5 Pocket Tools every Prepper should have!

Hello my friend and welcome back! In today’s post we are going to look at “Pocket Tools” every Prepper should have with them pretty much all of the time.  While there is a large assortment available on the net and in sporting goods stores, we are going to look at some of my favorites.  So grab a cup of coffee and sit back while we visit.

First off let me define what I mean by “Pocket Tools” and why they are so important. Pocket tools are small metal object that are designed to do a particular task while also providing an assortment of other uses.  Most are designed to fit on a key chain so you always have them with you, but you could just as easily carry them on a ring attached to your backpack or brief case.  Where ever you decide to keep them, the time will surely come when you will be glad you have them with you.  Now this is just my list of the ones I really like and carry with me.  There are many different types on the market so choose wisely my friend.


The Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Eat N Tool This is a rather unique little tool that has a combination of spoon and fork as well as a bottle opener and a wrench. Yes, I know that is a weird combination, but having a tool that you can use to eat with is very handy indeed. At just $3.24, it is a great investment and a great tool to have.


Nite Ize KMT-11-R3 DoohicKey Multi-Tool This is another very handy pocket tool to have with you when you need it : Box Cutter, Bottle Opener, Wrench, Ruler, and Flat Head Screw Driver. At $6.19, they are a great addition to any pocket tool set. The clip on it makes it very handy and easy to carry.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool [22-01769] This is a cool little pocket tool from Gerber who we all know make good quality products.  What I really like about this one is the small nail puller and pry bar.  It also has a handy wire stripper built in that could always come in handy in an emergency situation.  I actually have several of these because they are so handy to have around. A good buy at $5.94 when you consider it is made by Gerber.


Doinshop New Useful Outdoor EDC Stainless Steel Tactical Multi-functional Pocket Tool What I like about this is that it is a little larger than some of the others and a little tougher as well. At $2.98 with free shipping, there is no reason not to have one of these in your pocket tools collection.


True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool – 20 Tools in 1 This little tool is simply amazing.  If I could only have one pocket tool, this would be it!  It has 20 tools packet into a single package that you can carry on your key chain.  The tools are: quick release clip, bottle opener, cutting blade, pry bar, nail file, box opener, large flat driver, medium flat driver, eyeglass screwdriver, medium Phillips driver, small Phillips driver, bicycle spoke wrench, measuring ruler, 1/4″ wrench, 5/16″ wrench, 3/8″ wrench, 1/2″ wrench, 9/16″ wrench. At $13.98, it’s worth every penny.  I can highly recommend this little tool and honestly believe that every Prepper should have one.


Because we never know where we will be or what we will be doing when SHTF hits, it only makes good sense to try to carry with you the tools you may need to survive an unexpected disaster and could even save your life when the time comes. I know that I carry these items with me every day along with a knife, Flashlight and a Multi-tool just in case. Well I guess that is it for today and I hope I have provided some information that will help make you a better Prepper in some way.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

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