Are you prepared for a nuclear attack by North Korea?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, were going to look at the growing tensions between the US and North Korea and discuss what preparations you might take to be ready for just such an attack.  Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Yes, North Korea is back in the news again.  In an article on Fox News, they quote a Defector from North Korea with some dark information:

“Thae Yong Ho, the most senior North Korean defector in 20 years, told NBC News that Kim Jong Un is “desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and [intercontinental ballistic missiles].”

“Once he sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America,  he would use his nuclear weapons with ICBM,” said Thae, who defected in August. “

While this is not surprising due to all of the Saber rattling the North Korean leader does, it does show that Kim Jong Un is getting desperate and that is unsettling in and of itself.  Now what many people do not know however is that a while back, North Korea launched 2 satellites that did achieve orbit and are still circling the earth today.

Those two satellites are however not in a geostationary orbit as one would expect a weather satellite to be which are what North Korea claims they are.  The trouble is that they are not emitting any signals at all.  NOTHING is heard from them so they are either not functioning, or they are not weather satellites.

They are the size of a washing machine which is just the right size for an EMP bomb that is waiting for a command from earth to detonate. They pass quietly over the US several times a day while most people have no idea that they are even there.

The US government knows that they have nuclear devices and are able to attach them to the top of a missile that could probably reach the east coast.  Now if they were to hit Washington DC with a missile when President Trump was not there, the American people may see it as a blessing.  It would be the nuclear version of setting off a roach bomb that would wipe most of the politicians in the US.

While the missiles may be able to reach Japan and other countries where the US have military bases are located, the EMP devices in orbit would present the greatest danger.  Because of the limited power that North Korea had at the time the satellites were launched, they would need 2 of them to cover the entire US.  They happen to have two of them circling the earth and passing over the US  in an orbit which would allow them to do just that.

If North Korea were to strike our Military bases in the area with Rockets, while detonating two Nuclear EMP devices over the US, it would be a crippling blow and leave the US Completely vulnerable to further attack by nations such as China / North Korea attack forces.

Here is the thing if China were to attack the US suddenly, the world would push back and our allies would come to our aid. (Hopefully).  If however, the US were to get into a war with a small country such as North Korea, then China could get involved in the war and by saying they were just defending the underdogs from the bully on the street.  They would most likely be cast in a much better light and some of our so called “Allies” would probably sit the war out.

North Korea does present a clear and present danger to the US without doubt, but the question would be how to deal with them if they were to attack the US.,  I have no doubt that we shall see the answer to the question in the near future, and it’s up to each of us to be as prepared as we possibly can, in the event of a nuclear attack.

So what can we do to prepare?  First off, be sure you have all critical electronic equipment stored safely in a Ferriday Cage.  While it has not yet been proven that these will protect your electronics, it is your best hope.  Next, be sure you have enough food and medical supplies for at least a year for you and your family.

You also need to have water and reliable ways of filtering water in your supplies, as well.   While storing a years’ worth of water for a family would be impossible for most people, have as much as you can store. Who knows how long you may be stuck indoors, in the event of an attack.

Lastly, you are going to want to have plenty of iodine tablets, for your entire group, on hand should you need them.  Right now tensions are high all over the world and way could break out at any time.  Go through all of your preps and be sure you have what you need should the worst happen.

Well, that is it for today and I hope you have found the post worth reading.  Until next time my friend, stay safe. Stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Sarge, you must have read a post I made. I said if I was a General that wanted to attack America, I would use an EMP then follow with tactical nukes on military bases to keep America intact. Another would be to set off a nuke in a hurricane. That would scatter radiation all over the country though. I guess I’m just mean. But why do you think they always send up hurricane hunters, C-130s or P3s?

  2. I loved your analogy of the roach bomb. Now, if we could just get all members of a particular political persuasion to meet in one room…
    Politics aside, I would hope that one of the objectives of the Air Force’s XB-37 is to conduct surveillance of suspect satellites while in orbit; such as those launched by North Korea.

