Should I prep to survive a Nuclear War?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Should you be prepping for a nuclear attack? This question has caused me to lose sleep more than one night and is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Something I hear a lot of when I speak to other Preppers, is the debate on whether or not you should prep for a nuclear attack?  There are many schools of thought on this; there is one group who will tell you that there is no point in prepping for something you have no chance of surviving, while yet others that feel it just won’t ever happen.  While both groups make some good points, they are both dead WRONG.

On the point of view that it will never happen, they are overlooking a few facts.  One is that there are smaller countries out there who would have no issue setting off a tactical nuclear device in the middle of some large US City like Washington DC or New Orleans.  There are also groups like ISIS who would love to drop one on the US after launching it from a container or cargo ship.  The thing is it can happen and the chances of it are increasing every day.

Now let’s look at the group that insist that there is no way to survive.  These people are operating under the myths that many of us grew up with.  They believe that even if you are not killed by the initial explosion, you will still die from radiation poisoning and the destroyed landscape.  In their view, the land will be ruined for hundreds of years to come so if you didn’t die of Radiation poisoning, you would eventually starve to death.  This belief like the other one is flat-out wrong, and is perpetuated out of ignorance.

With the internet at our fingertips, we only need to do a little research to see that much of what we were told when we were young is wrong.    It was driven into our heads that once a nuclear bomb went off, the land would be left desolate and unusable for anything for hundreds of years to come.  In 1947, we dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki Japan.  That was just 70 years ago, and you should see it today.  The city has been rebuilt and is a huge part of Japanese society.  Beautiful plants and grass growing everywhere you look.  This land is anything but barren.  The truth is that if you can survive for a couple of months indoors and below ground, then there is a good chance you will survive all together.  As for not being able to grow anything due to the nuclear contamination of the ground, that too is false.  2 – 3 months after an attack, you can remove the top 28 inches from any farm land and have clean soil for growing your plants.

The bottom line is that yes there is a chance of a nuclear attack, and yes, you can survive it if you prepare ahead of time.  The biggest thing is to have a survivable underground shelter where you can survive with food water and other items you would need until the danger has passed.  I’m going to be reviewing a set of dvds in the near future, that supposedly tell you everything you need to survive a nuclear explosion and how to do it.  I will be letting you know what I think of the dvd set.

If you haven’t started prepping to survive then it’s time you started.  Learn as much as you can and start now.  Here is a link to an article on Nagasaki, then and now that might make you stop and rethink what you thought you knew.

Well that’s it for today my friend and I hope you have found this post useful.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!



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  1. The top 28 inches of soil? Is that a typo? That process alone would kill me. And where would I put all that dirt so it wouldn’t mix with the uncontaminated soil?

  2. Full out nuclear exchange results in MAD. In my opinion Russia or China would be interested in our land, food producing capabilities and natural resources. Nuclear war destroys that. Instead I believe China/Russia are allowing the fat lunatic in No Korea to launch something that causes US to retaliate. At that point, both China and Russia join in. Best way to neutralize a nation is with EMP – 2-3 strategicly placed events and China/Russia sit back and allow the initial die off to take place then they occupy. Depending on where you live in the US, you could be fighting invading armies for some time. I have prepared for EMP – solar generator/panels with protective bag and a year+ food storage, several weapons/amunition. I’m an avid gardener with supply of heirloom seeds, planted fruit orchard, berries and grapes. I’m a single female.

  3. Q: “Should I prep to survive a Nuclear War?”
    A: Only if you want to survive one.
    Love ya sarge, thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Ten weeks ago my wife and I decided to have a fallout shelter (not a blast shelter) built in the basement. We are 50 miles from WDC. We contacted a contractor who is a friend and has considerable building experience. He found an architect since we will need a building permit and structural beam and support engineering. We plan on a cinder block structure. We found some plans by FEMA that will work but we have to ensure what we build is structurally sound. i am not happy that inspectors have to approve the plans and come into our home to inspect the work. There will probably be a parade of people to see this new thing. It has been nearly 10 weeks and nothing has come from the architect. Very frustrating during these tense international times.
    We are doing this and other prepping for our children and grands. They are the future and we have to give them a chance to survive. So I say, YES, prep to survive a nuclear attack and be ready to take it to the enemy who will be invading. Or take on the “fifth

