Review: 3V Gears Velox II Go-Bag.

Hello, my friend and welcome back! While my Bugout bag is the is 3V Gears PARATUS 3-DAY OPERATOR’S BACKPACK, my wife justs cant handle anything quite that big. So I went back to my friends at 3V gear and looked at their VELOX II QUICK ACTION BACKPACK for the solution. This is an incredible bag and just what I was looking for. Now grab a cup of coffee, my friend, and have a seat while we visit and I tell you about what I found.

I chose 3V Gear for their quality of workmanship and Life Time Guarantee.

My wife has a small build so carrying a large heavy bag just wouldn’t work for her. I needed something a little smaller than my bugout bag. Something that would allow her to carry a large amount of light weight items, yet set higher on her back. I also wanted something that I could use as a go-bag after SHTF. This quick action pack fits the bill perfectly.


A – Heavy-duty padded shoulder straps to keep you comfortable.
B – Rugged 600D fabric repels water and is wear-resistant.
C – Fully MOLLE compatible.
D – Adjustable waist belt and sternum strap allow you to take the load off your shoulders.
E – 27 Liters.
F – Patches included.
G – Compression straps allow you to secure all of your gear.
H – Padded grab handle.

What I have found while inspecting, testing it and loading it for use:

  • First, the quality is great! I own many bags from many different companies. some I paid a much higher price for, but none that have the quality of these bags. With its 600D fabric, it’s one tough pack. Whether you are bugging out or going out to hunt for food, this is an awesome bag.
  • A bag that can hold a lot of items and still be comfortable to carry is a must in any crisis! This bag meets and exceeds that criteria with its 18″h x 12″w x 8″d dimensions.
  • A feature I really like about this bag is that with the extra padded shoulder straps, and it’s waist belt to help better distribute the load between your shoulders and your hips. When walking for long periods, this combination really makes a difference.
  • The last thing you need, while out in the open, is your supplies getting wet if you get caught in a thunderstorm. This pack is waterproof and made to hold up in active situations.
  • The hydration compartment size allows you to carry several liters of water.
  • It’s fully MOLLE compatible and has a large velcro area allowing you plenty of room to add your favorite bags and pouches.

Velox is Latin means “swift” or “rapid” and most appropriately the name of this robust backpack which was designed for individuals on the move. 

After putting this bag through some pretty harsh testing, I can vouch for just how tough it is and I can’t recommend it enough. I give this bag 5 out of 5 stars as it is easily one of the best I have seen for bugging out or as a quick action pack.

5 out of 5 stars!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today and I hope this review has helped you. Buy one and you will have a new favorite bag for when SHTF happens. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, stay prepared and stay at home. God Bless America!


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  1. I have to agree with you on the bag. Very analytical review and precise. One should not compromise on quality and durability. I’ve always said “don’t be afraid to buy the best because you will always be happy with it “


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