TEOTWAWKI and the EMP Threat…What you need to know!

When we think of TEOTWAWKI, we think of all kinds of threats that could bring it on. Not surprisingly, one of those threats is an EMP attack that could change our world and the rules of survival in the blink of an eye. Whether it comes from a foreign enemy, or even our own sun, it will forever alter the way we live our lives on a daily basis. It is for this reason that I have decided to make it the subject of today’s post. I recently ran across some information that I had not heard about. (And I have done a lot of reading on this subject). If you haven’t given EMP threats much attention then buckle up Buttercup because this will shake your whole world!

For those of you that don’t know, an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) is one of the greatest threats we currently face as a nation and its effects can be devastating. This threat can not only come from foreign attacks from our enemies, but from our own Sun as well in the form of a CME (Coronal mass ejection). The effects of an EMP or a CME are the same depending on their strength. They would basically destroy all electronic devices that contain any type of micro circuitry in it. This includes modern cars, trucks and vehicles of all types as well as all computers and electronics. Vehicles manufactured prior to 1974 for the most part contained no computer chips and could possibly survive, but that is just a theory and no one knows for sure if they will.

Now you may be asking yourself “If this can be caused by the sun, then why hasn’t it happened before?” Well, the truth is that it has happened before, back in 1859 when a strong Earth directed CME slammed into the earth generating a large EMP. Back then however, there were really no electronics as we know them now. The closest thing to it was the Telegraph with miles and miles of wire strong across the country on poles. As a direct effect of this EMP event, many of the battery’s that powered the telegraphs burst into flames, as did the wires and poles that made up the entire Telegraph system.  Now just imagine that if an EMP can do that to things as simple as wires and batteries, what it would do to modern-day electronics. It would destroy all  trains, planes and automobiles in the blink of an eye and without them all commerce and electronic items would come to an abrupt end. People in hospitals that depend on electronic equipment to stay alive would die. Without electricity, there would no way to produce medicine, or fuel to get food to the Market. In that moment, the world would be pushed back to the 1800s and people would immediately start to die from lack of resources. With no way to get even the basic essentials such as food, clean water, and medicine that are needed for large groups of people to survive here in America. People who are used to the Government feeding and taking care of them will begin to panic and riot.  Society will quickly collapse into chaos and it would only get worse from there.

Scientists agree that if it were to happen today, that 9 out of 10 people in America would be dead within a year from starvation, disease, lack of resources and violence. Now if you are not scared yet, then just wait.  Another CME the strength of the Carrington event barely missed the earth in 2012. Had it hit earth, we would not be here today to have this conversation. Now, CME are only one way that this could happen, but another is with a nuclear EMP device, of which there are many in existence, including what is known as a Nuclear Super EMP devices. These placed on the tip of a rocket and launched into space then detonated 200 miles up in the sky over Kansas would create an EMP event so strong that it could wipe out all electronics in the entire US.  In 2013, two missiles and launchers were discovered in the cargo hold of a North Korean Freighter hidden below a shipment of Sugar. This Freighter had just traveled through the Gulf of Mexico and was headed through the Panama Canal when it was found. However, rockets are not the only way to launch an EMP attack on the US.  Satellites could easily conceal these devices and allow the country owning them to detonate them when they choose. One such satellite is owned by North Korea and passes over the Southern US regularly. While it is not known whether or not this satellite contains an EMP device, it would be wise to assume that it does.  Many other Nations have EMP devices such as Russia, China, and many people even believe that IRAN already has one in its possession as well.

OK, I know what you are thinking… Here in the US, we have this great anti-missile system that will protect us from any kind of Missile attack right? The answer to that question unfortunately is both yes and no. While we do have the most sophisticated Missile defense system in the world, it only looks for attacks from the North, East and West, not from the South. A missile being fired from a cargo ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico could easily climb to the needed attitude and detonate before US forces could react. This is our Achilles heel and the US Government is completely ignoring it. In their arrogance, the falsely believe that no one would dare attack the US Homeland with rockets or Missiles. They are wrong and it is only a matter of time before history proves it to them.

There is hope however, Universities such a the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have started researching how to minimize the damage of an EMP attack by developing systems that once put in place could possibly harden infrastructure against such EMP attacks. The trouble is that its years away from development and could take many more years to implement if it ever is. The Federal Government has been dragging their feet about doing anything about this threat, and now it has become so large that the individual states and the private sectors have taken on the challenge of finding ways to protect our infrastructure. Below this article, you will find links to more information on this subject and what is being done on the field of research.  Well, I guess that is it for today, so if you are not worried about the threat of an EMP event, then you should be. In my opinion it is the single most destructive scare that we face. There are things that we can do to prepare however, such as building a Faraday cage and placing backup electronics in it to protect them. I will add a few links to how to build these at the bottom of this page as well. Just remember that prepping is not a destination, but a direction of travel so keep on prepping!

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