  5. Hey Sarge, I hope that I am not repeating anyone here if I do then I apologize ahead of time. I wanted to say that some numbers suggest that in an all out nuclear exchange, after all is said and done that about 25% of the entire population will be killed either from blast, fire, fallout and all of the other nasties that go along with it. That said I believe that some politicians and world leaders truly think, that leaves 75% to be ruled. Maybe Hitlery or Vlad. And how about Kamala Harris, it seems that she might be being groomed for a white house run (the next obama) how does she feel about getting into a dangerous pissing contest with Russia. My thoughts. God Bless

  6. Your survival depends on you. I know I will survive anything that happens. It is important to me that my children and grandchildren survive. I have talked to my daughter and her husband ,And we are a team. Both my son in law and I have equipment and plans at the ready for such a possibility. Today their are 3 times the people that were living dealing the depression. I can only assume that any thing that happens will be three times as bad and three times as long. If you add the bad people and the stupid people, It will take a motivated person to live through even a small disaster. I believe a nuclear war is vary livable and as money permits we are dealing with that.

  7. What ticks me about the nuke issue – even the veteran preppers will dismiss that entire segment of prepping – various reasons but usually they are focused solely on a nuke bomb attack – “can’t survive that” …. sorry, but what about nuke plant failure or the terrorist use issue …

  8. Another hard cup of coffee to enjoy while reading this article, Sarge. I am one who believes nuclears are inevitable. It is just too much power for most to handle. Just listen to the rhetoric between India and Pakistan. Each one claims they will be the first one to light them up.
    But a note of the other big-boy out there with nuclears to spare, is Russia. And until recently, Russia’s ICBM were only accurate within 30-ish miles of hitting their target, but that is what x30 extra warheads per designated site are/were for. It’s like the West’s philosophy: shooter is responsible where each projectile travels, while the rest of the worlds perspective, including Russia and China, blanket the whole area. Think how Russia deals with hostages; they shoot everyone to make sure that they get the criminals.
    And their fail-safe in-place protocol still thought to be in force? -If Moscow fails to override, their whole nuclear arsenal becomes active and will launch if sensors in the Russian countryside go off. So, from land, sea, air: of 25,000-ish possible warheads, 30% get through out Star-Wars network. Let’s say our military has a good day and 85% are destroyed; that leaves around 3500+ warheads on target.
    I think about Revelations speaking of the great Babylon of the age, (NOT the end times, but prior,) and how the sea merchants will look upon the land that traded with everyone, how the smoke from it’s cities and ports will rise into the air and how these merchants will ring their hands, for they will no longer have anyone to trade with.
    Do I believe if these things come about as one of the perspectives, and there is thermo-war among other purging(s), can any survive? Those that call upon the name of the Lord will find a way.
    Multiple actions and statistic of outcome (US only): This and other actions: Now-ish 360,000,000; First degradation loss 10%, 324M: next action 60% loss, 97M, Final cataclysmic action 60% loss, now down to 39Million people. Yes, everything could be different, and You can survive.
    In the end times of Revelation and what Christ prophesied prior to His death and resurrection, can you name any other times the West is mentioned? Isaiah and Revelations speaks of the Islands of the West shall sing His praise, and the Coasts of the West shall shout Praises to God. That right there would be great not to be in the hoards from the east coming to invade Israel! (The real Armageddon!)

  9. Yes, a nuke strike is survivable. You will survive an EMP but unless you are prepared you won’t survive the aftermath. I think it comes down to cost. Most folks don’t have $500 in savings and don’t even prep for normal events like storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, power outages etc. We are no longer the Americans of the 1950s who built their own shelters because they knew how and they had enough resources to do so. We are no longer those people. Well you are Sarge, I am, the other folks on here are. So what to do? Personally I don’t think about a full exchange strike but I have prepared for the EMP. If we get a localized event, 1-3 cities then we will be fine as the gov’t will be semi-intact and will respond in a couple weeks. If you have the property and the means to go underground, then the benefits are great as others pointed out. Nice and cool/not cold, secret, more storage all good things. Good article.

  10. I live in a small rural area in Eastern Washington called Rocklyn. It is called Rcoklyn for a very good reason. Without blasting I can not dig deeper than three feet in some areas. Could not put in a basement for the same reason. In other words, if it happens, it happens. I have prepped as much as I can for other disasters and have to let God take care of the rest.

