Review: Dakota Snares.

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  For today’s review, the fine people over at Dakota.Line sent me a complete set of snares to test and review.  Now, if you have ever done any trapping with snares at all, then you have heard of Dakota Snares.  They are a market leader when it comes to snares, so I was eager to put them through some of the tests I have come up with.

Price: The survival set they sent me cost $29.48 at the time of this writing on

Description:  Small and light enough to fit in a day pack for a hiking trip, etc. It’s better to be prepared and not need them than need them and not be prepared.

This package contains 12 snares.

  • 4 Dakotaline Rabbit/Squirrel Size Snares
  • 4 Dakotaline Versatile Snares for Coon to coyote
  • 4 Large Animal Sized Snares

Every Prepper should have at least one set like this in his Preps.

 First impressions:  The first thing I did when I received them was to unroll them and take a good look at all of the connectors.  At first glance, the slide locks on them appeared to be black plastic, which disappointed me until I took a closer look.  Taking out my knife, I began to scrape away some of the paint and quickly discovered they were metal and what appeared to be aircraft Aluminum. Now to see just what these bad boys can handle.

 Testing Done: The biggest fear when using a snare trap is that once you snare something, will the snares be tough enough to hang on to the animal?  With this in mind, I set out to see just how strong they were and if I could find their breaking point.  To do this, I started with the small Rabbit and Squirrel size snares. In most survival cases, these will be the ones used the most. To test them, I took a 20lb dumbbell and stuck it in the part of the trap that goes around the animal’s head.  Next, I secured the other end to a tree limb and bounced the weight up and down several times to try to simulate an animal pulling on the trap.  It held!  So I tried the same with the mid-sized using a 75lb weight and again it held.  For the large snares, I hooked one end to my Truck bumper and the other end to a small sapling about 2 inches around. Now don’t ask me how much pressure it was, but it pulled the sapling right out of the ground with no trouble at all.  In my book that is a pass!


  • Very cost-effective.
  • Takes little room in your pack
  • They exceed what I would consider the strength needed to so their job.
  • Aircraft Aluminum slide locks which decreases their weight while not sacrificing strength.

 CONS: None.

 Conclusion: The Dakota Survival Snare Package is a tremendous value at $29.48 and one that every prepper should take advantage of. The great thing about snares is that you can set them and forget them until you are ready to check them. Whether you are trying to catch a Rabbit or a Deer, these are both economical and effective.  I can honestly recommend these to all of my readers.  Remember that the whole idea of Prepping is to have what you need when it all falls apart and this is one purchase you will definitely not regret.  I give them 5 stars!



Well, my friend, I hope that you have found today’s post worthwhile and if you don’t have a set of these, then you will get a set.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. An other option is Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming and his site offers instruction on the use. I buy from buckshot and Dakota both supply good products.


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