  3. Here is a useful satellite tracking site I’ve looked at from time to time –

    KMS-3 and KMS-4 are the NK satellites which pass over the US several times a day, with an average altitude of 300 miles from Earth.

    What is the ideal height to detonate an EMP nuclear device for maximum coverage of the US?

    300 miles up – damn.

  4. Good post Sarge. I agree that North Korea is an often overlooked threat to the US and that the country remains a “ship of fools”. However, I question the SK leaderships desire to launch a first strike against us with ICBMs or even space borne EMP. The fact that we maintain boomers in various locations in the Pacific – locations unknown to those except a chosen few, projects the obvious ability of the US to cause mass destruction of the country. The boomers are stealthy – remaining at their patrol area for months at a time, powerful in delivering a nuclear punch and EMP protected.
    I suggest that one of the most likely actions might be for N. Korea to dismantle a nuclear system, smuggle one or more into the US and detonate, undetected, against targets within CONUS. I doubt that North Korea would act alone, but in concert with other rogue states, a strong possibility.
    Regardless, North Korea remains a dangerous threat to the region and the United States.

    • Consider the Iranian plan of putting a nuke on a SCUD, hide it in a shipping container, and ship it on a cargo ship to the Gulf. Launch to put the missle(s) directly over the US, scuttle the cargo ship, everyone gets away with no info on who did the deed. NK could do this, too, with their ICBM. Could add simultaneous launches off of East and West Coast to provide lethal redundancy.

      EMP is much more lethal than a ground burst, and the EMP won’t leave any radioactive residue to analyze to determine whodunnit.

  5. Great article sir. I fully agree with you and I can see the truth about those satellites. I kinda had my suspicions when they launched ’em. I just wish more people would LISTEN to us instead of acting like we’ve lost our collective marbles

    • The US had talked about shooting them down, but China stepped in and said they would consider it an act of war. So Obummer and his people backed down like a bunch of little girls.

  6. With the ioSat tablet pacs becoming pricey, and to add to your supply for extended contamination precaution, Sea Kelp is a natural iodine and readily available through better vitamin sites like Puritans Pride. In fact, brand (which they handle), has 500 tablets per bottle, and 225 mcg of iodine per tablet. That is 50% higher than the recommended daily minimum in time of fallout and/or everyday use. A 14-day ioSat pkg is only good for the first 14 days and runs about $12-20 per pack. Two+ years ago, prior to becoming popular with Preppers, these packs could be purchased for as low as $6 per pack in quantities.
    Where I learned about Sea Kelp was from an old publication put out from the State of Utah, due to fallout fears in America while we were developing atomics in the desert.
    This alkaline mineral has a shelf life of about 5 years, but if kept in a cool dark place, these will keep years and years. If kept in a hot vehicle or exposed light, you will never even get the five years sustainability from the pills. Heat and sunlight are death to ALL vitamins and minerals, but especially your acid-based vitamins, or a combination thereof.

  7. if anyone doesn’t understand what could happen if an EMP device were to be detonated over the US, read the book “One Second After”.

    Electronically speaking, a Faraday cage will protect stuff inside of it if it is closed and properly sealed. I use a galvanized trash can, lined with cardboard (bottom, sides, and under lid) so nothing can touch the metal can, and after putting my essentials inside, I seal the lid with that metal tape that is used in HVAC work. Things like walkie-talkies, batteries, NV gear, old laptop, multi-band hand crank radio, solar charger and 110VAC inverter go in the can and stay there.

    One attack strategy that makes sense to me is to give a first EMP, wait a period of time and then do it again, catching all the stored equipment in the second strike.

    • I have often thought the same thing about waiting to set off the second one. That’s why I have redundant equipment in my Faraday cage. I can bring one out and if it gets fried, I will still have another in reserve. Always remember: Two is one and one is none. Thanks for the comments and stay frosty my friend!


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