Survival: Tools of the trade!

Tools of the trade is one way of referring to tools that we should all have in our preps.  Since we have no idea what tools we may need when TEOTWAWKI hits, we need to have a large variety in our preps including those commonly used in the garden.  Today I am going to discuss some of the ones that I have in my preps and why I think they are important. Tools should be a key part of your preps and hopefully many of them will have several uses.  If you can think of some I may have missed, then please add them to the comments below.

The first things I added to my survival tools were a small Crowbar and a pair of bolt cutters because when SHTF hits, every door in the world will be locked and every gate chained.  I may need to cross a field with the gate locked to route around traffic jams or open a door to an abandoned building.  Neither of  these things would I do prior to SHTF, but when it happens, the world will change and it will be survival of the fittest; I want to have all of the tools I need.  A good carpenters hammer and a small pry bar for removing nails is also a must.

Next I added a tree saw and an axe to my preps, should the need arise to cut and chop fire wood, which is pretty much a given.  The tree saw could also be used to cut logs for a survival shelter, as well as cut bones of large game animals.  The axe can double as a defensive weapon should the need arrive.  Then I added several machetes, as these can also double as a survival weapon, as well as being used to cut and trim small trees and branches to use for hunting and trapping.  I have also added a good hatchet and a sledge hammer, as well as a large pry bar for breaking and removing large rocks.

Then I started adding common garden tools like a shovel, garden hoe, garden rake and a yard rake, as well as a good quality digging pick.  These are for cultivating, and maintaining a food garden.  These are an absolutely required if you plan to survive for any amount of time, as your food stocks will eventually run dry and you will need to grow you own.  Remember that an old shovel can be turned into a very deadly spear with a little work.  Don’t forget to add a come-a-long and chains to your preps as well for moving large trees and lifting large deer, elk and cattle for butchering them.

I also keep large selection of hand tools in my preps such as a chisel, a hand powered drill, as well as a carpenters saw and hack saw for modifying and repurposing equipment.  Do not underestimate the value of a good set of mechanics tools for repairing mechanical equipment, when the time comes.  I also added a small welding machine and the tools needed to use it for welding steel together as well as  modifying and repairing other items as may be needed.

Do not forget to add electrical hand tools to your preps, should the need arise to work on a solar or wind powered equipment.  Hand powered T post drivers are also a great idea to add to your preps, should you need to build a fence for security reasons or to build a pasture for live stock use.  This little tool can be a life saver when you need it.  Another tool that some people don’t think about is a pair of post hole diggers.  If you have ever had to dig a hole with a shovel to put a post in, then you know exactly why these tools are so valuable to have.

Well, that is it for today.  I hope this post gave you a better idea of the tools you need to have in your preps, as well as their importance.  Until next time, just remember that prepping is not a destination but rather a direction of travel.  Keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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