Skills anyone with limited mobility need to learn for SHTF.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  Today we are going to look at skills anyone with limited mobility need to learn for SHTF.  If you have physical limitations, then you must find a way to compensate for this by learning skills that will make you valuable to any Prepper or survival group.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

I get many emails from Preppers who are either elderly or handicapped in some way.  Often times they are looking for things they can do or learn to help improve their chances of surviving when SHTF hits.  I always recommend that they locate a Prepper or survival group and join it.  Now, I know that it isn’t that easy to get one to take you on, especially if you have limited physical abilities.  The answer to this, I believe, is to find ways to make you very valuable.  If you grew up in the country, I would be willing to bet that you already possess a number of skills that many are looking for like gardening and livestock care, just to name a couple.  You have probably learned how to make do with what is available and that is also a talent that is valuable.  Today I want to go over some new skills that you can learn that you may not have thought of and will enhance your value to any group.

Let’s start with one of my favorites,”  Radio Operator”.  This one is a great way to add value to yourself and actually have fun doing it.  I would start with Ham Radio or Amateur Radio as they will take the longest to learn, which isn’t long at all and also help you to learn about a lot of other systems as well.  We had a 9-year-old girl pass her license test for a Technicians license last week at our radio club.  She had only studied for 1 week.  No, she is not a child genius, just an ordinary child.  In fact we now have two 9-year-olds and one 8-year-old in our club and one of them even has his General class license (which is what you want to shoot for).

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is easy to learn and will open up a whole world of opportunities for you, especially when SHTF hits.  Once you learn how to use a radio, you can easily find you a cheap radio to practice with.  In fact if you join your local club, you can continue learning more about it as well as how to use it in an emergency situation.  Your local club can help you find good used equipment for very little as well.  It is a skill that you can use both in emergencies and now too.  It will give you the opportunity to meet a lot of good people as well as a few Preppers.  Don’t sell yourself short. Ham radio is fun and easy to learn, as well as a very valuable skill to have for SHTF

Here are a few other skills that you may already have that you haven’t considered yet.  “Canning Food” If you have never done it, then now is the time to learn.  “Sewing” is another that many people just don’t consider a valuable skill that they already possess.  The fact is when SHTF hits, seamstress skills will be in big demand and every Prepper group will need to have one.  “Child Care” is a great skill and if you know how to teach, then you are just that much more valuable.  If you don’t have any teaching experience, look into information on how to home school children.  People will want their children to continue their education even if it has hit the fan.  Both of these skills will be worth a lot to any group that has children with them.

A few other skills that you may already have are Dr., Nurse, Pharmacist, Herbal Medicine,  Cook, Meat Butcher,  and Electrical or electronics repair, just to name a few.  Look at what you have done in your life and look to see how those skills can be useful in a world where there are no stores or Dr.’s and you need to work to survive.   Just because you can barely walk or you are confined to a wheel chair, doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to offer.  Think back to the Great Depression and read everything you can on how they survived.  Then start learning how to do what they did.  If you have war experience, then learn everything you can about battle strategy to help draw up plans for protecting the compound that you will be staying in.  Learn about Security or how to make IED’s.  In a world gone mad, knowledge will be king and those groups who have people who know how to do the things that will be needed to survive will have the greatest chance of doing it.  Just remember that your age and experience is a benefit and not a drawback, you just need to adapt it to help you and others survive regardless of your age.

Well I guess that is it and I really hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

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