Preparing for the inevitable and it’s coming quick!

Hello my friend and welcome back!  Every day I look at the News Media outlets just to see what kind of horse poop they are feeding the Sheeple in America and the rest of the world as well.  As I watch, what I have come to realize is that there are some things that are coming our way and are completely unavoidable, no matter what we do at this point.  This is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

As I watch the Hell that has been released on France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia and now here in the US, one thing stands out very clear.  There are no Middle Eastern Refugees.  It is a very carefully orchestrated invasion of the world by ISLAM.  They are Barbarians who insist in living in a time that has long passed and refuse to live in a civilized world. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not the only ones to blame for the mess we are seeing.

Government Politicians who have sold out to rich Arabs and are willing to sell out their own people just for the money to line their pockets.   The President of the United States, as well as Germany and others are perfect examples of this.  Their countries are being torn apart right before their own eyes and yet they still deny it.  These people are pure evil and I have no doubt that in time they will all be held accountable for their sins.

So just who is really behind this and what do they all have to gain besides money?  Yes, there is a directing force behind this and its intentions are not benevolent.  Just who is this mysterious person?  It’s called the One World Order and it means to place every country on Earth, under its control.   Don’t believe me?  Just go to the United Nations Web Site and look up “Agenda 21”.  Yes, it’s real and the implications are frighting, to say the least.

OK, so what does any of this have to do with Prepping you may ask?  It has everything in the world to do with it.  You see, the way that the NOW plans to get control is by creating so much havoc and pain in the world, that people will run to them and ask them to save them.  They are currently operating under the banner of the United Nations.  Now consider that the UN is almost completely run by those of Islamic faith.  They have been working for many years to get all of their people in place, to accomplish just this.

There are Terrorist attacks in France, which kill hundreds of people each year.  Germany is coming apart at the hinges, as are many other countries right now.  In almost every country, that has allowed the Muslim invaders in, there is chaos and the people are restless.  Even here in the US, tempers are at an all-time high, due the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and the Far Left Lesbian and Gay groups,, as well as the influx of Muslim Invaders.  The powder kegs are being primed each day and the World Media are helping to facilitate this by stirring up unrest between the people.

While I’m sure each country will have their own trigger to set it all off, the one here in America is very obvious to anyone who is paying attention.  That my friend is the Presidential election of 2016.  This may be the trigger for other nations as well.  Here in America, Civil War is going to break out shortly after the election, no matter which side wins. President Obama has worked very hard for the last 8 years, under the guidance of Arab Nations to divide all Americans, as well as destroying our National Identity by allowing millions of illegal Aliens to flood into our country.

These Illegals will work to bring down the once great United States of America.  That is their goal.  With so many Illegals flooding our county and now even NFL and other sports players have begun disrespecting our flag and National Anthem. It leaves no doubt that we are in trouble and something is going to break and soon.

The inevitable truth is that the US will see a Civil War break out within the next 6 months and the rest of the world shortly after.  It is a fact and there is just no way of getting around it.  If Hillary Clinton wins the election, then you will see the American patriots rise up and start taking back our country.  Far too many Men and Women have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep America Free and out of Communist Control, to simply stand by and do nothing while the Socialist Democrats continue destroying America.

If Trump Wins, you will see rioting in the streets by the BLM and Black Panthers, the LGBT groups and anyone else who seek to hide their depravity, as well as their lust for Power.  You can also expect to see the UN Troops on our streets as they try to enforce the small arms treaty.  WE will not go down without a fight, as I expect the good God-fearing people of other countries will do the same in their country.

Make no mistake about it, War is coming and we as Preppers need to finish up our preps and prepare ourselves for the battle, as the time is at hand and we must all choose our sides.  Good luck and God bless each and every one of you in the months that lay ahead.

Well I guess that is it for today and In hope that you use the information I have presented here today to better your chances of survival.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!



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