In a post SHTF world, when should I travel, during the day or night?

Hello my friend and welcome back for today’s post.  I get a lot of emails each day from my readers, and I really love to hear from them.  Many times their questions are the basis for my post.  One question that many people seem to have is “When is the best time to travel after SHTF hits, during the day, or during the night?” This is the subject of today’s post and I hope you enjoy it, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

Let me first say that some of this is predicated on the notion that the military has been activated and to put it bluntly, they are not on your side.  Why you may ask?  Simple, because unless it’s caused by an EMP (Electra Magnetic Pulse) or a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) the country will likely to be under Martial Law and that would put a lot of Military on the roads.

If the Military are involved, there are many more obstacles to overcome, versus just masses of starving people and roving gangs. Technology will be the key that changes the dynamics completely and multiplies the danger of being caught.

First off, let me say that anytime you are forced to travel, whether it is night or day, avoid paved roads at all cost!  Roads are for those who want to get shot or killed.  Roads are where you will find the roadblocks, the ambushes, and in many cases, the traps designed to lure you to your death!   Always travel cross country, using paths and railroad tracks whenever possible.  These will give you your best chance to avoid being seen by others.

If the Military is out and about so to speak, and they have air support, which is pretty much a given, you will want to travel by day.  Why you might ask?  OK, here is my thinking on this subject and I am sure others will have varying opinions.  During the day, you can see further and can blend into the brush and your surroundings when needed.  Remember the key here is to not be seen and to avoid all others.  In the day, you can see them long before they see you if you are careful.

During the night, you could walk right up on someone before you even know that they are there.  This wouldn’t be good if they are members of a gang.  In the day, you can see better for navigating the terrain you need to travel. As well as helping you keep your direction of travel.  All in all, daytime is the best time to travel if the Military is out.

Traveling at night would be good if you were only trying to avoid gangs and bandits.  The reason you wouldn’t want to do it if the Military was out is because of their night vision and Thermal vision.  At night they can spot people moving on the ground with no trouble at all.  Again, if they are out, stick to traveling during the day.  If the Military is no where to be found and you have reasons to believe that they are not an issue, then you may want to travel at night.

I would strongly urge everyone to have a night vision device of some kind.  These can be a little expensive, but they are well worth their cost when the time comes.  You don’t need the top of the line, and the monocular with night vision can usually be found for a reasonable price at gun shows, as well as online. Again, they do not need to be the top of the line; they just need to allow you to see in the dark, so get what you can afford.  You may also want to get spare batteries for them as well.  The idea here is to see trouble before you walk into it.

It all comes down to whether the Military is hunting people using air support or not.  If you travel at night and they are out hunting, then you will stand out like a beacon in the night.  Other than that, the night offers cover and allows you to cross open areas, that you would not be able to during the day.  On the other hand, if you travel during the day, you have a much better chance of seeing them before they see you.  In the end, it will be up to you, just do not underestimate the military technology, when it comes to tracking and locating people.

In the end, your best chance of survival is to not travel at all, but if you must, then consider all of your options and consider all factors, which threats you will face by traveling during the day or night. Only then will you be able to make the right decision on when to travel.

I guess that is it for today and I hope that you have found today’s post interesting.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!  God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

3 thoughts on “In a post SHTF world, when should I travel, during the day or night?”

  1. Good topic.
    Point, thermal works day or night, so if the military were to use thermal mounted on aircraft, they will be able to see you if you are in the open or in sparsely vegetated areas. To make it more difficult for detection, stay in heavily covered areas, day or night.
    Night vision is range limited and cannot differentiate very well in non augmented scenarios. IR spotlights. Again limit movement if in a suspected patrol area.

  2. Regarding the military:
    Another prepper website posted the stories of actual people from the Ukraine, and how they traveled with the military in control of the country.
    Two things they said that stood out were:
    – If you travel, DO NOT wear camo or even camo colors. The military personnel at checkpoints is VERY suspicious and nervous. Since they don’t know you, they will think you’re up to no good. You will bring all kinds of difficulties on yourself.
    – DO NOT have binoculars or two-way radios in your possession when you travel. The military will think you’re spying on them and confiscation will be the mildest outcome. Same goes for weapons.

    I know this is hard to hear, but it’s what actual people said who had to deal with the military in control of the country.

    • Under certain circumstances, I would agree, but they were being attacked by outside forces. This post refers to being attacked by our own Government and Military which is what I see happening. I this case, there will be no good outcome if you are caught by them and being unarmed and wearing cloths that would allow you to be easily spotted would be a big mistake in my opinion. Good input! Thanks! 🙂


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