Prepping 101: Prepper Priorities and how to set yours.

Hello, my friend and welcome back! Today we are going to talk about Preppers priorities, how to choose them, and use them.  I hear this question all the time from new Preppers, so I thought we would take a look at the subject today.  Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

When I first started prepping, I was totally lost; I could see the dangers in the world around me, but I wasn’t sure what my priorities should be. It’s taken a while, but thanks to my background in the Military and the time I spent in Law Enforcement, I have been able to put together, what I think, my Priorities should be.  They have served me well so far, but only time will tell if they are right.

There are many different priority lists you need to have. First off, is a list of Dangers you see as the most likely to occur. This will give you a base line for deciding what preps  you need and where you should keep them.  For example, if you are thinking that a flood is a high possibility depending on where you live, you won’t want to store your supplies underground would you?  The same is true with any scenarios you consider likely.

So what items should be on your list? That can vary and something you will have to decide for yourself.  Start with the thing you worry about occurring first and go from there. For me the item at the top of my list is an EMP, not necessarily because it is the most likely, but I consider it to be one of the worst scenarios out there.  If you can survive it, then your chances of surviving anything else is good.

As for your general priorities, being prepared with the items on that list should be your number one Priority. If you think plague is highly likely, then perhaps you will store an abundance of medical supplies and mask to protect you.

Regardless of what you think will cause SHTF, you will want to start with the basics like food, water, medical supplies and so on. The basics will help you survive no matter what causes SHTF.  Remember you need two gallons of water per person, per day if there is no other water source around that can be filtered and make potable for drinking.   Water is relatively cheap if you buy it in bulk, however if you need to store it for over a year or two, you’re going to need a way to add Chlorine to it.  This is why so many Preppers store theirs in large containers so they can treat it all at once.

You should store up to a year’s supply of food for each member of your group. I know at first this may seem daunting, but if you buy dehydrated of freeze-dried food a little at a time, you will be surprised how fast it will add up. Water is the same way.

Next are Medical supplies. If you take any medications, whether over the counter or prescribed, then you will need to build up a good supply of each in your preps. In a SHTF world, a simple cut will kill you if you don’t have antibiotics in your preps.  You will also need to know how to make natural antibiotics for the things around you that are found in nature and available.  Honey is one such item and is a natural anti-viral when placed on a cut. Take the time to learn all you can about natural healing and wild herbs.

Clothing is another item which should be on your list of top priorities. Staying warm and dry will be a major concern in any prolonged disaster.  Be sure you have several sets of heavy-duty cloths set aside for when SHTF hits.  Be sure to store some that are smaller in size than you normally ware as you will no doubt lose weight while trying to survive.

Next is protection for yourself and your group. Guns, knives, ammunition, etc. will be needed when you are forced to survive in a world gone mad.  Just as important as having them is knowing how to use them safely and being proficient with them.  Remember that anything you add to your preps is useless if you don’t know how to use it in advance.

OK, let’s look at your top priorities as a Prepper.

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Medical supplies
  4. Clothing
  5. Personal Protection

These are the top 5 priorities for every Prepper, regardless of what disaster they are prepping for. If you start with this list, and once you have these items taken care of, then you can start adding other things like communications and so on.  As a Prepper, you need to prepare in everything and not just one disaster. “Think, Plan, Survive” is the motto of most Preppers like myself.

Well I hope this has been a help to all of you,. including those who haven’t been prepping long.  I guess that is it for today and until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. I always enjoy your articles; no ranting about whose fault the current problem is (insert name of a politician, religion, race, etc. here) or how stupid everyone else is. You give excellent advice in a calm, rational manner that speaks to your intelligence & knowledge. Thank you


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