Putting Fire to the iron: The art of Blacksmithing

 Putting Fire to the iron: The art of Blacksmithing!  The need for more Blacksmiths after SHTF will be high! Like many trades, there will be a high demand for Iron workers and Blacksmiths after SHTF hits due to the fact that there will be a need to build things that simply are not available now. Metal pot hangers for a fireplace will be almost a necessity during the winters in order to cook indoors if you do not have a wood burning stove. In today’s post, we are going to look at some of the items that will be needed after SHTF and what it might take to learn the trade then versus now.

There will be tons of cooking and farming implements needed when that time comes such as horse-drawn plows and Hand held tools like hammers and shovels. Yes, I know that these are available today, but they will not last forever. New ones will need to be made and many of the old tools that are no longer needed today will need to be recreated as well.   Among these are the wheat Siècle and specialty items that will once again find their way into main stream farming culture. These will quickly become indispensable items and the knowledge to create them will be closely guarded. In the past, these trade secrets were usually handed down from farther to son and some were closely guarded. In fact the quality of a Blacksmiths work was usually a matter of family pride. You see, when SHTF hits and there is no advertising, then the only source that you have for getting new business is by word of mouth and if the quality is not good then you will not get much work and would soon need to find another trade.   It is hot hard work even in the winter and is even worse in the summer heat but the true artisan will shine at a trade of this type.

As time passes, the need for high quality knives and spear heads as well as what many might call a sword, would quickly t.v.CD fcxbecome in high demand. Arrow tips for Bow Hunters is another item that would be needed to live in the new world. Pretty much anything that you can think of that we use today and is made of metal will be needed with the exception of those that will require a power source that is not available. During this time, because of the vast knowledge that most people poses today do to reading on the internet and the vast information that we are all exposed to today, I can see many new inventIons being created as then needs arise. New ways of doing old things will be all the rage and everyone will be looking to fill their own unique nitch.

So how do you learn to be a blacksmith today, I mean it’s not like you can walk down to the corner and watch someone do it? Well while this is true, you would be surprised how many places there are to learn this trade. Yes, I live in the Deep South, and I know that the same opportunities may not exist all over the country, but down here some trade schools actually teach it for those who want to learn it as an artisan trade. Many reenactment villages of times gone by have a resident blacksmith who will usually give classes on the art. These classes are usually very inexpensive and can go a long way towards helping you down the road of learning the trade. If you are strong and healthy and are thinking of learning this trade, then I whole heartedly recommend you peruse it. It can make all of the difference in the world when SHTF hits and you are faces with survival and need valuable skills that you can use to barter with.

So, what does one need to be able to do blacksmith work? You would be amazed at the simplicity of the tools that you would need to perform the work. Most of the tools you will need, you can make yourself. The most complicated part I would think would be creating the bellows for the forge. Then the challenge is to find good quality steel and iron that can be melted down or made into what you need. Yes, I realize that this is a vast understatement, but it would serve to give you an idea. I would not foresee building the forge itself a vast undertaking, but I could be wrong. I must admit that my information on this field is purely academic and comes from books and videos that I have seen on the subject. Combine that with the fact that my father-in-law’s father was a blacksmith and we have spent several hours talking on the subject. I do have a rudimentary knowledge on the subject and think I could do it if I had to. In any case, it is a field for the young with a strong back and not one that I would want to have to tackle at my age.

If you want to know more about the art of blacksmithing there are many really good books and videos available on the internet. Many of which are free and one could learn a great deal from them if they were to try. In any case, that is about it for today and I hope I have given you something new to think about for today. I don’t usually write a whole post on a single field of endeavor or trade, but this is one that I think needs to be put out there so that when the times comes, there will be plenty of blacksmiths available or at least with enough information to be able to do what is needed and pass it on to the next generation to keep the art from being lost. It will be whole new world when SHTF hits and we all need to be prepared for it. Until next time, keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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