Surviving SHTF with digestive issues.

Hello everyone! Until recently I never really thought much about Dietary issues as I had never had any. Being the Sargent, I have always had a stomach and digestive system made of iron! Well, it seems my system has developed a rusty spot and I find that I will have to watch what I eat in the future. So what about when SHTF hits and there are not a lot of choices when it comes to finding food for survival? What will I do then? This is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee and sit back while we visit.

So, what exactly am I talking about? There are many different forms of digestive issues that one can have and unfortunately many of these don’t show up until you get older and trust me, they can leave you feeling like you have been gut shot! Not something I would wish on anybody but Obama. Things that can cause intestinal issues usually include things with lots of seeds, like strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, pomegranate and raspberries. You also need to avoid foods that your body has trouble digesting like corn, tomato seeds and peeling, potato peeling, popcorn, sesame seeds, etc. As we all know foods with high fiber are actually good for you…IF  you are not having a flare.  As is with most disorders, what causes problems in one person will not bother the next, so you need to know what your body can and can not handle, especially after SHTF when doctors, emergency rooms and strong antibiotics will be rare. Now I am no DR and have had only very simple first aid training, so don’t take my word as Gospel, but I promise I am starting a food diary NOW so I know what NOT to eat later.

So what is one to do when SHTF hits? Be smart and always be looking for options when it comes to food. If you’re in a flare and you can’t have a particular food item, then look for ways to get around the issue. Can you make a broth with it?   This would be a good solution for things such as Rabbit or other animals if meat is one of your triggers. If you are lucky enough to have access to fruits, then you could possibly find a way to squeeze the juice from them avoiding all pulp. Fruit juice is high in vitamins and nutrients that you will need to survive while avoiding digestive issues. For things like Apples, you can make applesauce, do not eat the peel at all.   Like I said, look for options with every edible item you can find, just remember that there will not be a lot of antibiotics around if you get into trouble.

Because processed foods will be a thing of the past, they will no longer be an issue for sufferers of digestive issues. Instead we will have plenty of root vegetables which are high in fiber and can actually help reduce or eliminate many digestive issues before they start. In SHTF, water will be at a premium, but if you have digestive issues you have GOT to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to help from getting the flare in the first place. Hey, there is a plus for SHTF! The idea is to be open to new foods while still watching for items that might cause a flare. Stock your preps with things that you can have if a flare does hit such as broths, Jello gelatin, bouillon cubes, apple juice, etc. You will also want to add plenty of medications such as laxatives, Dulcolax is the best in my opinion and diarrhea medication. With no doctor of pharmacist available, a bad flare could easily kill you, so take no chances and stock plenty of antibiotics on your preps especially if you suffer from digestive issues.

Well, I know today’s post isn’t very long, but I hope I have given you something new to think about. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

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  1. Can not eat dairy products (eggs, milk, etc) keep a supply of Lactaid caplets/chewables on hand, also Imodium on hand for the runs.

  2. If you are having a case of the scoots,yogurt does help to get the normal gut flora etc. back in balance after the worst has good to learn how to make your own.If not have probiotics on hand,stock up now.Alot of herbal teas help with digestive issues.Personally ,have an auto immune disorder and digestive issues are a major concern so have prepared accordingly.You have to learn to adapt your eating habits and practise things now don’t wait till it literally hits the fan.Wishing you all the best over the festive season Sargent..


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