  11. Howdy, Sarge.

    Not too unlike bctruck, I live near a primary target (DM AFB in Tucson, AZ) or so we have been told over the years. (Actually, I live well outside the expected blast/heat zone but might have to contend with overpressure issues depending on the type of device used.)
    Unlike dctruck, however, I don’t have a shallow water table to contend with for going below ground. Conversely, I’d have to try and dig through dirt so hard as to be known as the Desert’s own Concrete and is called “caleche”(sp?).
    The upside of going below grade has several benefits here in the desert, though.
    Notwithstanding hoping to keep such a place secret so as to prevent marauding groups from trying to attack and take what is mine, once you get below roughly two feet, the ground becomes MUCH cooler. Think of it as the opposite of dealing with a permafrost line in cold country.
    This would be beneficial for a number of reasons.

    First, as HOT as it gets here, being below grade reduces the temperature to roughly 70 degrees; perfect for escaping the unrelenting heat and for extending the life of preserved foods as well as prepackaged commercial foods, yet not too cold come winter’s drop in temps.

    Second, as per the article, radiation poisoning elimination.

    Third, out of sight and out of mind from the Bad Guys as previously mentioned (I’d recommend using a construction company and their indigenous personnel from out of state if you can afford that route. When they complete their work, they go home and hopefully you won’t have to contend with them as potential aggressors who know your secret if the SHTF).

    The downside is the issue of planting a garden to augment your food sources and supplies. Hopefully your stockpile has LOTS of variety built in so you would get the necessary nutrition without concern of getting too tired of eating the same stuff all the time. But you could still grow some micro-greens (I think that’s what they call plants grown indoors in smaller planters).

    Another con is sunlight and power.
    Granted, if you’ve collected and set up a quality solar array and it is not known or visible to attract unwanted attention, you’d be pretty well set to power growing lights and such. But access to REAL sunlight would be preferable, obviously, yet problematic due to radiation concerns.

    I guess my main focus is as Sarge advocates: survival of a nuclear event IS possible providing you aren’t in the immediate impact zone and incinerated outright.

    However, preparation for a nuclear event is probably one of the most expensive options when factoring in all the things we need to prep for anyway. Thankfully, becoming proficient in this specific prep also covers several other prep concerns.
    The most onerous issue, naturally, is OPSEC.
    IF you can overcome that, your chances to survive multiple EOTW scenarios are covered, too.
    In my region, and from what I’ve read and learned, if you had a big chunk of land that is remote enough to avoid detection and could afford to build a facility large enough and deep enough underground to support you and your fellow prepper group, if you could ALSO afford to build a Dome Home constructed of “Shotcrete” (look it up. You’ll be literally AMAZED) adjacent or even above what would be your basement, you would be very well protected indeed!

    Sarge, perhaps you could compile and write an article about Shotcrete Dome Homes? If you haven’t explored that option I truly believe that you will be astounded in their efficacy and durability!
    Also, I have another idea that you might like to explore and write about. That is the concept of finding, acquiring and generic layout of a Prepper home base.

    I researched the idea some years ago and learned that the whole concept of finding remote land that you could get off grid AND remain undetected isn’t anywhere near as easy to do as most people think.
    I apologize for driving WAY topic here and will shut it down for now but wanted to make a couple of suggestions for topic material.
    Sadly, my computer crapped the bed on me otherwise I’d offer the material for research on the subject matter I suggested. It’s all gone! 🙁

    God Bless, Take Care, KYPD, and KOKO!

    (PS, Sarge, feel free to edit my response if you wish to. No hard feelings if you do. I get passionate about these topics and you seem to strike MANY nerves when you write your articles. Seems we do have much in common and similar interests. Like you, I’ve been at this prepping stuff for a LONG time and rarely see information presented that covers some topics that are of real importance. I don’t know if writers are “pacing” themselves so as to not flood the internet at one time or if they regulate the amount presented to keep readers coming back for more. Or they could just be regurgitating what they’ve read elsewhere in their own words. A lot of this stuff only comes from Hands On experience. I DO think a lot of writers on this/these subject/subjects are much younger and therefore not as well versed on the subject matter because they haven’t seen or done as much as you and I have and don’t own the experience base. Or maybe I’m full of crap! LMAO! Anyway, feel free to eliminate what you want to keep the reply more on track as you see fit. Be safe, My Friend!)

  12. I live 22 miles due east of the Barksdale AFB. There is very little hope of surviving if that (a primary target) was hit. I’m to old to move and the water table here is about two feet down, so no way for a man with moderate means to get below ground. Some things you just have to wrap your head around accepting and prepare for those possibilities that you can prepare for.


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