Prepper Groups or Communities, What’s the Difference?


Prepper Groups or Community’s, What’s the Difference? Yes there is a difference. This is the question that came up in a conversation I had at a gun show in Louisiana last Saturday. The fellow I was talking to was a little confused about the difference and which was best for him and his family when it hits the fan. In today’s post, I am going to try to clear up the difference between the two and why you really need to be a part of both when SHTF hits. First let’ start by identifying the differences are between them and why each is so important.

A Prepper Group: A Prepper group is a closely connected group of individuals that will gather to protect one location in the event of SHTF situation. The primary purpose of this group is to form a security unit that can, in effect, act as a large extended family. Security details, cooking, working in the garden growing food, as well as many other task that will need to be done, can be divided up between these individuals to form a cohesive group with the primary goal being their overall survival. These groups usually form well in advance of emergencies and train on a regular basis, to assure their preparedness for any situation. Each member usually has a special set of skills that would benefit the group as a whole and contributes monetarily when possible. When it first hits the fan, this is where they will bug out to and prepare for what comes next. These groups usually consist of 10 to 18 members on average and can be as many as 50 or more though I would be surprised to find any that large. The reason is that once they get too large, they tend to develop leadership issues and fall apart under pressure.

A Prepper Community: This is a group that consists of several Prepper groups and is established as Community whose primary purpose is to support each group, by providing extra security in case one of the groups is overrun by a large number of hostiles. These Prepper groups would need to be in a reasonably close proximity of each other for the community to work well. This community would come together a short time after SHTF has hit and once everyone is in place. Other reasons for creating a Prepper community is to provide a basic system for bartering and exchange of information as well. The last thing you want to do is to completely isolate yourselves with no way to acquire new information and items that you might need. Communities are a good idea and the formation of them can and should be started now, so that when the time comes, they will know who they can count on, and who they can’t. A way of contacting other Prepper groups should be established now such as coded radio calls and passwords to be sure that each group is who they say they are and all is well or someone needs help ASAP. This could be done using a simple CB Radio setup or a Ham radio setup to contact each other at specified times and on specified channels for the best security. Communities usually are made up of 10 to 12 groups depending on how many are in the area. All of like mind and in agreement on common goals and methods needed to survive long-term. Some Prepper Communities may elect their own sheriff and judges like in the olden days of the Wild West. However they choose to handle things will be totally up to them to decide when the time comes.

The reason I say you should be a member of both is simple; you need to think farther ahead than just the initial event and need be a part of something that provides benefits to you and your group, without relying solely on the belief that you are ready for any situation. Arrogance will get you killed faster than anything else, when it comes to planning for when it all hits the fan.   Take the time to add allies and create Prepper communities now, so when the time comes, you will have a little backup in case it is needed in an emergency. It will be these communities that will be the building blocks needed to rebuild our great nation once again. Their importance cannot be overstated for the security and health of both you and your Group as well as for our country. Well, that is it for today’s post and I hope you have enjoyed it as well as given you something new to think about. Until next time just remember that Prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination. Happy Prepping!

-The Sargent-

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