Prepper Online Communities and how we work together!

Prepper Online Communities and how we work together!  Until I started this blog site (APO), I actually was not aware of just how closely many of the Prepper websites work together to help spread ideas and training information to the Prepper community. It is a regular spider web of connections that when you put them all together, they create a network of people and sites with diverse expertise in prepping, homesteading and survival. It is this network that most people turn to for information and we are always looking for new subject matter, as well as better ways to communicate them. All of our lives depend on knowing as much about survival and prepping as we can. In today’s post, I want to take a minute to point out some of the ones that I associate with, while looking for ideas on subjects that you and others want to learn more about.

The Prepper Website .com ( If you are not aware of this site, then you should be. In my opinion, it is the premier website for Preppers. Each day Todd sends out an email of notable Prepper articles that he has located across the internet, so that you can locate and read these that you may have ordinarily overlooked. If you have not signed up for this email, then I strongly suggest that you do. Todd also does a wonderful job of vetting the articles and putting them together on a website page as well. This is one site that you should really have bookmarked for future reference.

Top Prepper Websites .com ( ) here you will find a list of the highest ranking Prepper websites on the web. If you are just getting started in prepping, then this is the place for you. You can quickly find the best websites on the internet on this page, just remember that they are not all on this list so you will need to keep looking for new ones as well. Todd manages this one as well and does a wonderful job of it, so if you get the chance go check it out, if you haven’t already done so. Oh by the way, vote for this website while you are there. 🙂  the link is white box that says Vote For Me on the top right hand side of this page.  (Yes I know it’s a shameless plug, but what the heck.)

Survival Medicine ( This is easily one of the most important sites on the web for Preppers. They have wealth of information on survival medicine and how to use it. The site is run by a medical Doctor and a Registered Nurse. The information available here is detailed and reliable. They also have a book that I recommend that every Prepper should have in their bug out bag or supplies. It is called “The Survival Medicine Handbook” and you can get it from their site of from They also carry a large selection of medical supplies for the Prepper in their Doom and Bloom online store. Check them out, you will be glad that you did.

The Prepper Times .com ( This is one of those sites that I really enjoy visiting and one that I am sure you will enjoy as well. Like the Prepper, they do a wonderful job of pulling together great articles from all over the web, in an effort to help Preppers find the information they need to become better at prepping and surviving. I actually visit it quite often because like you, I too am always looking to learn something new. Please check them out and you will quickly see why they are on this list of what I consider them best of the best for Preppers on the web today.

Know, Prepare, ( Evan over at has taken a unique approach at sharing information to Preppers, by incorporating links to articles into a post on a particular subject. By doing this, he is able to provide links from across the net that are all related to a particular subject. I really like this approach and commend him on his novel approach for sharing information to all Preppers across the web. Kudos Evan!

There are many others, but I think you get the idea.

Ok, I’m guessing that about now you are asking yourself, how does this come together to make Preppers better? Well, there are many of us that work hard each day to produce a post on what we think will help Preppers become better prepared to survive the coming crisis. By sharing not only our own articles, but also those that others write, we can more readily share important information and training throughout our community. I visit each of these sites every day looking not only for new information, but new and interesting trends of what Preppers are currently looking for. This helps me to produce more pertinent information without duplicating information that is already available. It is THIS network of sharing information that helps make the Prepper community so strong and provide a constant source of Prepper training material and information. By knowing where to look to find the information that you need, at whatever stage you are in your prepping, you become stronger and better prepared for the future. I want to take this chance to thank all of the people who work so hard to help each of us become the most prepared that we can be. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by both me and my readers. Thank You, for all you do!

While I am at it, Know, Prepare, recently did a great article on bugging out and if you get the chance, you should really check it out, along with the other sites above. They are all great sites and I am sure that you will enjoy them. I also want to take this chance to thank each and every one of my readers. You are the reason that I do this and I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to visit my site. Until next time, keep on prepping!


-The Sargent-

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