Security or Survival, what are you prepping for?

Security or Survival, what are you prepping for? There is a difference you know? While I believe that being a Prepper means preparing for both, sadly there are those that just really don’t understand the difference. Today we are going to look at both aspects to see why both are needed in order to truly have either one.  “Those that sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.” – Ben Franklin

What exactly is Security? It is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as: “things done to make people or places safe” and” the state of being protected or safe from harm”, but what does that really mean to us? For us, security simply means that we work to make a place as secure as possible from outside forces. By that I mean that as Preppers, we must acquire a means of defending ourselves and those we love for the coming TEOTWAWKI. This includes learning to defend ourselves and acquiring guns, ammunition and knives, as well as anything that we may need to accomplish this. I know some people who focus just on this aspect of prepping and forego all others. They believe that if they are prepared to fight and have the skills, then others will feed and clothe them, just to have them around to protect them. Now I have to tell you that I personally do not believe this to be a good way of prepping. They seem to ignore the fact that most Preppers are well versed in the use of firearms and how to protect themselves. I would seriously doubt that people will be willing to part with their scarce resources simply to have an extra gun hand around. While I am sure that there will be ranches and farms that may need their services, I don’t think I would stake my life on it, in a time of crisis. We all must be prepared to defend ourselves, but not to the exclusion of preparing to survive. I will be the first to admit that having everything you need will mean nothing if you can’t keep it from being taken, but having security without anything to eat is just as big a folly. Plan wisely!

By Survival, I mean that you are prepping food, Medical Supplies, seeds and water as well as many other supplies needed to survive TEOTWAWKI. I also know a couple of Preppers that have stocked up on everything except a means to really defend themselves if they were attacked. They do not like or own guns because the falsely believe that when TEOTWAWKI occurs, people will revert to an instinct of peace and love and will try to help each other. (I just don’t see that happening!) We have had several passionate discussions on this very topic, but they are still holding to their opinions. They just simply refuse to believe that there is that much evil in the world. Having been a Deputy Sheriff for a time, I can tell you first hand that there is far more evil in this world than most people know or are willing to admit exist. As a young Deputy, I was struck by my own ignorance of just how much evil there is in the world and how willing so many people are to harm others in a violent way. In my experience, the old adage that all people are basically good is false. Most people are out for themselves and will only do occasional good as long as it doesn’t adversely affect them. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people out there, but sad to say, they are a minority. If they were a majority, there would be no hunger or homelessness in America today. The murder of unborn children would not be allowed or paid for using public money.

Despite all of this, I remain optimistic and believe that those that do survive the coming TEOTWAWKI will be a better group of people having survived the dark times and learned from their own adversity. My point here is that you need both security and survival skills, as well as supplies to survive. They are both different sides of the same coin and must both be addressed if any of us are going to survive. I must apologize as I hadn’t intended this post to take such a dark tone. I just felt it was important to make people aware of what they will face when TEOTWAWKI comes and that they need to be ready for things that they have never imagined and prepare themselves mentally as well. We are headed for dark times in America and we need to get ready now because it is not far off. Prepare for your security as well as for your survival and you will be well on your way to making it through what lies ahead. Until next time, please remember that prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination! May God bless us all in these troubled times!


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5 thoughts on “Security or Survival, what are you prepping for?”

  1. I envy your right to bear arms – in Tasmania all weapons have to be licenced and their use justified – which makes things difficult and survival almost impossible in a SHTF situation. I can see myself being limited to throwing stones or spitballs at would be invaders!

    • I understand and I know that our president want’s to take away our right to bare arms, but that will never happen here. There are too many of us that remember the lessons of the past and will die before we surrender our guns. We will change our Government before we will allow that to happen. Thank you for sharing your information and your warning. Please stay in touch! -The Sargent-

  2. Hey Sarge I like your posts they are very tactical and logical. More people need to read this site I think the would feel the same. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are correct! Who needs another gun or two if the owners of the guns are going to eat our food. Probably, when the food runs short they will turn on us anyway. It is a sad, engraved fact, that even in good times, people equals problems. It is a mathematical equation that people come with baggage and after teotwawki, we can’t carry the baggage. thanks


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