Preparedness is the key to surviving an active shooter situation.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  By now we have all heard about the shootings in Orlando, FL.  While our government would have us believe that the December 2015 terrorist shootings in California were an anomaly, the ones in Orlando have proven that it just isn’t so.  They have allowed terrorist into our country and now we face a daily threat from it.  Preparedness is the key to surviving that threat, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

Wow! It seems like everyone and their brother are writing about the Orlando shootings and telling us how bad it has become here in the US.  While it is important to let people know what motivated the shooter to do what he did and how deep in the do-doo we are, I have chosen to take a different approach.   I figure anyone who sees the information about what happened and why, should already know it’s time to reach for the toilet paper before it’s too late.

The sad truth is that every day now, we are facing an increasing threat from Radical Terrorist here in our own country and towns.  While our chances of terrorist attacks increase every day, your chance of surviving such an attack does not have to decrease.   With a little preparedness and some quick thinking on your part, you can drastically increase your chances of surviving such an attack.

We are used to seeing it on TV, when it happens in foreign lands, not on the streets here at home and for some, that is hard to grasp.  The key is to realize that the threat exists and it is real.  So how do you go about protecting yourself?  You could start be evaluating the threats around and seeing them for what they are.  Ask yourself where a Terrorist strike near where you live might happen, considering that they will want to maximize their death toll when they do attack.  Avoid large crowds whenever possible, and if you do decide to attend a concert or anyplace that could be a rich target for Terrorist, go prepared to survive.  Watch for things that seem out-of-place or strike you as strange.  Backpacks left unattended or someone wearing a coat in the summer.  The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of your surroundings at all times.  It’s called situational awareness and it is something you have to practice because it does not come naturally to most people.  When you walk into a place, quickly identify how many exits there are and where they are located.  Do any of them have a chain on them?  These are things you should always check as soon as you enter.

So you know where the exits are, what next?  Scan the people in the crowed and see if anyone or anything about them stands out.  Does someone look really nervous and fidgety?  He could just be waiting to meet a blind date or something, but he could also be waiting for the right moment to attack.  You just never know, so be constantly aware.  If at all possible, sit at right angles to the door, as typically a shooter will start shooting at the people directly in front of him first.   This act alone, could buy you the precious few seconds that you need to save your life.

Everyone has heard the expression “Stop, Drop, and Roll” for fires.  It’s also a good thing to remember when you find yourself in an active shooter situation.  As soon as you hear shooting begin and you are in the same room as the gunman, you need to immediately stop what you are doing, drop to the ground and roll to the nearest cover.  It sounds simple enough, but many people freeze or become so fixated on what is happening that they never move and become a perfect target for the shooter.  Don’t become a target and plan to survive.

So now you’re behind cover, then what if the shooter is walking around?  Hide if possible! If you have a concealed carry use it now, and maybe you will save someone’s life besides just your own. If you do not have a firearm with you, then there are a couple of thing you should always carry with you just for this type of situation.  A pocket knife for one, and the bigger the better. Just be sure that it is within your states laws for the maximum length allowed by law.   Pepper spray to blind them if they get close enough for you to use it. If nothing else, a good tactical pen is an excellent backup weapon for close combat.  Jab them in the eyes, the face or mouth as well as their temple and scalp. Inflect as much damage as you can and don’t stop till they are on the floor and no longer interested in shooting at you.  Once terrorist is down, run for your life! Don’t stop to look back to see if you are being chased, just run and don’t stop until you reach safety.

In summary, be aware and evaluate all potential threats, place yourself at a right angle to the doors and not in front of them.  When you hear shots fired, don’t wait to see who is shooting, just stop, drop and roll to the nearest cover.  Use whatever weapon you have on you or can find and be prepared to fight for your life when the time comes.  Let your anger overcome your fear, but keep your wits about you.  In most cases, the survivors are the one who used their heads and were determined to fight to their death, if it came to it.  Act quickly and decisively and you too may just be one of the lucky ones that survive a mass shooting.

Well that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

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  1. Good information. I enjoy your articles. I am almost 70 and I need to learn so much so I really appreciate your web site. I look forward to what I can learn from you. This article was interesting and I never thought of sitting to the side. I try to be aware and I always carry just in case. I don’t think I could run away very well but maybe adrenaline will kick in. Thank you for sharing all the info.


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