Review: Wiebe’s Vixen Folding Knife

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  My friends at Wiebe Knives recently sent me one of their Vixen Folding Knives to try out and review, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Description:  Every aspect of the Wiebe Vixen is designed under one simple premise: Don’t fight the knife. The Vixen features a folding, replaceable-blade design sporting a surgical-grade scalpel for a long-lasting and consistent edge to work with. When open, the Vixen measures 7.5 inches and sports a featherweight, ergonomic handle for comfortable use on long jobs. The Vixen comes with 24 wicked-sharp replacement blades and durable nylon belt holster.

MSRP: $34.95

First Impressions:  Let me say right out of this, it is not your average pocket knife, but rather one designed for skinning and cleaning animals.  The blade is made to be able to get into tight spaces for de-furring an animal.  My first concerns were how stable the blade would be and how hard they would be to replace.  Because the blade was replaceable, how long would the blade last before needing to be replaced?

Testing: For testing the knife, I gathered together several pieces of cardboard and my favorite knife.  My hope was to put them both through their paces to see how long the edge would last. Once it gets dull, I will change the blade and install a new one.  It’s worth noting that the knife comes with 24 replicable blades in the box.


  • Sturdy Blade: I have to tell you I was shocked at how sturdy the blade was, there is wobbling in it at all.
  • Blade quality is good and took cutting several pieces of cardboard before showing any signs of wear. I was surprised that after passing it on a leather strap, it came right back.
  • It feels comfortable in my hand; although I would like to see a good thumb stop added to it.
  • The case it comes with has a place to keep extra blades for when you want to change one.
  • Changing the blade is simple and straight forward.
  • Blade profile allows you to get into tight places you would struggle with if you had an ordinary pocket knife.


  • While the blade seems to be high quality, I did break one cutting the cardboard.  Please bear in mind however that it was not made for this purpose, but for skinning animals.
  • The thumb stop. While the knife fits comfortably in my hand, there is no place to put my thumb to keep it from slipping.
  • You must have a pair of pliers to change the blade. Do not try to change one without them, as you would probably cut yourself badly.


After putting it through some pretty hard testing, it came through like a champ.  At $34.95 it is definitely worth the price.  At that price, I could overlook it not having a thumb stop. The small blade works well for skinning animals and getting into hard places.  All in all, I think it would be a good investment for Preppers to put into their preps.  In a post SHTF world, you will never know when you may need to clean an animal and having a folding skinning knife in your pocket could make all of the difference. I give it 4 stars!



Well, that is it for today and I hope you have found it interesting. If you get the chance, please swing by the Wiebe knife website to see all of their knives they have to offer.  I want to thank Wiebe Knives for allowing us the opportunity to review this knife.  Many thanks.  Well my friend, until the next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  I hope to see you back soon.  God Bless America!


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  1. Hey sarge, why don`t you ever put anything that has to do with electricity. I am sure a lot of your readers would like to know how to have their own electricity and heaters when the power goes out. Right now I am working on a unit that fits in a briefcase that you can take with you if you have to bug out.

    • WOW! Yooper, that is impressive! Let me know how it comes out. I guess your right, I need to write more about ways to create Electricity at home and such. I’ll keep that in mind as I go forward. If you know anyone who has something in that category that I could review, please ask them to email me with the information and maybe we can work something out. Thanks again for the feedback Yooper! 🙂


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