Are you ready to deal with unexpected health issues while bugging out?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Now, I know that most of you think you have everything covered for when you bug out and that’s good.  There may, however, be some unexpected health issues that you could encounter along the way.  In today’s post, we are going to look at a couple of those and how to handle them, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

First off, let me say that no matter how tough you may be, there are still a few things that can sideline you.  Health issues that you may have never even had before can pop up when you least expect them and you better be ready.

One of the most common issues that have plagued warriors, since the beginning of time, is constipation.  Even if it has never been a problem, it can show up quickly and if you’re not ready for it then it can downright cripple you and even kill you in some cases.

The high stress and overexertion of bugging out can cause it to show up when you can afford it the least, along with many other issues as well.

Think about this, you are on your merry little way to your bug out location when you get the urge and think you need to go.  You hurry and find a place to relieve yourself and you squat.  No problem right?  Wrong this time, unlike the many times you have done it before, you are constantly looking over your shoulder for bad guys and anyone else that may want to take what is yours.

If it is in the winter then the situation is even magnified.  Like you would do any other time of the year, you add freezing temps, wind, you name it and you have a very uncomfortable situation.  Your legs begin to cramp from walking and running and you finally decide that you will just hold it till you can find a better place.  The trouble is, there isn’t one.  So you continue on down the trail and this goes on for a couple of days.  By now your guts are cramping and your releasing gas that kills every living thing in twenty feet of you.  Others with you all believe it could the classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

The pain is crippling and you need to do something, but what?  If you have planned for this then you will be ok.  You have hopefully backed some stool softeners and a laxative or something.  So why are you hit so hard with when it has never been a problem for you?  The answer is stress and it can cause your body to do all kinds of ugly things it has never done. The diet you are on after bugging out changes drastically and that is a factor too.

In some cases, nerves can cause just the opposite to happen, and you get the runs.  This can completely debilitate you and even kill you in some cases if it isn’t stopped.  No matter what kind of health you are in, this can make you wish you were dead and leave you weak and unable to continue.

For this one, you need to keep over the counter medicine in your bug out bag just in case you need it.  Another nasty little thing that shows up a lot during battle is nausea and it can be pretty bad itself.  There are so many things on the battlefield to cause it, but it is usually related to the stress of the moment.

For this, you will need to keep a small bottle of Emetrol. (off brand works). I find it works best on an upset stomach caused by stomach bugs, stress, and nerves.  When you are in a bind it will save your ass.  Don’t leave home without it! For that matter, get some now for bug out and for home, with flu season on us.

Headaches are often brought on by tension and you need to have something ready to treat it with. Aspirin or Tylenol seems to work the best for me. Something else worth mentioning is blistering.  I don’t care if you hike 10 miles every day, if your boots and socks get wet and you can’t change them right then, you’re going to have blisters. Having something to put on them to stop them from getting worse is critical!

I don’t care how much you train; it will not be the same when people start shooting at you.  You have to be in top shape and be ready to be pulled down by something you never even thought of.  It’s one thing to train and it’s another to be in the heat of battle so be sure that stress doesn’t get you killed.

Well, that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed it.  Stop by anytime because the coffee is always hot.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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