Review: Test Assured’s Complete Water Analysis Test Kit

Hello my friend and welcome back!  Today, I am going to review the Test Assured’s Complete Water Analysis Test Kit.  We all understand the value of knowing if your water is safe to drink and these people were kind enough to send me one to review.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

Whether it is the water at your home or at your bug out location, it is vital that you know what you’re dealing with.  If possible, you will want to test your water every few months, after SHTF hits. People will be flocking to lakes and streams to try to survive and these will quickly be contaminated with feces due to poor choices in where they choose to defecate. There will be dead bodies thrown in river and lakes, as an easy way to get rid of them.

No matter how you look at it, water from the ground could quickly become undrinkable, even without you knowing it.  This is why you will need to keep checking periodically.  My friends over at Test Assured have come up with a great little test kit that can do just that.  It’s called their Complete Water Test Kit and at the time of this writing, they only cost around twenty-nine dollars which makes them very affordable.

The kit tests for Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Iron, Copper, Alkaline, Chlorine, and Nitrates.  It is, in fact, a true complete test. I tested my own water, at my home and was really surprised at the results.  While my water had a high alkaline score, all of the other test came out good.  I was pleased to say the least.

The test is simple to administer and you don’t have to send anything in to be tested and it contains everything to do it in a simple package.  Here is my review:

THE GOOD:  The small size of the test kit makes it easy to pack in your bug out bag or with your supplies.  If you are traveling, you can easily test water that you are going to be drinking for purity.  As many of you know most, if not all, portable water filters will not filter out Chemicals or Pesticides and that could get you in trouble.   I really like the size of the package and the fact that it is so light weight.  It is very simple to use as well.

THE BAD:  I did have some trouble opening some of the test strip foil packages.  Maybe a “tear here” marker would help.  The other thing is that the test for Bacteria takes 48 hours to complete.  Fortunately, however the test for Chemicals and Pesticides take only a few minutes to complete.  If your water is clear of these, then a good quality water filter will filter out any bacteria that may be in the water.  All of these things are minor, when compared to the added benefit of knowing you can safely drink the water.

I did however, suggest that they come up with a smaller kit to test for Pesticides, Chemicals, and Bacteria only. A person dying of thirst, really doesn’t care if it has a high alkaline factor, etc.  Test Assured said they were looking into doing just that, and I hope to see it available in the near future.  All in all, Test Assured’s Complete Water Analysis Test Kit is a great deal for the price, and I know I will definitely be adding several to my preps.  You can find Test Assured online at to see all of their product and to order yours.  If you happen to talk to them, tell them The Sargent sent you!


Well I guess that is it for today and until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!

-The Sargent-

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