Preparing for Chaos in America!

With the influx of so-called Refugees, to the United States, there is good reason to be concerned about the chaos that is sure to follow. All one has to do is look at what is going on in Germany and with the Swiss to know that what is coming will be very bad, at the very least.  What can we expect you may ask?  Well, if what is going on over in Europe is any indicator, then we can expect all hell to break out in the next year.  President Obama has done everything in his power to destroy this great nation of ours at every opportunity. This is only the latest is his unending quest to destroy all that we hold dear.  This is not going to end well for any of us, as he is knowingly bringing in warriors from another country to attack America, just as they are doing in EU.  If you look at the pictures of the “Refugees”, you will notice a distinct lack of women and children.  That is because these are a fighting force and not immigrants.  In today’s post we are going to look at just exactly what we can expect and what we can do to better prepare ourselves for what is about to happen in this great country of ours.

Thousands of young fighting-aged Muslims are being brought into our country each day under the disguise of Refugees. Make no mistake about it, these are clearly not Refugees, but Muslim warriors that intend to conquer America and kill anyone that is not Muslim.  Christians and Jews are clearly at risk, but so are other religions, such as those of our Native American Indians.  There is way more at stake here than just taking in refugees, everything that we hold dear could be destroyed if we do not do something and prepare wisely.  Let me start by breaking this down into two different sections.      1. The coming war on American soil, 2. What we need to do to prepare for and survive it.

  1. The coming war: I start with this one because it sets the context for the next section. Yes, there is a war coming to America, make no mistake about it and It will be fought right here on US soil. This is the inescapable truth we are faced with and just about every expert on the subject has said it. All one has to do is to look at what is going on in Germany to see what is in store for us here, as well. Rioting, raping of innocent women that are not Muslim at will, beheading anyone that does not agree with their beliefs. They are all savages and have neither the will nor the desire to integrate into America. They are only here to wage war on innocent Americans and our own Government has turned its back on us. For the life of me I just don’t understand why our military has not stepped up and put a stop to letting enemy combatants onto American soil. They have openly stated that they are here to wage war on America and yet our Government remains silent, if not encouraging the invasion of Muslims and members of ISIS. ISIS said they were coming and they are doing it while those charged with protecting us sit idly by and do nothing. I for one will no longer hold my tongue while the country I love is destroyed by invaders from another country.   We need to arrange rallies, to show that we will no longer stand for people being brought into our country illegally and allowing them to corrupt our society and kill and rape our people. If Our Military won’t defend the American People, then by God we will defend ourselves! Form groups and push back any way you can against this invasion. Protest out in the streets and anywhere you can to draw attention to the failure of our Government to protect its people. If we do not stop this now, then we may never have another chance. It’s time to fight back against the Muslims and illegal aliens that have invaded our country. As for me, I choose to live as a free Christian or die fighting for that right, there is no other choice.
  2. Prepare for it: We need to prepare for this coming war by stocking up on food and ammo as well as firearms, knives and any other way we can defend ourselves from these invaders. Medical supplies are another group of supplies that need to be stocked up on as I would not be surprised at all to see Martial Law declared by Obama in an effort to get our guns and supplies. Don’t just stock up on these things; hide them so that no one but you can find them. DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHERE THEY ARE HIDDEN! You may think you can trust your neighbors but when the chips are down, many of them will turn in their own mother for an advantage of any kind. Just remember that many Liberals and Democrats are in denial about what is going on and will not agree with you even if they say they do. Be wary of anyone that hasn’t proven their selves without a shadow of a doubt. Stock up as much as you possibly can between now and December of this year. I am expecting to see a number of Muslim riots this winter around Christmas. You can expect an all-out attack on our Christian Holiday this season, if I am correct. Do not go anywhere alone, always travel in groups and always carry some kind of self-protection with you. Do not take it for granted that you are safe just because you live in America. You are no longer safe and the only one that can protect you is yourself. Prepare your home for attack by intruders as if your very life depended on it, because it may very well be the case. If you are part of a Prepper group, then it is time to consider going on high alert as the holiday season approaches.

Never in my life have I hoped that I was wrong, more than now. This is not something that I want, but I will not stand by and just let it happen.  I will fight for the country that I love.  Too many good men and women have fought and died for this country to let these people destroy it.  They are using our laws against us and we must fight back or forever lose the right that gives us our freedom.  The time has come for us to act and act we must.  May God bless us one and all as we face the days that lie ahead.  I do apologize for the darkness of this post, but after watching the news today, I just had to say something.  We can no longer stand by and just let this happen and I hope you will stand with me to fight for this great country of ours.

-The Sargent-

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Chaos in America!”

  1. Mohammed and his douchebag buddies might find the going kinda tough down here in these Southern Parts when it comes to fooling around with our daughters, girlfriends, wives, and sisters and I’m not even mentioning what happens when making fun of us Christians while practicing our faith.

    Now, they can wave their crazy curved 7th century swords, and scream Ala Snack Bar until they crap their panties but they’ll never defeat us. Nothing on this planet can stop a pissed-off Southern Boy who just happens to have woke up one morning with a good case of red ass and wants to even up the score.

    Nope, not even spray firing a AK-47 over your head is gonna deter a well aimed 7.62 from a country boy from half a mile away who’s use to shooting squirrels with a .22 head shot from 100 yards away ever since the age of 8.

    Now, down here we like visitors from other parts of the world and love showing them Southern hospitality but I caution them about underestimating how we feel about people who don’t eat pork BBQ, denigrate our women folk, or insult American traditions,or wipe their ass with their left hand, and then will pray to a lunatic that condones mass murder and juvenile buggery!

    Ya see, it just pisses us off and that old M-14 in 7.62 has plenty of breech fodder just waiting to be used.

    I’m not even going to go that ‘I-hate -college-football-place-because-it-ain’t-soccer’ because that just gets me all fired up!

  2. Yes sir, we are being invaded, but from with in. Obama is a Muslim and the spread of this disease into America is orchestrated. This is why they are trying to take our guns to make us defenseless. I will kill anyone that tries to take my firearms or hurt my family. I am very handy with a sword from years of Kenpo and have won numerous shooting completions so Muslims beware I am one battle you will not win. Sargent, my brother, I am with you.

  3. For several years now Boise has been a prime re-settlement area for Middle Eastern & African refugees. They totally occupy every low-income housing facility in the city; no room for our own citizens. They keep having babies, have flooded our schools, forcing cultural changes that the tax payers are responsible for (the school lunch programs have to spend extra for specialized food preparations). Who’s to blame for this continuous flood? The churches! They sponsor these families, bring them here, hook them up to every government teat & then that’s the end of their responsibilities And yes, some of these people are not what they seem. My granddaughter’s high school is inundated, & some of these guys are in their 20s if they are a day. One of them is even starting to get a bald spot! They can present any kind of bogus “birth certificate” they choose. And they are targeting young girls, my granddaughter included. She finally said she was afraid & is now doing on-line schooling. A group of “boys” were caught in the bathroom “chanting” one day. When questioned they said they were praying. So if they start beheading Christians I guess those folks’ last thoughts will be “but we brought you here”.


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