Prepping means more than just stocking up!

As Preppers, we all stock up on supplies that we think we will need when SHTF hits, but we shouldn’t stop there.  Prepping means much, much more than that.  We need to be constantly learning new techniques and how to use the preps we have.  Today we will talk about what I think are some of the more important subjects that every prepper should become well versed in.  These are things that we should all learn and keep learning and practicing.  With all of the bad news coming out of Europe and Asia and now the warnings from Wall Street of certain economic collapse, we need to be doing everything we can to be prepared to survive the upcoming crisis.  This means learning as much as we can about survival, as well as how to use our prepping supplies.

First aid is something that many people really don’t think about until it is too late.  Sure, we all know how to put a bandage on a scrape and maybe even how to apply a splint, but what about a large gaping cut, a very bad burn?  Would you know how to quickly handle these without having to dig out a book?   Probably not, so why not take advantage of the wealth of information available to you now and learn how to do it?  The American Red Cross offers many courses on first aid for both basic and advance situations.  There are a ton of free videos, on the internet from reputable sources, that can help you learn just what to do in any emergency.  Do you have sutures or a tourniquet in your supplies?  Do you know how and when to use them properly?  Trying to use these without proper training could be deadly to your patient.  Don’t just say I will look it up when I need to, because then it will be too late.  With adrenalin running through your system, it will be difficult to make good decisions if you haven’t been trained beforehand. is a great resource for these this type of training videos as well.  Read, learn, and practice what you learn over and over.  Doing this could save the life of you or someone you love when the time comes.

Firearm safety is another area where you should concentrate your efforts.  Just having a firearm and knowing how to pull the trigger is not enough.  You should get professional training in firearm safety and practice what you learn as often as possible.  The NRA offers many good courses on this and you should easily be able locate one in your local area.  The same courses that they give for concealed carry make great training, even if you don’t want to get a concealed carry permit.  Learning from a certified NRA trainer is a giant step in the right direction and one that shouldn’t be passed up.  There are also many free videos on the internet with free training in firearms safety as well.  If you are physically able, I would also recommend that you look into Tactical Training courses.  Check your local area and see if any of the local survival schools offer these courses. If they do, then by all means take advantage of them if you can.  Just remember that training is no substitute for range time and practicing with each of your firearms.  Get the training and practice, practice, practice!

Bushcraft is another area where you would be well advised to seek out additional training. I know that building a fire or finding water is probably something that you think you might have a handle on, but it can be harder than you may think.  There are tons of videos and books available on the web and if you check with some of your local survival schools they may offer courses on it as well.  I know when I started a fire using a flint rod for the first time it proved to be much more challenging than I expected. The thing is that even you think you may know how to do something; you may be surprised to find you don’t.  It can be a very sobering surprise.  Things like building a fire in the rain can be especially challenging.  Seek out professionals and learn as much as you can.  Take advantage of every resource that you can and practice it over and over.  You never really know how to do something until you do it, so get out and practice what you learn.  When the time comes to use those skills, you will be glad you did because you will probably have bigger problems to worry about at the time.

Learn how to use the equipment that you have for survival and I don’t just mean read the user’s manual.  Take them out of the box and actually use them.  It’s like they say, the devil is in the details. Learn the intricate details of operating them.  Whether it is a handheld GPS or a HAM radio, you need to practice with them and get comfortable using them.  Make sure they all have batteries and are fully charged.  Do they require any additional equipment that you don’t have?  Be sure that you have everything that you need for them and can utilize them to their fullest.  Practice, practice, practice!  What about the compass that you have in your bug out bag?  Do you know how to use it to read a map?   Do you know how to calculate your position on a map?  There is a ton of things that we really don’t think about until it comes time for us to actually use things.  Go through your bugout bag and supplies and if you have never really used something, then take it out and make the time to learn how.  Don’t wait till you are in a bind to try to figure it out.  No matter how simple it is to use, practice it.  Practice your fishing, hunting, tracking  and trapping skills as well so you can stay sharp.  If you have never trapped an animal, get out and do some trapping even if it’s catch and release.  Learn Tactical Defense and Offense as well. Go out with your friends and practice these skills and each time you do will get better and better at it.  If there is no one to practice with then make up different scenarios and figure out how you should best handle each one. Learn everything you can about anything you may need to survive when the time comes.  Prepping isn’t just about storing up supplies, it’s about being truly prepared to survive and thrive when others are not.

Well, I hope you may have learned a few things and gotten some ideas on ways to improve your prepping. Just remember to never stop learning because sooner or later you will need it. Until next time, please remember that prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination! God bless and happy prepping!

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