Our enemies are ready, are you?

Hello my friend and welcome back!  Looking at today’s headlines, you can only shake your head at the report that both Iran and North Korea are planning to launch Rockets with the power to reach America today or tomorrow.  This is the subject of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat.

The US Military announced today that both IRAN and North Korea are preparing to launch Missiles today or tomorrow.  Now let that sink in a minute… Both of these countries are sworn enemies of the US and have vowed to destroy the US and Israel.  I can only say Thank God we have a President in the Whitehouse that has the balls to strike back, if they do.

It seems that in today’s world we are living under a constant threat of attack from enemies, both near and far.  To emphasize this fact, a US destroyer recently fired warning shots at Iranian gun boats who got too close to one of our destroyers.  An armed Chinese Jet Fighter also came dangerously close to one of our surveillance planes, while in international air space. These are both acts of aggression and are done for only one reason and that Is to invoke a war with the US by getting us to shoot down or sink one of their aircraft or gun boats.

In fact, they are not only preparing for war, but are blatantly trying to incite a war.  It will come, and it’s only a matter of time and not if.

President Trump also announced today that transgender will no longer be allowed to serve in the US Military.  With the Right already on the verge of declaring out-and-out war on the US Government, this could possibly send them over the edge.  Fighting in the streets could soon become a regular sight.

Taking all of this into account, one can plainly see that it is time to start making final preparations for SHTF.  We have all watched each passing day as the threats to our way of life have increased from both inside and out, and it’s time to start watching for the violence to get out of hand.

Now is the time to take out your Generators and run them and make sure they are in working order.  Make sure your water supplies are sufficient to see you through for several months at the very least.  Inventory your food stocks and make sure they are ready to go.  Be sure you have a stockpile of any medicine that you take regularly as well.  Fill those extra gas containers and keep your tanks on your motor vehicles filled at all times.

For those of you who live along the coast as I do, these are the same things you do each time a Hurricane prepares to make landfall near you.  This should be a habit for you by now and it’s an exercise that is well worth doing no matter where you live.  Something that many Preppers over look is to make sure that if you have children, they know what to do in an emergency and where to meet you when the time comes.  The last thing you will need when the flag goes up is to be trying to find your loved ones and not knowing where they are.

IF you’re going to be bugging out, unpack and repack your bug out bag, to make sure you have everything you need and to re-familiarize yourself with exactly where each item is located.  Double check your communications equipment and make sure you have batteries available to operate them.  It’s up to you to be ready to protect yourself and your family when the time comes and you will only get one shot at it so, be ready.

Surprises will be no fun once SHTF hits, so make sure there will be none.

Will war start tomorrow, or next week or a year from now?  I have no idea, but what I do know is that it’s possible and I for one have no intention of getting caught with my pants down when it does.  I can only hope you feel the same way and take action now to be ready for it.   Practice now to survive tomorrow and you just might make it when others don’t.

Well that is it for today my friend and I hope you have found this post useful.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


4 thoughts on “Our enemies are ready, are you?”

  1. As always, a good bit of information to digest, Sarge. Some (?) of your points are disconcerting but to ignore them is paramount to sticking ones head in the sand or placing fingers in the ears and screaming, “Nyah, Nyah, NYAH!” Especially when discussing the NK or They-Ran topics.
    I have NO intention of being either one of those types, I assure you!
    As for the transgender in the military, or being permitted to remain, Boy HOWDY, is that opening up a Hornets Nest and the squawking has already been loud and angry!
    Personally, I think what POTUS has suggested is the proper thing to do for a variety of reasons. Hate me if you wish but the laundry list of why the “T’s” ought not be allowed to remain, ESPECIALLY in a COMBAT MOS, are too long to list but the most obvious are getting them the hormone treatments, mental health appointments and a litany of other items all on a strictly regimented schedule. Toss in being in a Combat environment? Asinine is the only word that comes to mind at the moment. Hmm. Me at a loss for words?!? Humpf!
    Now if those seeking sex organ removal or installation (or whatever the appropriate term is) should NEVER be allowed to happen on GOVERNMENT time and at GOVERNMENT EXPENSE!
    Not to make any accusations, but the desire for conversion didn’t happen overnight like the flipping of a switch, so one must wonder if the plan was for the person to enlist with the expectation of having Uncle Sugar pay for their “treatment.”
    Nope. You want it? YOU pay for it!
    And if you want it, WAIT until your enlistment is completed, you separate from the service and, SHAZAM! YOU PAY FOR IT!

    Your enlistment sure as HELL didn’t trigger the need to have your talkywacker removed!

    But moving on…IF a service member does, somehow, manage to come up with the money, takes the initial time off to perform the procedure (s) and gets back to work before their leave is expended, well, good for them.
    But at NO time should said person be afforded ANY extra time off above or beyond what any other, typical, service member be afforded.
    Got new “problems?” You have a lunch break or time after duty. Need more? TFB. Suck it up, Buttercup.
    Our present, “Natural” female service members don’t get time off for cramping or bloating unless times have changed.
    Nor should a “T” be afforded any other benefits just because they chose to start playing on the other team, whichever it should be.
    Herr Obamalamadingdong, as we all know, did INCREDIBLE harm with significant repercussions while he had his Reign Of Terror in office and now this nation is so F’d up it will take years to make it right again.
    I can only hope and pray that Mr. Trump has the cajones to stick to his guns and see this through and make America GREAT again!
    I’m rarely (HAH!) this vocal about a topic of the day (right?!? LMAO) but this one sure has my blood at the boiling point!
    As for those who have served this country Honorably and NOW want to undergo whatever procedures required to make the transition to the other team, well, I appreciate your service but I think they are WAY out of line if they expect the VA to pay for all the gobble dee goop to turn you into whatever your misguided brain tells you to undergo.
    Do it on your OWN dime, DAMMIT!

    The VA is already hard pressed to get Veterans the help they need just for procedures they NEED to maintain a healthy lifestyle or even LIVE for that matter! And in most instances, THOSE problems happened as a RESULT of their enlistment and NOT because something deep inside your noodles short circuited because you slammed down too many energy drinks back at the FOB after a mission.
    So, By GOD, if you want to become a SheLa, knock yourself out but DON’T demand the VA or the government to pay for your misguided endeavors.
    And if that isn’t reason enough for someone to MAN UP (??) and change their mind, just take the time to research how many of those who do have the process completed and who then, in short order, end up committing SUICIDE!
    Do you really want to add to that 21 or 22 veteran suicides per DAY number?!?
    I’ll shut up for now. Boy, HOWDY did you touch a nerve on this topic, Sarge! LMAO
    Maybe I’ll just wish for the Nuclear Option from NK or They-Ran. 😉
    For now.
    PS, except for Sarge, if you have any “Flamer” responses (pun intended) save ’em. I won’t entertain any arguments on the topic. It is MY opinion after all. Roger that? 😉

    • Huggy, You and I think a like on just about every issue I have tackled. I have to tell you that I actually look forward to your feedback on my post. There are times when I feel like I learn as much from you as my readers do from me. I agree with you 100% brother! Keep up the good work Huggy and I will see you around the coffee pot. 🙂


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