Prepper Nomads and how they plan to survive.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post we are going to look at a new school of thought on bugging out. Prepper Nomads and how they plan to survive is something one of my readers told me about and while it may not be for everyone, some people are serious about it.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

First off let me start off by describing exactly what the Prepper Nomad philosophy is and how it works.  Then, we will look at some of the pros and cons of it as I see them.  The basic philosophy is to put all of your preps in caches stored all over the area where they live.  Here is where it gets interesting, Rather than bugging in or bugging out to a retreat someplace, their plan is to just keep moving around in the area and living off of their caches of food and supplies.  The way they see it is that if they don’t stay in one place more than a day or two the government and gangs will be less likely to find them.  Make no mistake about it; these people are just as dedicated to this lifestyle as the rest of us are to ours.

While that’s a high level overview of the idea, and there are a couple of versions of it, many feel it will keep them safer than other ways, such as bugging out to a retreat.  I myself could not see myself living that way, but it does have some merits. The people who are planning to survive this way are quick to point out that by the time some traitor tells the authorities where you are, you are gone again. They say it also provides a great opportunity to scavenge for more supplies as they go and can simply move to a new area when picking get slim.  By moving their caches to a new area over time they will be able to keep moving following the wild game while hiding from the authorities.   Now many of you will disagree with this, but I myself think it’s not very smart to bug in because the authorities know right where to find you, when they want to come get you.  However, many people feel they have no other option and who knows, this may appeal to you if you are one of them.

Pros of the Nomad Lifestyle – In my mind, the biggest advantage to it is not being home when they come to get you.  Another advantage, as I have pointed out, is to be able to scavenge while following the wild game in the area.   If you stay in one place too long, someone will eventually find you and either turn you in or try to take what is yours.  By always moving, you are eliminating this possibility.  Many of the native American Indians were Nomadic and survived very well doing it.  Granted things are different now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still work.  The hope is that by the time the caches and the scavenging plays out, they will have learned enough to survive off of the land.  At that point, they could migrate to any part of the US they want and hopefully find a secure area or areas to inhabit.

Cons of the Nomadic lifestyle – To me, one of the greats drawbacks to this is exposure.  Anytime you start moving around, you increase your exposure and that in turn increases your chances of being spotted by the very people you are trying to hide from.  Another thing I would be concerned about is illness.  It’s hard to move around when one of your group is sick.  Constant walking, with not giving enough time to let your body heal, will quickly take it’s toll on your body and weaken your immune system, thus making you more susceptible to illness.  You would also come in contact with many more insects whose bites can also cause sickness. In all honesty, I can only see this being done successfully  by a group that is both physically and mentally strong and not for the weak of body or mind.

I have spoken with Preppers who are completely with the idea and see it as their best hope for surviving and who knows they might even be right.  If this is your plan for surviving then I say God bless you and I wish you all of the luck in the world.  Someday you may be sitting around a campfire, on the open plains, telling stories about all of those who perished in the great darkness because they insisted on staying in one place.

Well that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!  God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

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