Obey and conform?… Hell No!

Obey and conform?… Hell No!  It seems like everywhere I look I see and hear about new laws designed to force the American people to just roll over and become slaves.  Now I don’t know about you, but that really makes me angry.  I just don’t like being told not to do something by someone who thinks they know what’s best for me, when they obviously don’t.  At 60 years old, it is just not in me to bow down to anyone, especially not this corrupt tyrannical government of ours!  My ancestors have been born here in America for over 100 years and they taught me the importance of freedom and how critical it is to protect it. I am old enough to remember US Presidents that actually loved this country of ours.  I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and watched as America landed the first man on the Moon.  These things were accomplished by the American People because they had a deep burning desire to be the best and never give in to tyranny.  American Pride was strong and people respected one another.   You went to church on Sundays and visited with your neighbors.  It was a time of prosperity because everyone pulled in the same direction and wouldn’t settle for second best.  You played outside until the street lights came on and then ran home so you wouldn’t get your butt kicked for being out after dark.  Lying to anyone was simply not tolerated by your parents because they believed that a person’s character defined who they were and carried over into the rest of their life,  And you knew better than to disrespect ANYONE!  I miss those days and the America that I grew up in and it saddens my heart to think that my grandkids may never know that type of freedom and pride.

Will I obey and conform?  Hell No I won’t! And neither should you!  Our Government has become a bully and the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them and fight for what is right.  If we continue to let our government push us around and bully us…..then we deserve what we get.  I for one will not stand by any longer and do nothing.  By bullet, ballot or blood I will do everything in my power to stop this onslaught and eroding our Constitutional Rights.  We really need to come together and form groups and let our Government know that the people of America have had enough and we will not stand by and take it any longer.  In one united voice, we need to rise up and tell our Government “Hell No, we will not go quietly into the night, we will not be silenced and we will not conform to their Tyrannical ways!”  Only then can we even hope to take back America and make her great once again and a shining light for the rest of the world to see and believe in.  The American Government has awakened the sleeping giant that is the American People and they will soon once again realize that the true power in America belongs only to the people. Not Them!

Vote, write your Congressman, but more importantly pay attention to what is going on in our Government and refuse to abide by unjust laws.  If it violates the rights that are guaranteed to us by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights then speak out and refuse to follow them.  An unjust law is no law at all and it is obedience to God to not follow them.  Fight for what is right and never give up fighting!  We are free Americans and despite what our Government may think, they do not control us, we control them!  There is a fire inside me that says live free or die fighting for it and I will not conform or obey!

The Sargent

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  1. Great description of how Americans feel !!! How can Hillary even run for president. She should be arrested for at the very least violating classified information procedure. Which by the way makes her inelegable because she is not allowed at this point to read or be exposed to classified material, or at the most murder of four Americans. We the people also need a law that people on welfare forfeit their voting rights so their votes cannot be bought with tax payer money. Illegal immigrants should not be given ID so they can vote, can you imagin if everyone in China showed up and wanted to vote ??? All imports should have a high tariff so American jobs could be created and the money obtained could pay down the deficit (what we owe them). Stop giving countries tax payer money (especially countries that hate US) and then tell us we don’t have money in social security. Let’s fix America before we try to help others, and CLOSE the boarders we don’t know who is coming into our country.


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