of us and the machines no longer work? Do you see where I am going? What then? Let me tell you how I think it will go if that happens and the pendulum swings the other way.

When SHTF hits, I believe you will see the masses headed for the forest and killing anything they can, to try to survive and not go hungry. The trouble with this is that nature is all about balance and killing off large amounts of any animal will have terrible results. For example, wolves depend on elk and other large animals to survive and if you take away their food source, they will look for another and guess what that will be? As a result, they will lose their fear of man, with so many in a weakened state and barely surviving as it is. The will begin to feed on the weak and the helpless and their numbers will grow while ours dwindle. The fox that normally survives on rabbits and wild birds, will also be forced to look for other foods as well. While not a large animal, they can still become dangerous when forced to survive. Small children could easily become a part of their regular diet and further reduce the number of humans left to rebuild our nation.

What about all of those pets that will no longer have their humans to feed them? There are millions of dogs and cats in America. They will begin to form hunting packs and will  not only compete for the same meat sources as we do, but eventually begin to consider us as a source as well. These animal may not be wolves, but they have the same hunting instincts as wolves and no fear of humans at all. They will become the kind of things that nightmares are made of and short of us hunting them, they will hunt and kill humans at will. Make no mistake about it, we never conquered nature, we simply held it at bay for a while and that is all. When we are gone, it will return with a vengeance that most humans can’t even imagine.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, what about all of the animals in the zoos across America? Lions and tigers and bears oh my! You can be reasonably sure that some bleeding heart will turn them loose rather that see them starve in a cage somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I love animals, but the idea of being out hunting by myself and running upon a Tiger or Lion in the bush is enough to give me sleepless nights! It is going to bad enough to try to survive dealing with gangs and bandits, not to mention the walking dead and now we have to deal with African man eaters as well? If anyone ever ask you why you need the big guns and all of that ammo, just remind them of this; hopefully they will understand. If not, take them hunting with you and if a killer shows up just trip them and run like hell. I mean after all with an attitude like that, they wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Yes, I’m only kidding, but you get the idea right? The point of all of this, is to get you thinking about what could possibly happen when it all hits the fan. We may change, but mother nature never will. I guess that is about it for today and I hope you may have gotten a few new ideas about prepping what might lie in store after it all hits the fan. Until next time, keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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