The need for Religious Faith in a post SHTF world!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Someone once said “if God did not exist, then man would have to invent him.”  Why? Without faith in a greater power, we would not have the strength to survive.  Yes, it is my belief that God does exist, but what about those who do not?  How will they face a post SHTF world without faith, and will they invent one to survive?  This is the subject of today’s Post, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Whether you believe in God or not, this is a subject you will be forced to come face to face with in a post SHTF world.  Personally, I believe in God with all of my heart and I believe that I am saved.  But what about those who have just not allowed themselves to be confronted with the question?  How will they cope with life where everything they know is destroyed?

Now before people start hitting me with emails saying I should not discuss my faith in my post, I need you to understand that my simple faith is a part of who I am and actually influence everything I write.  I am not ashamed of my faith and I don’t believe it should only be discussed in church.  God is real and all-powerful and I believe that all the way to my bones.

I have no doubt that when SHTF hits, many of my fellow Christians will fall to their knees and repent their sins while reconfirming their faith.  In fact, Faith will become a major part of any surviving group’s daily lives.  They will build new churches and preachers will come out of the woodwork.  Unfortunately, though many of them will be misguided in their attempts to serve a higher power.

Those who have not accepted Christ will feel a need to create their own God to worship.  This will be evident to others by their dress and activities.   They will no doubt create one who believes that what they do is justified to avoid the guilt they would otherwise face.

In the book “Grid Down Reality Bites” by Bruce Buckshot Hemming, there are the “Rain Bow Warriors” that believe that to eat meat or to hurt nature in any way is evil and they force others to believe as well.  This is not a religion, but a cult and I would expect to see many of them with different beliefs pop up like weeds. Much like ISLAM, they will force others to follow their ways for fear of death.

They will all blame the downfall on the refusal of mankind to believe what they believe.  A great many of them will be violent cults with some really bazaar beliefs.  Human sacrifices will become common for many of them as they seek to control their believers and exercise their power over them.

You can bet that anyone with food to feed the masses, will become an overnight religion with many followers.  Why?  People will say and do anything just to be able to eat.  These, however, are not the only type of groups that will appear in a post SHTF world though.

There will be Christian groups of every flavor you can imagine, as others look to make sense of what has happened to them.  Then will come the religious wars that always follow major disasters.  First, there is a revival of faith and then comes the war as different groups fight for power and control.

If you believe as I do, then hold tight to your faith and don’t allow groups of people corrupt what you believe.  They only do it for power, and not because of their beliefs.  I would personally starve to death than ever renounce my love for God and take up another faith.

Yes, those who have no faith now will need to create one to justify their ways and to control others.  Without God, there is no hope for tomorrow or for help from what they have no power over.  They will turn to an evil spirit and celebrate in its ugly ways.  Unless they open their eyes and see the truth and the Glory of God almighty, they will perish forever.

For those of you who believe as I do, do not allow them to pervert you faith.  Hold strong to the word of God and ask for his help and guidance, in the world we face both now and after SHTF.

Well that is it for today and I would love to hear your comments below, just please remember that this is a Preppers blog and not a podium. What cults do you see popping up?

I really hope you have enjoyed today’s visit and maybe I have given you food for thought.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


6 thoughts on “The need for Religious Faith in a post SHTF world!”

  1. yes this is so true , look at men who have been prisoners of war 2 thing have kept them alive, faith in god and a sense of hummer

  2. For those with a belief in the Higher Power now, it is a natural occurrence to be able to call on the Name of the Lord, both in our preparations now, as well as in the anxieties and deliverance(s) to come.
    Follow hard to the Lord, and your road is easy; Follow easy to the Lord, and your road is hard.

  3. Amen and amen! Isn’t it curious that when things are going relatively well, faith in the true God seems to take a back seat to faith in success, technology, money, power and all the other typical trappings of our modern world. When that comfort zone disappears, folks once again turn to God, or to what they perceive to be their god. It is then that the true faithful are tested and the unprepared (those who lack a strong sense of security in their faith) cast about for any port of calm in the storm. Alas, history is full of examples of cults and powerful challenges to our Christian faith, and yet we take solace in knowing that we are only given what we can endure. Grace is an amazing thing indeed.

    As for those who seek to challenge our faith: I believe that putting on the armor of God includes being well prepared. Christians can not be sissies and when TSHTF, pacifists are the first to go…

    Keep up the good fight Sgt.! And once again, many thanks for your service.


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